We exist in an intelligent environment. Physicists say we live in up to 26 different dimensions. Yet, our awareness is limited by our senses.

Dr. McDowall addresses the issues of communication between these dimensions in a very simple way. He uses direct contact. The results are amazing and profound.

Questions are answered such as: How can you protect yourself and your home from negativity? How are spirit guides chosen? What are their duties, purpose and gender? What is the character of God? What happens to the spirit when in human form? How are mediums prepared? What is the best time for guides to communicate? What do spirits see? Is there really a Satan? What is God's influence in Hell? Why did God create the world? What are our barriers to God's knowledge? What is the difference between spiritual memory and physical memory? Are spirits related to ET's? What happens to our spiritual memory at birth, at death? Can we get our spiritual memory back? How often do we have a human experience? What about animal spirits? When does intelligence enter a baby?

These and many other questions are answered in this book. It is written in a simple, easy to read style.

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Author: Donald McDowall 
Imprint: Zeus
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2004
Language: English


About the Author

Dr. Donald McDowall is a second generation Chiropractor in private practice since 1974. His interest in healing has led to the publishing of the following practical books: Psychic Surgery, Healing-Doorway to the Spiritual World, Clinical Pearls for Better Health, Wise Cracks and Funny Bones-Fun with the Chiropractor, The Truth about Sickness and Healing.   Music as a component of healing led him to produce a collection of 1920's Chiropractic songs found on his peer reviewed award winning website

Dr. McDowall has been active in community service as well as leadership roles in his profession. He lectures internationally about his specialty practice in Applied Kinesiology and has published papers of clinical interest in professional journals.

Author’s Introduction


     Universal intelligence is a description of the fabric of life as we know it.  How we fit in the scheme of things is often regarded as a ‘mystery’.  My observation is that when we don’t fit we get ill and our bodies begin to fall apart. 

     Chiropractors have regarded this balance as essential to optimum health since 1895 when the magnetic healer DD Palmer discovered a method of correcting the physical expression of ‘imbalance’.  This discovery was assisted by a message given to him by a spirit doctor ‘Jim Atkinson’.  Palmer believed in messages given by the spirits and often attended spiritualist meetings in Iowa, USA.  I would like to explain what happened to me now that you understand the background to the beginning of my profession.

     In 1994 I completed my last visit to the Philippines , gathering information to help me understand the power  of the healers who practiced there as psychic  surgeons , magnetic healers and spiritual healers.  The proofs of God ’s work  through these healers had re-established my faith  and encouraged me to search deeper within myself for an understanding of my mission  in life  and the extent of my healing  abilities.  In that process I met Annie.  Annie, a psychologist and Montessori teacher  travelled with me on many of those journeys.  Her gift  as a medium  for these teachers gave me a direct contact to messengers of God. 

     I now had a wonderful opportunity  with Annie to explore questions that had plagued my mind  and heart  through my life.  Questions about my professional practice, my family problems , the communities’ difficulties, the prospect of the future, the reality of earth changes , UFOs and the reality of ETs, as well as some of the more ancient questions regarding the validity of the Bible , its stories and its pertinence to the problems of today. 

     Between 1994, up to and including 1997, I recorded on tape all the meditations and conversations which took place with these teachers.  These conversations were recorded for their value, not only to Annie and myself, but also to others who were interested in answers to the same questions.  These tapes were transcribed and edited for the relevant topics that will be published in this series of books. 

     This second book discusses the questions concerning the reality of spirits, guides and God that arose during our discussions.

     The spirit teachers very patiently took me through the kindergarten  understanding of how the human body expresses the strength of the spiritual nature of the person, through the primary school , high school, college, and now in the graduate phase of understanding the subtleties of nature and the awesome influence of God  as He provides opportunity  for man ’s development.

     I have always believed in God .  But my faith  in churches and religions was tested, and often shattered, when I sought help for answers to these questions from other people about the realities of life .  As I travelled around the world, I would often visit churches of every denomination.  In many countries the edifices were beautiful, ornate and a tribute to the engineers who constructed them, and the finances of the population who funded them.  Yet often they were empty of the very people they were supposed to serve.  They were often seen as monuments with historical significance and now had an absence of spiritual purpose .  I had come to the conclusion that churches and religions taught people to pray, but rarely explained how to listen for the answers. 

     From this point of view, these books may not say anything earth shattering to the reader, but may simply provide an awareness  of the small things that are often missed, similar to the power  of blades of grass to grow in the cracks of a footpath, or the grains of sand that strengthen the concrete between the bricks.  These are insignificant yet imperative to the integrity of the structure and the power of life . 

The meditations Annie and I were involved in were sometimes planned, where we would pray and ask for help and the teachers would arrive and speak.  Sometimes there would be three or four teachers of different ranking  at the one meditation , answering questions topical to their expertise.  Sometimes the negative entities were allowed to come to teach me the contrast and the reality that is often ignored, of evil influences. 

     Our meditation  sessions would last from a few minutes, if instruction was given to us to prepare for a particular event that would come, to three or four hours where I had a multitude of questions.  Generally the meditations usually began about one or two in the morning, when both Annie and I were asleep, and the teacher  would speak through Annie, wake me up and then we would discuss the questions in my mind .  The teacher preferred this time; he said it was when my mind was free of cobwebs.  I found that I often had to rest at work  during lunchtime or in the afternoons  in order to maintain this schedule.  Annie would be just as tired as me and have to rest afterwards.  As a trance-medium , she had no recollection of any of the experiences that took place, other than fatigue . 

