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Understanding Spacial Now Time

Faster than Light Speed 

understanding spacial now time

Author's Preface

I believe that Copernicus was the greatest scientist of all time. He showed us that science by consensus can be a total failure. He was just one man who stood against the consensus theory of the time which was 'we are at the centre of the universe'. Copernicus set the standard for all future science, which is that if your consensus theory fails once, it is therefore wrong and needs to be deleted or corrected. This consensus theory failed because of the fact that we are unable to perceive when we are in constant motion. 

In this book UNDERSTANDING SPACIAL NOW TIME I will show that the fourth dimension of time is also a consensus theory which is also based on the same illusion. 

Once you understand this illusion, you will then realise that man can finally explore the final frontier. I will show you that astronauts will be able to make interstellar return trips to planets outside of our solar system, within one generation, as light speed is not the universal speed limit. If you go back in history, we were told that we could not fly, or break the sound barrier. Luckily all of those consensus theories had to be deleted too, as they were also proven to be totally wrong.

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 To my son, Christopher,

for constantly challenging my ideas.


To my wife, Pam,

for her assistance with editing.




I will first start with an explanation detailing how man, since becoming self-aware, has developed a man-made construct called time. I will explain how this perception of time is only an illusion that we use to explain when and where we will be in the future, or where we were in the past. I am going to introduce a new term called a SPACIAL NOW TIME, as this is where we do exist. Because we are self-aware, we need to relate to the past and also relate to the future; this spacial now time could be described as a zero point or singularity. This is where we exist in an exact GPS position on Earth in any spacial now time. This perception of any spacial now time exists at the same time everywhere in the Universe, so this is why I have called it a spacial now time.

The reason why I have to go back in manís history is to explain how our concept of time, which is only a man-made construct, has developed over the ages. This has to be done so you can understand that our concept of time is not any type of property that is contained in the Universe, it is only a man-made concept. Time is only a word which actually describes a duration in space, and nothing more. Time has then been misused, to explain how the Universe works, as illustrated in Einstein's concept called the space-time continuum and the fourth dimension. I will prove that this concept is incorrect as it is based on a misunderstanding about manís concept of time. I will now establish a new concept called a spacial now time. 

This misunderstanding about manís concept of time also relates to our understanding about photons and their ability to travel at an extraordinary number of times the speed of light. Our misunderstanding about manís concept of time and our misunderstanding about the light in a photon gives way to the false premise that nothing can go faster than the speed of light in the Universe. The light in a photon always travels in the lightís direction at light speed, but I will show you that as soon as you give any photon a sideways velocity, it instantly travels faster along this vector line than the speed of the light that it contains. 

The physicists have totally misunderstood how a photon, which contains light, actually works in the Universe. I will explain the details on how a photon does work in the Universe, and how these properties can be seen whenever you look at any star at night. The physicists believe that you can see the light in a photon from any direction, but this is totally false. Whenever you look at a single star in the night sky, you only see the light contained in the photons that continually enter your eye. If you look towards the horizon at midnight, you will have realised that you cannot see a single photon emitted from our own star anywhere in the Universe, except where photons are reflected back from some surface into our eyes. This means that obviously you cannot see the light in any photon when you are looking at 90į to the axis of the source that the photon was projected from. If you look at one distant star in the Universe, you can only see the light in the photon that is contained in an axial line between your right eye and that star. You cannot see the photons that are going into the eyes of the person who is standing right next to you, as the individual photons are extremely small. This means you cannot see any of the photons that travel along that axial line from the star to the person who is beside you. Therefore, you can only see the light in any photon at one point in space, and that individual photon can only ever be seen from that one axial position. This is also true for your left eye as it also sees a different axial line of photons from your right eye, which is extremely close to your left eye. The physicists' theories rely on the incorrect fact that a photon can be seen from all directions. This is absolutely wrong, as it does not conform to how we see the light in any photon in the Universe. This incorrect theory is the basis of Einsteinís theory of time dilation due to velocity, which I will also show is just an illusion based on a lack of understanding of the natural properties of light in a photon. 

The first step towards travelling in space, at Star Trekís warp speed, which is equal to light speed, is to disprove the misunderstanding that has been told continually by all the intellectuals Ė especially physicists Ė that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. I will now seek to prove that a photon has this ability, and does travel faster than light speed, which is at approximately 300,000 km/s, when given a sideways velocity. This natural property of the photon can be found everywhere in the Universe, by the light emitted by all the stars in the Universe. This new understanding puts man at the beginning of a new dawn in history.

The final frontier and to go where no man has gone before is to go to the stars and back in a short period of time using the physics contained in all photons. I believe that a photonic drive would be able to achieve these velocities, once the spacecraftís original inertia in space is overcome. This inertia could be easily overcome using the rocket technology that we use today. 

