Faith and Charity go together well,

And treasures are found in the seeking.

Damien Pragnell brings together a wonderful world of words and emotions in this collection of contemporary poetry.

To See The Written Word is a mixture of issues relating to life, love, feelings and everyday experiences. Blended in unison to stir the imagination and awaken the senses of the young and old alike.

To See The Written Word is a thought provoking compilation of work. Pragnellís graceful eye for detail and sensitivity to our cosmopolitan environment open up a realm rarely seem.

This literary journey will take you to places you have never been to before.

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Format:  A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 104
Genre: Poetry 



Author: Damien Pragnell 
Imprint: Zeus
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2004
Language: English


About the poet  

Damien Pragnell was born in Sydney, N.S.W. 

He was educated at Pendle Hill High School and has an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Library Studies). 

He enjoys writing short stories as well as poetry and has a keen interest in theatre, collecting CDs and going to rock concerts.

Damien lives on the gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

A Sample of the book:




Dedicated with love to my father John Snr.

 and my mother Theresa (dec), who wrote this poem for me

 the day I was born:





Dear Lord, as heart and arms enfold

This richer gift than gems or gold,

I thank Thee for Thy pledge of love,

My wondrous babe from heaven above.


And yet in truth he is not mine,

Eternally Thou didst design

Omnipotence and love should vie,

Create, redeem and sanctify.


By Thee this little one was made,

By Thee the price of ransom paid,

And now grace pours its dazzling light

From out a soul of dazzling white!


O Lord, enable me to be

A worthy instrument for Thee

To lead to holiness my son

To perfect what Thou has begun.




Have a friend who knows he canít lose.

The war in Europe saw him this side of invincible.

A life few of us would choose.


Then his wandering spirit took hold.

To cast aside the evils he had seen

Around the world and back again.

Settling in this wide brown land,

he found the woman of his dreams.


Well, somewhere in his story, I came along.

Growing up in the footsteps of this man.

Marching to the beat of a different drum.

Carrying within a spirit that could not be denied.


So we see in the new century together.

His soul mate had to fly away.

To a place where daylight dreams are done.

One day my friend will join her.

Make her smile again.


I will sit in our favourite cafe.

Order coffee... for one.

Dream of the day when I will call him father.

He will smile his gentle smile.

And call his humble son, back home once more


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