     Later I would recognise the teacher  speaking through Annie when there was no obvious meditation , but a necessity on the part of the teacher to inform us of a particular event.  Similarly, Annie would have no memory of the discussion, other than a time shift.  The request of the spiritual teachers was always to encourage us to rest  and build our strength – physically, mentally and emotionally – to cope with the demands of these instructions.  Choices  were always given as to whether we wished to continue or not. 

     I took full advantage of these experiences to ask all the questions that came into my mind , to satisfy the reality of my experience; often testing and proving what the teachers were telling me. 

     Many situations took place where I began to recognise God ’s influence through other people.  Sometimes we would be at a Buddhist monastery, or a Catholic or Protestant church, and the minister would be prompted to present the answer to the question that was in my mind  at the time.  It seemed to me that these teachings gradually enabled me to see the reality of the work  of God’s messengers around me.  Often these influences were so subtle, they were very easy to miss.

     The reader should desire to peruse this material for answers to similar questions.

     I have no desire to begin a church or a following with this information.  It was presented to Annie and I to help us find our missions , our purpose  together, and our future.  Now I understand the answers to these questions.  It provides an example for others to find true meaning in their lives without dependency upon a financial or political structure, where they might become abused, delayed or side tracked.

     The secret  to understanding the universal intelligence of God  is awareness  and the art of subtle listening.  Some of us have to have a tap on the shoulder to get our attention; others learn more quickly.  I have learned the hard way to understand these lessons  and now appreciate the gentleness and power  of Universal Intelligence.  


The World Of Intelligence In Which We Live


     How does our world function and what is this universal intelligence of God ? Probably the best place to start answering these questions is with man ’s perception of God. History  records God in the eyes of the beholder. Each description varies according to the beliefs , intelligence  and education  of the writer.

     My understanding of the word ‘God ’ is that it encompasses the intelligence  in which all matter exists and communicates. God encompasses all genders  and incorporates all expressions of life . God’s expression of love  was to create man  and his environment . The purpose of which is to provide individuals with opportunities for development of character . God provides an example of balance , love and harmony  that we can choose to constantly aspire to amidst the distractions of our life.

     God  has created and appointed leaders to administer his work. These intelligences are referred to from our perspective as masters  or angels .  They have been tested for their loyalty. They exercised their choice of doing things God’s way or their own way. They either assist lesser intelligences to learn more about God and become closer to the harmony  of God or distract from this purpose. With God’s permission these masters can access any of his creations to express and communicate his purpose. The negative masters encourage rejection of God and pride  in the misery  of themselves and others.

     The Masters  are assisted by Senior Guides . These guides are intelligences that have had a series of human experiences and instructional experiences from their guides and have completed their tasks. They carry out the instructions from the Masters  and report to them. 

     The Senior Guides  are assisted by junior ranking intelligences that have progressed through the human experience. They can pass on this knowledge to humans working on their next ranking.  These guides are often experienced in specific areas of discipline  and character .  They will work with their student  through inspiration  and awareness  until they can pass on their subject to the next guide.  They may attend the subject for a specific purpose or assist through the whole development of a period similar to a schoolteacher  with a student.  By doing this, the guide is increasing his ranking according to the success of his subject and the methods through which he has permission to communicate.

     Some intelligences inhabit non human bodies.  These bodies may consist of light or other forms of matter.  Some bodies are genetically constructed to suit our atmosphere.  We refer to these as Extra-Terrestrial .  They also contribute to the human school of our life  by injecting their knowledge of using matter.  Some live on this planet .  Some come from other planets.  They can live in adjacent dimensions  in the same time as us.  They understand the perspective of our planet  and our knowledge.  They are under the direction of the Masters .

     Not every disincarnate spirit becomes a guide.  Those who cannot accept their death and feel cheated in their life  remain on the planet  until they realize what has happened to them and choose to move on.  They can learn to manipulate matter and create difficulties for their antagonists.  We call them Ghosts .

     Most disincarnate spirits accept the results of their lives, leave the material world and meet guides who were their teachers.  They study the experience they have had as humans until they recognise the next lessons or character  traits they need to learn.  They then wait for the right opportunity in the right environment  with the right parents  to manifest so they can return or reincarnate.  The selection is not of their choosing but of the teachers who have assisted them this far.  They can accept or reject this opportunity.

     Some humans have connected with their spiritual purpose and provide a more direct communication between the two worlds. These we consider channels or mediums. The messages they give may come from the guides of both extremes.  Some are regarded as prophets, but many just quietly go about their business helping others. 

     We are regarded by these other intelligences as ‘concrete people ’.  This perspective appears to be in relationship to the speed at which our material world functions. The slowness of the physical body is compared to the speed of thought  of these intelligences. Hence their communication with us is via thought forms and impressions. Each person will be sensitive to these messages in different ways according to the sensitivity of their nervous system  or emotions . 

     Natural human intelligence  is instinctive in nature, similar to other species.  Humans are born with genetic abilities  including reproductive, communicative and survival skills.  Other skills appear to progressively develop with the experiences of each generation.  The genetic pool is improved or damaged according to the contribution of the previous generation.  This genetic construct is observed by the guides and used to choose appropriate birth families .  These families provide the most useful bodies, minds and environments for the predetermined missions of the assigned intelligences.

     Once incarnate, our intelligence  adapts to our bodies and environment .  This adaptation develops our character  and personality.  In this way we become who we are meant to be with the physical tools we need for our work. If we become distracted from our missions and fail to use our opportunities for their right purpose then we are taken out of our human form to reassess what went wrong and wait for another opportunity to incarnate with a modified mission.  This is the purpose of life .


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