Never before in Earth's short history has an opportunity so vast been available for human souls to experience.

The works contained herein are a unique collection of writing that has been gifted to the world at this precise time to help facilitate the ascension of Earth and all her life forms. 

The reader experiences eleven different energies as they travel through the journey of truth contained within this book. The presence of each energy will trigger the awakening of truth with the reader on many levels. Dormant seeds of knowledge held within each human soul will blossom into life, genetic codes within their DNA will open, allowing the truth of each human soul's Divine heritage to awaken within them. 

The light of truth that awakens in each reader will be as a contagion spreading rapidly around the world. Mankind's consciousness will expand at an unprecedented rate due to the laws of attraction and harmonic resonance. This expansion in consciousness will produce enormous change, heralding the dawn of a New Era for Earth and all life upon her. 

Not only will Earth, her life forms and the known universe be forever changed, the impact will be felt through all of existence, thus expanding the Source of all life. 

The enormity of the impact the truth contained within these words will have will begin to reveal itself by the popularity of this book. Human souls are yearning for peace, joy and love. The light of truth within the words and more powerfully the presence of each energy will facilitate an inner revelation of truth on such a vast scale that its reverberations will touch every human soul incarnated on the planet. 

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-14-3   
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:208
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover painting: Angela Macpherson



Author:  Karen Wade and a Collective of Light Workers
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English



"This book is in alignment with the changes happening on this planet in our time.
Truth creates heaven on earth is an insight to everyone willing to uncover a new perspective of our world view,
 by taking part in creating light on the earth with our evolving consciousness."
 Maya Cowley (Transpersonal Art Therapist)


The book resonated with something deep within me.  The collection of the collective and the different energies was easy to read and each energy had many words of wisdom to share with the reader.

It is a book that the reader can read again and again and receive a message that is meaningful for them at that time.  This book excited me and reminded me that the future of our planet and the universe is indeed a positive one.

Warmest regards, Anne Joyce, Training Coordinator, Lifeline Northwest NSW

Read this letter from a reader of the book:

Dearest Karen, 

I would like to share with you my feelings after reading your book, Truth Creates Heaven on Earth and some of the impact that it has had on me personally.

The writings and messages of both yourself and the Collective of Lightworkers, was presented in an easy to understand language that seemed to be easily absorbed by both my mind and my heart.

Each chapter presented messages and information that had common themes, yet unique to each of the Lightworkers.

Whilst reading the book I could physically feel my heartspace expanding and I experienced several moments of joy and excitement as I recognised, realised and understood the truth in the words.

I have found myself questioning many things since reading this book, in particular asking myself if I am coming from a place of love or fear?

I believe this book will continue to have an impact, well after I have read the final pages.

Thank you Karen for sharing your journey with extreme honesty. In particular, the sharing of your fears, doubts and vulnerabilities.

This reminds me that we are all one, I am You, You are Me and we are all a perfect expression of light, connected though our heart centre to the source of all life.

Brightest blessings to you Karen.

 With love

Intentions & Acknowledgements  


I intend to be an open and willing vehicle for the truth of Source, Divine Wisdom, to flow through. 

I come to this place in my life in trust that it is for my highest good, even though I have many fears. I know I must face them and that I must write this book. I know that the process of writing will help me clear away more emotional blocks allowing more of my true self to shine through.

I acknowledge myself for the courage to stand in my truth and honour the calling of my heart, especially when I’ve had to leave my family behind and face my fears of being alone.  

I am filled with love and gratitude for my wonderful husband Rob and beautiful children Daniel and Kristi for supporting me on this journey. 

I acknowledge my commitment to know my True Self, My Divine Self and to fulfil my life’s purpose while here on earth. I have heart felt gratitude for this opportunity to move deeper into this knowing and to make it real in my life.


“The greatest gift you can bring to this life is the gift of your true self fully expressed!” Barbara Joy Poschinger (In Spirit)


Karen Wade

We acknowledge the many hours of loving attention to detail taken by Sheryl Page to transpose this written form into one acceptable by the publisher and thus allowing the next phase in the journey of truth contained within this book. 

