'US' AND THIS UNIVERSE - a panacea of life


David Hyman’s lifelong fascination with Life, has enabled him to uncover many hidden secrets regarding “‘Us’ and this Universe” - hence the title of the book.  

Starting with the Animating Driving Principle in Man and Animals, he has left no stone unturned in his ardent search for answers. Thus leaving the reader with a totally new ‘Awareness’, ‘Reality Level’ and Understanding of Life!  

His detailed accounts, examples, demonstrations and case histories reveal: 

·        The power of the Subconscious Mind!

·        Emotions that cause the common cold, viruses and psychosomatic complaints – including emotional asthma!

·        How to control stress and maintain a positive attitude!

·        How to have and maintain happy problem free children!

·       How to change our mindset from ‘Negative’ to ‘Positive’!

·       Reasons why we have, and how to avoid ACCIDENTS!

·       Why some babies are born with genetic deficiencies when there is no hereditary history!

·       How to control ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’- Luck!

·       And an inspiring account of what happens when we DIE that could well be right! or makes a lot of sense? you decide

 Plus an:

·       “Eight Point Covenant To Live By” ...................And much more!   


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ISBN:   978-1-921406-92-8
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 264
Genre: Non Fiction
/Self Help/Spirituality



Author: David Hyman
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English


Author’s Profile 


David Hyman is the youngest of four children, who were all ensconced into the family dry-cleaning business that his parents acquired upon arriving in Australia en masse when he was fourteen. 

Since then, his business career has involved an interesting array of occupations that includes; Interior Decorating, Real Estate, Sales Training and Seminars, and for good measure – a Theatre Restaurant – but not all at the same time! 

The fact that these enterprises were never particularly successful, appear to be due to his somewhat overzealous preoccupation, during most of his business career, with the wonders of the mind that soon included this Universe. While this diversification shows his dexterity, this fixation quashed any tycoon-like desires that he originally had.   

It seems that David’s fresh approach to life can be attributed to his unburdened mind (in the academic sense). This has enabled him to come up with many enthralling original thoughts, ideas and theories that many more educated thinkers than he, due to their academic training, became ensconced in predetermined concepts that often turned out to be too difficult for them to rise above; thereby, stifling their originality and subsequently – their true potential.  

‘Us’ and this Universe make a fascinating, mind-stimulating and thought-provoking read with a remarkable amount of workable concepts!

My Inspiration


In 1974, my wife and I went on a trip to India that completely changed the way that I look at life.

Although the extreme poverty endured by the beggars, in particular, worried us greatly, we nonetheless treated them with an overall friendly attitude as we gave them a small handout. Surprisingly, our simple reaction put a sparkle in their eyes, similar to the way that a young child’s eyes light up when given an ice cream or such.

I have since realised that the beggars’ responses were due to being born into a beggar’s caste – it is part of their heritage. Therefore, being beggars and begging, has become their very Basic Goal or Purpose in Life! Our genuine interest in them was, in effect, an acknowledgement of their ‘being’! Substantiating the concept that, the smaller the goals in one’s Universe are, the more joy one derives from the simplest of things!

This contrasts with ‘Our[1]affluent society which seems to have blinded ‘Us’, due to the abundance of opportunities and the idea that success is reflected by the accumulation of worldly possessions, from taking pleasure in participating in the basic, fundamentals of life, such as showing sufficient:


‘Love, Kindness, Compassion, Acknowledgement and Caring!


This awakening set me off on an uncharted course, to find the connection and purpose between the Universe and Humankind. As you can see from the date of the trip, it has been an arduous task.

One of the reasons why this has taken as long as it has is because many concepts needed thorough investigation. What I have come up with, I believe, will eventually enable all humankind to live in peace and harmony with each other.

My biggest obstacle was getting past my Orthodox Jewish heritage, which left me with a defined set of well-established doctrines. Of course, many of my readers will be trapped by similar closed-mindedness. Consequently, I understand only too well that going against procedures, ideas and thoughts that have been instilled in ‘Us’ before and since ‘We’ were born is not an easy task. In fact, this can only be accomplished by keeping an ‘open mind’, in order to challenge previously accepted concepts. If you are one such person, I can assure you that being aware of this impediment, together with a rational approach will help you get past these obstacles.

So put on your lifebelts, buckle up and – Let Us, GO!   

* * * * *



You are about to embark on a journey – actually a tour of life that methodically examines many whys, wheres, whens and hows, including a thought-provoking and inventive look beyond birth, death and this Universe!

“‘Us’ and this Universe” are divided into two parts. The first sections of part one – is hands on and concerned with how to improve human emotions. It also contains many, many new self-improvement techniques! Therefore, in spite of whether the procedures provided make immediate sense to you or not, I suggest that you try them in the manner suggested. I can assure you that no harm will come to you in any way whatsoever.

 To help you fully appreciate some of the original thoughts presented. It will assist you, if you read each paragraph slowly and then stop after each sub-chapter to deliberate on the points made. Then compare the logic with your own point of view, and, where there is a point that you can try out for yourself, do it there and then, or as soon as practicable later on. This will help you recognise first hand, the significance and benefits of the innovations.

To support my claims, I have included several case histories that I have acquired through Applied Psychology Sessions. I have called this programme – Emotion Release Therapy (E.R.T.).

The startling results obtained through this procedure, together with some practical reasons and solutions concerned with many aspects of life has enabled me to discover, shall we say, several missing links in many popularly accepted Principles of Life!

These are likely to ‘blow to the wind’ many preconceived notions that you might already have! Furthermore, whenever or wherever you find yourself feeling tired or irritable, while reading parts of this book, go back to where you first noticed this reaction, to sort of soul search for your own personal hang-ups.

Should you obtain a ‘Reality’ on something, you will get a new lease of energy – right there and then! Furthermore, by re-reading this book when you have finished it, you will be surprised at how many points you missed the first time. This will further enhance your understanding and reality level, which in turn will improve your appreciation of life, even further.

Just by the fact that you have opened this book indicates that you and I have something in common. That is, to gain a better understanding of life! After all, if you were completely happy with the concept that you already have, why would you have picked this book up in the first place? I am certain that the reason for my trip to India was because I was subconsciously searching for the awakening that India brought out in me – that I am now passing on to – you!

Part Two; concerns an original explanation as to how and why this Universe exists, which because it challenges the establishment – so to speak, it will appear quite radical to the uninitiated. Likewise, it will understandably, be regarded as ridiculous to the ‘powers that be’, who have acquired a lifetime of knowledge dedicated to a particular philosophy, only to have it challenged by an unknown would-be philosopher.

The reason why I have presented this book in the order that I have, is because much of the terminology and my explanation of the natural processes of life made in part one, is necessary to help you understand where I am coming from, before embarking on my concepts of the deeper meaning of life!  


[1] ‘OUR’ – the Spiritual ‘Us’


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