WHY WOMEN THINK "MEN DON'T GET IT"  - A guide to understanding the opposite sex

Who is there to comfort a woman when she shrieks in frustration, why doesn’t he get it? No one.When a man is chased out of his house by his wife after he asked her what she did all day, who is there to explain to him what the heck just happened? No one.

Why women think, ‘Men don’t get it’ was written with the intention of bringing an understanding between the sexes, and giving the opposite sex an insight into why the things that were just mentioned, actually happen.

Why Women think, ‘Men don’t get it’ reveals the true meaning and outcome of using popular phrases such as: What did you do all day? I’m feeling sick and Let’s have another baby. It is viewed from both the male and female perspective in a light hearted and funny format, as well as offering suggestions on how to cope with and/or manage these situations.

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ISBN:  978-1-921240-82-9
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 149
Genre:  Non Fiction



Author: Sandra Stergiou
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2008
Language: English

Author Biography  

Born in Croatia and immigrating to Australia with her parents and brother, when she was six months old, Sandra Stergiou now lives in Melbourne Victoria, with her husband and two children

Leaving school at 17 she went on to study and work as a dental nurse for 10 years. She left that profession to move into Information Technology, which she is currently still doing.

Sandra has been fascinated by Feng Shui for many years and has been studying it for the past two years. Her passions are writing and Feng Shui. Her loves are her children, husband and family. Why Women Think, ‘Men Don’t Get It’ is Sandra’s first published novel.



Have you ever found yourself wondering if you were the nastiest wife out there? Have you ever asked yourself, “Is my acid tongue and short fuse unique? Is my partner alone in his suffering with a deranged wife?”

As a thirty-something mother of two trying to juggle part-time work, part-time study and full-time motherhood, I often found myself wondering exactly this. To add to my concerns, I also questioned if I was qualified to be a mum or a wife. Hell, I sometimes even wondered whether or not I needed to be committed.

But… I have, after many years, come to the realisation that I am not alone. All of us (men and women alike) need an outlet. Unfortunately, (for the men out there) most women seem to be better than men at expressing themselves. However, there is no need to feel you are alone. We are all members of a very, very big club. All women, irrespective of age, race or religion, bitch, nag and carry on. Some are just better at it than others.

I got the inspiration for this book one Friday afternoon when I had the rare opportunity to sit with some friends and chat over coffee. On this particular day, the conversation had turned to the annoying habits our partners have and the sometimes irritating things they do.

It was while I was sitting there, chatting with my friends, that I made a profound discovery, (well it was to me anyway). Here were a handful of the most well-adjusted and grounded women I knew, but… lo and behold, their reactions to the day-to-day annoyances of marriage were basically the same as mine. I thought, “I’m not alone! My partner is not alone! There IS hope for our relationship.” From that moment, I found myself consumed with wanting to write a book that would highlight the differences between men and women. I wanted to show how we react differently to the same situations, and that we can sometimes hear completely different things in the same sentence.

Armed with this knowledge, I hope that this book can in some small way, make us all more tolerant and understanding of the reasons our partners sometimes:

·          Speak to us the way they do

·          React to particular things we say the way they do

·          And why they deal with certain situations they way they do

Will this understanding stop women from blowing their stack? Or a man from switching off each time his partner opens her mouth?

Hell no! But when we calm down, at least we will have an idea of what our partner may have been trying to say, had we given him a chance. In turn, our partner may be able to piece together why we went off the handle for a seemingly unimportant thing he said or did, in the first place.

One thing that you need to understand is that I am not a marriage counsellor, nor am I professing that this book is a relationship repair manual. What I am is a female, a wife and mother. What I have done is to list the observations I have made after 10 years of being in the same relationship and after interacting with hundreds of different females in that time. A Web-based survey I conducted over several months was where I got the information to write about the male’s perspective on the same issues.

I would like to mention that it would have been impossible for me to list the different variations in the day-to-day situations that I have written about. What I have hoped to do is give a general view of a common situation from the males’ and females’ perspective and the differences in how we react. Because we are all individuals, the circumstances for each person that reads this book may vary. This is something I could not avoid. If you find yourself not being able to relate to a situation in the book, all you need to do is modify the storyline to fit in with your life pattern. Either way, I’m sure most of the scenarios will seem very familiar to you.

Read on and enjoy.

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