WORKING THE DREAM - Practical Tips To Help Teenagers Achieve Their Dreams

OK, let's agree that teen-hood isn't always a cool place to be. You're no longer a kid but you haven't yet got this adult world thing totally figured out either.

Just coping with the daily grind of being a teenager can be tough enough.

And then there's your future to think about - Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do with your life? You might be tempted to think it's all too hard; better to chill out and take each day as it comes.

The catch is, if you're not happy with where your life is at, nothing is going to change until you choose to do something about it. And you'll only feel seriously happy when you learn to feel good about yourself and your ability to handle all the stuff life throws at you on your journey to adulthood.

That's where this book can help you. It provides a personal toolkit for you to confidently carve out your piece of the adult world, with tips and techniques in areas such as negotiating what you want, goal setting, getting on with people, learning techniques, managing your time and handling stress. None of this stuff is rocket science and the information is presented as a bunch of practical ideas to try rather than rigid formulas you must follow.

Whether you want more from your life right now or a clearer idea about your future, reading this book could well be your first step towards achieving success and happiness in whatever form you choose.

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Author: Ray Gibson 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2005
Language: English



Ray Gibson took up professional freelance writing after a successful and varied Air Force career, which included flying and diplomatic posts, recruiting and teaching, the head of a training school for young adults, strategic planning and other senior leadership positions. It was through his extensive working experience with many young adults that he developed a passionate interest in their personal development. He also found that planning and leading people through organisational change was just as relevant to successful life planning, and it was this experience that led him to write Working The Dream.
On a personal level, Ray is a good example of what this book is about.
From very average beginnings, and against the advice of those who
supposedly knew better, he pursued his dream to fly. With single-minded determination he overcame obstacles and through progressively setting goals, he succeeded in turning his dream into reality, eventually reaching the senior leadership level of the Air Force. As a parent, he encouraged the same philosophy in his three daughters, all of whom are living their dreams in adulthood.



‘The only thing lucky about successful people is that

they are dreamers who never give up’ 


As a teenager, you’ve probably heard a million times, usually from older adults, that kids today are so lucky. ‘They’ve got it all – and then some. Compared to previous generations, they’re so much better off – more choices and opportunities, more freedom, easier life – yada, yada, yada.’ Don’t you just hate hearing this stuff? How would they know anyway? They’re not tuned into today’s teenagers. They don’t understand what cookies have to do with computers, they don’t know what’s cool and what’s not, and they haven’t a clue about the problems of leaping from teenhood to adulthood in today’s world. 

It’s Too Damn Hard! 

Sure, there’s a lot more stuff out there now than there probably was in your parents ’ day – lots more information  around and lots more things to do and experience, but this also means there’s more choices to be made, definitely more distractions and maybe, more traps to fall into. And at last count, still only twenty-four/seven in each week to get through it all. So it’s hardly surprising when you do get around to thinking about you and your future - what you want to do tomorrow, next year or for the next ten years, it often gets all too confusing and causes the brain to hurt. It’s much easier to chill out and not worry about anything. Just take it a day at a time  and concentrate on enjoying yourself. Anyway, whatever happens in your life just happens. There’s nothing you can do about it. 

If any of this rings a bell with you then maybe, just maybe some of the tips and pointers in this little book are worth trying. I should warn you at the outset that this is not a book to be simply read passively and put aside. This is a doing book, a work book if you like, full of practical ideas to help you get your life to where you want it to be. But I should also add that none of it is rocket science! There are no complex rigid formulas that you must learn. 

Of course, there are a few basic truths about life that you should come to grips with if you want to be happy and successful in this world, in whatever way you wish to define success. But beyond that, the suggested practical tips and techniques in the following chapters are just that – suggestions. They are based on what has worked for many successful people to get what they want from life. So check it out. If an idea makes sense to you, give it a go, if it doesn’t, toss it out and move on to the next one. 

Here’s How It Works 

This book is designed as a ready self -help guide for all sorts of stuff that you may be grappling with. It really depends on how you feel about your life right now. You may think you’ve got it pretty well together, but there’s just not enough hours in the day to get through everything you have to do, or more importantly, that you want to do.  So go to the chapter on how to better use your time  and try some of the ideas there. You will be surprised how a few simple techniques can make a big difference in your life. Then again, it may be your parents  that are ruining your life. They won’t stop bugging you and they won’t listen to you when you have something important to say. Perhaps you should give the chapter on communication  a go. There are all sorts of good ideas there on helping you to get your point across. Of course, if you feel your life’s a total basket case, you might want to start at the beginning of the book and work your way through to the end. If you genuinely do this, you will almost certainly feel better about yourself, because you will be armed with a bunch of new skills and knowledge that will help you through the maze of challenges that life throws at you. 

You might be thinking right now that you have so much on your plate you don’t have the time  to read another book. And anyway, your parents  do enough preaching about how to live your life; you don’t need more stuff being shoved down your neck from a book too. Hey, that’s a choice only you can make.  Life is all about opportunities and choices; as long you are honest enough to accept whatever happens as a result of the choices you make, that’s cool. 

But something caused you to pick up the book and read this far, and maybe that something has to do with you wanting to get more from your life than you are getting  just now. If this is where you’re at, then there are two ways you can do something about it. You can continue with what you are now doing in your life and when you do realise things aren’t working out, try something different. This is called learning from your own experience, and it can be a very slow and painful way of getting what you want. A better way is to learn from other people’s experience, either from the mistakes they’ve made or from the success they’ve had. Many people have ‘been there done that’ before you, and have actually shared their secrets of success and failure. If you had the chance to read about these secrets and see for yourself how to win what you want, without a lot of pain, why not take the opportunity to do it? 

The idea for this book first came to me during my final job in the Air Force. As well as having an enjoyable flying career,  I was fortunate enough to work in various other roles including teaching, recruiting, management and as the head of a training school for young adults. All of these other roles had one thing in common – working with young people - heaps of them - from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of personal issues. And my last job was no different; I managed and led a large group of mainly young adults from the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as civilians, in the fascinating world of Intelligence. 

My keen interest in young adults and their personal development grew from these experiences. From those I worked with, one thing I found over and over again was that some of them had managed to get their act together at an early age while others didn’t seem to have much of a clue about their future or what they wanted from it. I was curious about this, and spent time  listening to them talk about themselves; their hopes and fears, the things that turned them on and the things they thought were screwing their lives around, and I have used their concerns to help filter the topics covered in this book. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that in a nutshell, most of it comes down to one thing – the basic need to feel good about yourself. 

But to get to the point where you seriously feel good about yourself requires a whole bunch of other things to fall into place. And those things will only fall into place if you have the right package of life planning and coping skills to handle all the stuff life throws at you along the way to adulthood.  That’s what the rest of this book is about. It will give you a personal toolkit to help build on your strengths  and overcome your weaknesses  so that you will have the confidence and knowledge to get out there and take your piece of the world that’s just waiting for you. 

Are you ready for the journey? Okay, let’s go.


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