WHAT'S HAPPENING - a very unusual look at the world


This book is a collage of 21st century ideas and reflections, embracing icons such as:






 Grand design


 Free choice



 God, Christ and more, enriched by spectacular universe images. 

This book will change you.  By the time you finish reading it, your endless journey will be well on the way. 

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ISBN: 978-1-9217-3151-8 
Format: A4 Paperback
Number of pages:470
Non Fiction
Third Edition

All proceeds of this book are being donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation. 

Author: Fabio Massimo
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English


About the Author 

Born in Naples in 1939, immigrated to Australia in 1966, considered himself a simple everyday man who struggles all his life to survive; and who, at the end of a very hard but fruitful journey, has at last found a unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. An intense participation in sport and a working career in a variety of careers-sales rep, real estate agent, property developer-have provided him with an invaluable experience of life which he considers his wealth.


Embracing a panorama of questions that have never received acceptable answers. What's Happening certainly opens up new horizons to those prepared to chisel out old structures imposed by ancient traditions. Who are you, why me, why I am not a tuna, why I did not have a choice, what is reality, what is the truth, what is my relation to the universe, what is the death a troglodyte idea, does hell exist, does Satan exist, does soul exist and more... Are some of the topics tackled by the author who, in quite a new way, encourages you to explore the obvious.





 Janet Towndrow  writes:

An intelligent and refreshing journey through a myriad of fascinating reflections of the mysteries of Life. These reflections and probing questions include a clear demonstration of the difference between the `hypothetical' world and the `real' world. We have all heard of `Cause and Effect' but interestingly the author has a brand new perspective on this long accepted theory - he shows that it is rather `Effect and Cause', which belongs to the real world and not the other way around!

The author discusses the inevitability of Predestination and the provocative aspect of the illusion of Free Will, the limits of considering Evolution to be the overall answer.

Man is shown to be insignificant in the grand scheme in the overall Big Picture and how we are very limited by our incapacity to conceive more than our restricted 3D experience of the world. We are insignificant but important because only we have intellect and are able to see what all has been given to us. He explains how the future exists and is always in front of the present. Other fascinating topics including discussing Evolution and how this does not exclude Grand Design.

He mentions Paganism and how today, as in the past, they follow man-made beliefs and rites. He examines the difference between `Truth' and `Religion'.

The author moves on to the immensity and order in the galaxies and how astronomers are awestruck by the grandeur of the universe - the mind boggles if thoughts don't progress to the necessity of a Creator!

The ludicrousness of considering that all this wonder just happened in chaos and not from awareness and design.

The author is obviously a deep thinking and well read man and probably has a well thumbed and earmarked bible. He is deeply convinced that Christ's sacrifice promised us eternal life.

He shares that Bible prophecies detailed the coming of Christ 600 years before he arrived - how amazing is that!

He also discusses death, which is not dying but rather regeneration from the physical to a spiritual body. He is obviously well on his journey to Faith and keen to share his life lessons and wisdom gained from experience.

A refreshing, thought provoking book which will certainly get you thinking! Highly recommended.



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