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A spiritual journey that began almost ten years ago, when Divine Intervention came knocking at the door. This opened up a truly amazing space of time travel, and spiritual embodiment for those who no longer wished to walk this karmic life, and in agreement exchanged souls with those who would dedicate themselves to ‘walk in’ and carry on that mission.

The true story of one woman's journey of dedication and compassion to become the physical vehicle for higher vibrational energies and telepathic communication. Judy has helped over thirty souls return back to the planet with another seven awaiting their soul exchange. The book gives first hand encounters beyond the physical realms, and takes the reader into another world of Higher dimensions and Spiritual contact with enlightened beings. Each chapter is lovingly dedicated to those souls who once again would take up the challenge to walk this karmic path again in the physical body on earth.    

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ISBN: 1-9211-1828-8
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 160
Genre:  Non Fiction/Spiritual


Author: Judith M. Jackson 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2006
Language: English


About the Author  

 Judy Jackson is a Spiritual teacher, Voice Channel for the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ and Telepathic Channel for ‘Walk-ins’. Over the past ten years, her spiritual journey has taken her from the Central Coast of New South Wales, to Bellingen on the Mid North Coast. She now resides on Mt Tamborine, Gold Coast, Qld with her two daughters.  

Judy has worked with many people over the years, helping them to see the true essence within themselves and their mission down here. Her experience comes from the guided light of the ‘Christ Consciousness’ and awareness of the self to the self, the I AM presence, through the loving energy of spirit, the All That Is. Her mission in this incarnation is to raise the vibrations of each soul through her work along with anchoring the ‘Christed’ energies into the planet for earth healing and Ascension.

Walk in Love and Light      


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Introduction to ‘Walk-Ins’



Many of you have heard the term ‘walk-In’, and many of you may not. Maybe you have and know little information about them…


What I am about to tell you, may for some defy all humanness but, for me it is the most privileged space that I have ever encountered. For many years now I have been given the name from ‘Spirit’ as a physical and telepathic vehicle for ‘walk-ins’ to re-enter the earth plane, not only to this country Australia, but also overseas.

            Let me first explain the term ‘walk-in’. It is a term used for a soul or entity in a physical incarnation on the earth plane, who no longer wishes to fulfil their set out agreement. This can be for any number of reasons, and it is neither relevant nor appropriate to judge. What is relevant however, is that these earth plane souls are asked over a period of time during their sleep state, if they truly desire this request; that is to allow a ‘walk-in’ to take their place on this earth plane.  It is important to point out that these requests are carried out with serious discernment, discipline and unconditional love from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Karmic Board of Directors and Angelic Hosts. Once decided, arrangements are taken care of.

Several years ago when my awakening occurred through my beloved guides, I was asked if I would be the ‘vehicle’ for these light beings known as ‘walk-ins’. 

Even though I was unsure about what I was getting myself into, my reply was an enthusiastic, “Of course.” 

At that particular time in my life, I was grateful and still am, to have company with spirit. Let me tell you, it is no bed of roses to incarnate back and take over someone else’s karmic journey, and every day I am in awe of these wonderful beings who choose to do this in order to help our planet and humanity.



Channelled Message





Beloved Ascended Master Sanut Kumara and Light Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy channelled the following specifically for confirmation regarding the information gathered for this book.

            I have asked particular questions about my role as ‘a telepathic vehicle’ for ‘walk-ins’ and also about the changing energies that they experience before and after incarnation.


November 9th 2004

Greetings to you! The information that comes through this day will be a journey of the soul, will be a journey for those who wish to be enlightened more about these beings, who are travelling back through space, through time, through the density of your planet known as Earth. We will endure to give you the information that you desire in order to help your humanity, the race of man, to rise up his consciousness to be beloved to all and to face that journey to come back to God.

These beings walk in ‘love and light’. The process of these beings coming back is very quick, unlike that of the past, there are so many that pass over from your planet, so many who are enlightened, so many who are called to come back to renew a mission that is sometimes very, very hard for them.

                     They go through a strong process of teaching from the Upper Planes, a teaching of the Higher Dimensions of the Masters, that, they come through you.

You have evolved your energies to a high vibration, and this is why we choose you for these beings to come back to your country. You have an energy that is unique, it is very clear for them to communicate with you. You have a chamber that was inserted many years ago for you, because in your agreement, this is what you chose to do for these beings. Their way of coming back and communicating to you will be stronger, be more refined, and very quick. Your job if you choose to say it like this, is to communicate, to help, to re-assure, and know that they come back to a place that is welcoming, and that their journey down here is very much needed in this cosmic day which is fast approaching  its end.


November 29th 2004

I ask Sanut Kumara to confirm information regarding energies of the planets that are merging in our solar system.


                     This information will be confirmed, as you already know, many, many events are happening for the Earth, many things will change for many people, for humanity is fast growing in consciousness which is good to see, ‘at last you see the Light’. (Laughter) There are of course many who are wondering around aimlessly on your planet confused and very much in doubt. Many things are happening, universally and galaxy wise. The great upheaval that you have been told about will indeed merge upon the East Coast of your country. It is interesting to know that the east coast will be affected more than the west. This is because the density of population has increased ten fold. Many babies are being born to the consciousness of parents who are already awakened. They will be the next generation to take on the Light and the energy, and the power that is coming through. I know you have requested information on the ‘walk-ins’ that are coming back under your guidance.

                     You wish to know their origin? Many of these beings passed over centuries ago, light years ago, many have come and been called from outer galaxies that you would not even know of.

Why? Because now is the greatest rejoicing of your planet in all time and all creation, because now, you are lifting up your energies and the planet to its full vibrational support system in this universe and your solar system as you know it. The more intelligence that we can bring back to your planet, the quicker mankind will understand peace, will understand balance, and understand harmony. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight! You have had thousands of years to do this, but please understand you are on the right course, you will be guided in many ways, many directions.

Humanity has a long way to go, but the forces of the Light join together that are so great, the new energies that are coming through into your country alone, is very great. A domino effect can change the world, can it not? One smile can turn a head; one gracious thought can create a multitude of many more gracious thoughts.

We love you, and we inspire you to keep treading the path that you are following. Many give up, but we urge you not to give up, this is why the influx of the ‘walk-ins’ are coming, they are people that have walked your planet many lifetimes ago, and not so long ago. They are all being called to the Great Hall in other dimensions and other realms that you have seen.

These people whom they will become, will merge into the community and will serve the community in ways that they have not served before, in ways that other people may fear, but fear again is an illusion, is it not? We urge you to keep steady in the Light, we urge you to keep on going forward acknowledging those who cross your path, seeing the greatness in all, regardless of whether they are ‘walk-ins’ or not, regardless of what race or creed they are. Behold each person as the unity of the Christ, the Consciousness of the Great One that you know as God, the Creator.

We will talk soon, blessings to you.


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