I have decided to call any velocity at light speed or multiples of light speed photonic speed, not warp speed, as space is not warped to obtain these speeds.


Photonic speed chart:


Photonic speed   1       300,000 km/s

                                 2       10 times photonic speed one

                                 3       10 times photonic speed two

                                 4       10 times photonic speed three

                                 5       10 times photonic speed four

                                 6       10 times photonic speed five

                                 7       10 times photonic speed six

                                 8       10 times photonic speed seven

                                 9       10 times photonic speed eight

                                10      10 times photonic speed nine


In the following chapters I will explain how any photon can and does obtain these photonic speeds naturally in the Universe. I am also going to change the term light and photon into one term, which I will now call a photonic light beam, meaning all the light and all the photons that are contained in one beam of light, emitted from any source.  

Einstein's first postulate.

The laws of physics are the same and can be stated in their simplest form in all inertial frames of reference. Einstein states that this means there is no preferred frame and, therefore, no absolute motion. This postulate is wrong and should read as follows. 

The laws of physics are the same and can be stated in their simplest form only in relation to a spatial now time frame of reference of the event. This means that there is a correct and true frame of reference for one physics event as that event was absolute. Different human observations of  that one physics event, only represent a human's individual spatial now time perspective of that event. This is why we get two conflicting human perspectives of one absolute physical event. You are entitled to your perspective but that does not mean it is absolutely true


Chapter 1


The relationship between a spacial

now time and the GPS


The Universe exists, and everything in the Universe interacts at a singularity called a spacial now time. Whenever you think about your own spacial now time, you should realise that this is when you are reacting to anything in space near you. This is the same for everything else contained in the Universe, as all of the fundamental properties of the Universe also all exist at that singular spacial now time, because they do exist, just like you do. This spacial now time establishes a Universal Galactic Position in Space for all the matter, photons, forces and gravity contained in the Universe, which I will label UGPS. 

This UGPS works on the same principle as our GPS system on Earth. All our GPS system does on Earth is place any type of matter at a fairly precise two-dimensional position on Earth at a singular spacial now time. We use this system as a form of navigation so we can navigate the surface of the Earth along precise two-dimensional points/paths on Earth. We could, if we had a computer powerful enough, precisely position every atomís individual 3-D position on Earth. We would then be able to know the exact 3-D position of every atom contained in and on the Earth. If we then continued to precisely position every atom over a period of one hour, everything would be recorded as a type of motion. The motion of all Earthís atoms will be recorded as relatively stationary or in relative motion to each other. This would be just a record of where every atom was and to where every atom has moved. You would then be able to slice this recorded history and insert a spacial now time at any position. This spacial now time contains the exact three-dimensional GPS position of every atom on Earth at that singularity, called a spacial now time. 

A universal galactic position in space is exactly the same as I have just described, but it covers the whole Universe containing everything that does exist. It does not just position atoms in the Universe; it positions anything that exists in the Universe, from the smallest piece of matter, photon and any force, including gravity. You can then position a singularity called a spacial now time into the Universe and at that singularity everything that is in the Universe exists in that UGPS. No matter can exist in the same UGPS, 3-D spacial position in the Universe at the same singularity called a spacial now time, as nothing can be in the same space at the same time without some type of collision. 

A spacial now time contains the 3-D position of everything that exists in the Universe. A future spacial now time contains the new 3-D position to which everything that exists has moved. A past spacial now time contains the 3-D position of everything which was at a 3-D position that did exist in the Universe. A spacial now time is just a singularity between the past and the future, as the Universe continually moves forward towards the future, not manís concept of time. Manís time construct uses a clock which counts off an exact number of cycles in an element, which is equal to one Earth surface second. The clock is then used to establish how long any motion in the Universe has lasted, before or after a spacial now time. A clock has the ability to do this because it is using an exact unit of motion/velocity in the clock to measure any type of inconsistent motion/velocity in the Universe. Therefore, a man-made clock does not measure time; it measures any type of motion/velocity in the Universe. This motion/velocity is then given numbers in an ascending order, produced by a man-made clock, to establish the duration of any type of motion/velocity. 

Manís perception of time is just an illusion of his own making since becoming self-aware. It is only manís way to explain the continual motion/velocity of everything in the Universe, as everything in the Universe is separated only by space which is a distance. Time does not move. It is just used to unitise the motion/velocity of everything contained in the Universe. As anything moves in the Universe, its GPS position relative to the Universe moves, just as it has done in the past and will continue to do so into the future. Therefore, there is no space time continuum, as manís perception of time has nothing to do with the Universe and how it works. You do not need a fourth dimension as this is also wrong, as we all exist in a three-dimensional position in space at a spacial now time, which is then given a Universal Galactic Position which is relative to all other objects in the Universe. 

This new concept is called a spacial now time and this is our perpetual perception of reality.




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