Angela Macpherson has surrendered to the Will of the Divine allowing it to paint through her brush to create the cover of this book and vision that heads Archangel Michael’s chapter. Her co-creations truly capture and reflect the magnificent radiance of truth contained herein. We acknowledge her willingness to allow this co-creation and honour the time and her loving dedication to this end. 

Mark Kenny has shown his ability to capture the Divine essence of truth within each presence. His photos reflect the beauty and magnificence of nature allowing you to bask in your own reflected magnificence. It is by the grace of the Divine nature of Mark that he can produce such photos. We acknowledge his loving service to the light in the many forms it takes. He has created the vision for Ezekiel, Archangel Gabriel, St. Francis, Lord Melkezidek, The Lord and the photos of our only incarnate energy Karen Wade.  

Steve Gonsalves has shown his unique flare and sensitivity in transposing Angela’s art works into an exact photographic replica capturing every subtle nuance, revealing the Divine truth expressed through each image and thus, gifting each soul who views them.  

The Collective

Author Biography 



My journey in this lifetime and many previous lifetimes has brought me to a place of conscious awareness that allowed the gift of this book to become a physical reality. 

Communicating the truth that I have learned through my own experience and personal growth on every level, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical are my passions in life.

My teaching career spans 32 years and encompasses 15 years experience as an energy practitioner, seminar leader and master/teacher trainer of a natural therapy called Living Light Energy. This included co-creating and facilitating a life skills programme called ‘Lighten Up Now’ used for staff development days in schools, and presenting workshops to children (10–11yrs) entitled ‘Catch Your Thoughts’ which I created to enable children to experience the power of their thoughts and thus realize their creative potential.

I have also facilitated many women's groups to share truth through my own experiences and ran a successful business in the health and nutrition field, which involved presenting and training at local and state levels.



he purpose of this book is to share truth with the human souls of Earth.  This point of time is very significant in Earth’s short history as it is the end phase of the third dimension. With this ending comes the birthing of a new era for Earth and in fact all of existence which, almost exclusively remains beyond human comprehension.

 The writer shares truth as it has been revealed to her in her current life journey. Her life experiences have brought her to her present state of preparedness, opening up her innate ability to hear and clearly communicate with the other energies present in the book and also with my energy.

The gathering of all 11 energies present in this book was pre-ordained as a vital part of the Divine Plan for Earth’s awakening and evolution into the new age.

Each energy shares truth through the perspective of their unique life experiences, thus providing a broad scale of appeal which will allow every soul to resonate with their truth. It is for this reason that the book will touch millions, triggering an awakening on such a vast scale that it will literally catapult consciousness into the fifth dimensional reality.

As you journey through this book and truth awakens within you, pause and allow each moment of truth to integrate into your being. Let it become a part of you and bring it into your reality by acting upon it, thus expanding your consciousness. Do not be in a rush to read it all, instead experience the book, feel it in your being. In this way you move from your head and theorizing to your inner self and truly feeling through experiencing each truth and the ah-ha moment it triggers.

Each chapter will evoke different responses within you, as there is a different energy present. Feel the energy beneath the words by keeping your awareness in your feeling self, not your thinking self. If emotion is triggered, allow it to surface and release in whatever form it appears. This is a perfectly natural part of the body’s innate intelligence that will release trapped emotion as truth triggers an opening, a pathway. Give yourself the time to be with the experiences that the truth in these words and presences creates.

By journeying through these pages in this way you will gift yourself with the most precious gift of all – the knowing and experience of your True Self.

And with this gift comes the awareness of your Divine nature, and the experience of oneness, connecting you to all life.

My love is with you all as you set off from wherever you may be on your journey of Truth.

And so the journey begins…


The Lord




In order to make the book available to the widest possible range of people the colour images prefacing each chapter have been made available via our website

These images capture the essence of Divinity – the essence of your Truth. By viewing each image prior to the corresponding chapter and being with its presence you will be gifted with a reflection of your own truth – your own divine nature, as each holds an aspect of the whole.

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