THE PEGASUS PRINCIPLE - Secret of the Stones


Jack and his brother Tom Preston, embark on an epic journey through the Central American jungle in search of the Mayan Calendar due to end in 2012.

They must find the stones which hold the secrets of the universe …

Along the way, they encounter mystery, intrigue, suspense and danger.

Raphael, a mysterious stranger, attempts to guide Jack and Tom with his prophesies which ultimately lead them on their quest. 

Could he be the Supreme Angel from the Council of the Wise?

One riddle intertwines with another, as the truth unfolds. 

Who is Itzamna, and what are his connections to the Chief? A seemingly ageless race of people. 

Based on the myths and legends of the lost Mayan civilisation, Jack and Tom find more than they bargained for. 

Will they find the stones in time?

“The endurance of freedom relies on those who have the will to be free.” They were the last words from Raphael before the eclipse. 

It was the last meeting of the Council of the Wise, for many years until 2012.

On Earth …  

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-61-7
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 333
Genre: Fantasy Fiction/Spiritual



Author: Rowland Waring-Flood
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2011
Language: English



About the author 

Rowland Waring-Flood was born in Gisborne, NZ. 

At the age of 22 he began travelling the world until, after many years, finally deciding to settle on the Gold Coast, Australia, where he now lives with his wife, Shona, and their family. 

With a journalistic mind and a passion for the Maya Civilisation, and after many years researching facts and Maya history, Rowland has finally completed his first novel The Pegasus Principle: Secret of the Stones.  

He is currently writing the sequel: Secrets from the Blue Void.

 Chapter seven

Not all angels have wings

Be warned…all is not as it seems…


As the plane soared into the sky Jack gazed out at the land streaking away. He sat back in his seat and began to decipher more glyphs and drawings he had with him.

Showing Tom some diagrams he said, “See these, they indicate where certain underground passages and caves are. I believe there is a temple in this area which as yet hasn't been unexplored.

“According to my glyphs, there is a sacred Maya Calendar and four stones which have secret powers. Whoever controls the stones shall inherit their power and rule the calendar meaning the possibility of eternal life. The stone I am to get from the priest shall hopefully lead us to the others, but I am not the only one looking for the stones. The glyphs I have deciphered mentioned many past events on earth so I have no doubt as to their accuracy. The fact that honest blood has to be poured over the stones in order to gain their power has me worried because I don’t know whose blood it will be.”

A tall thin fair-haired man sat four rows back from Jack in business class. After half an hour in flight the man rose, went to Jack’s seat and asked, “Excuse me sir, are you Dr Jack Preston, author of Mayan and Glyphic Mysteries?”

Jack broke off his discussion with Tom. “Yes I am, can I help you?”

“I have a copy of your book with me and would be honoured if you would sign it.”

“Of course, it would be my pleasure. Thank you.” Jack took the book and opened it at the beginning and asked, “What would you like me to say, and to whom?”

“To Raphael Itzamna…

from the golden dust of sacred tombs

to the sparkling emptiness of stargazers rooms

you shall see before you a high golden light

take heed of what lies before you

on that blood red night.”


Jack was about to sign his name when Raphael offered him another pen. It was red. Jack signed his name and said, “Raphael, these are strange words to put in a book to yourself.”

Raphael smiled and said, “Words are a pathway to the future Dr Preston, and a memory of the past.”

Raphael took the book and said, “Thank you Dr Preston, it means a great deal to me.”

“My pleasure Raphael, enjoy Mexico.”

“Via con Dias, Dr Preston.”

As Raphael left, he offered to shake Jack’s hand. Jack rose to oblige and as he did so, Raphael gently touched his right elbow with his left hand. Jack felt a slight tingling in his elbow but thought nothing of it.

“I hope your book is very successful, I also study the Maya glyphs and writings; perhaps we shall meet again.”

“A fellow student of the Maya mysteries is always welcome,” Jack said.

“Maybe there are mysteries that shouldn’t be solved, Dr Preston.”

Raphael’s grip grew stronger and his touch on Jack’s elbow became much firmer. Jack looked into Raphael’s eyes; images of his own past seemed to swim before him in Raphael’s bright clear pupils. Then other images appeared, less friendly, causing Raphael to sway slightly. Images of happenings which Jack didn’t recognise but drew fear from his heart.

“Are you alright, Raphael?”

“Yes, yes, of course Dr Preston, it’s the dry air in this cabin, it seems to draw the energy and strength from me but I’ll be fine.”

The men were now sitting in vacant seats behind Jack’s and continued the conversation.

Jack asked, “Raphael, are you as your namesake?”

“Are we not all children of the universe, Dr Preston?”

“I believe so Raphael, and some need more guiding than others.”

Raphael was looking out of the window. “The hand of the universe will always guide you to the light, and shall hold it forth when needed. Its other hand is always busy dealing with evil. Dr Preston, please be aware.”

“Beware of what exactly, Raphael?”

“There is a lunar eclipse soon and strange forces are at work. The Aurora Borealis will also be at its strongest for many years due to the activity on the sun. This combination allows the alterations of certain high frequencies.”

Raphael leaned closer to Jack and said, “I believe we are due for a visit from some extra terrestrial travellers. I know you are a believer Dr Preston, and it is probably no surprise to you. What will intrigue you is where and when. I will…”

The plane’s intercom came on asking passengers to return to their seats as they would be encountering some turbulence. Raphael stood and said, “I had better get back to my seat – I shall be staying in Belize for a while. We will speak again soon. Enjoy the rest of your journey, Dr Preston. Your writings and beliefs have a dedicated following amongst my people.”

Raphael and Jack returned to their seats.

“Well, well,” Tom said. “Your number-one fan, Jack. When do you think the travellers will arrive, and do you know anything about them? I’m sorry but I overheard you talking,” Tom said in response to Jack’s look. He had also become increasingly interested in Jack’s book.

“It doesn’t surprise me. The glyphs said this was going to happen.”

Jack had given Tom a copy of his book and he had been reading through it. “Your book is very interesting, and it all seems to make sense. I understand now why you need the rest of the glyphs in order to get the final picture. When we get the stone what do you think will happen?”

“I believe the stone will have inscriptions on it relating to the hidden temples. That’s if there is more than one. That’s one thing the glyphs haven’t revealed.”

Jack and Tom were left to think about their next move as the plane banked for its final turn before landing in Mexico City. Jack was hoping to meet Raphael again but could not see the tall enigmatic figure anywhere as they disembarked. Tom noticed Jack looking around and said, “I can’t see him anywhere either, Jack. Maybe he left another way?” 


Jack and Tom’s height allowed them a clear view over the sea of happy faces bustling all around them. Raphael was taller than the two brothers so would have easily been seen, but was nowhere in sight.

“Bloody weird if you ask me, Jack,” Tom said as they approached immigration.

Jack placed his backpack on the bench allowing the customs officer to search it. The first thing he took out was the book he had signed for Raphael. How the hell did that get in there? Jack quietly asked himself.

Tom also noticed the book. “I thought you gave that back to Raphael?”   

“I did Tom; he took it back to his seat because I saw him reading it.”

Jack opened the book to the page he had written in. Under his smooth flowing writing was a message in Raphael’s slanting verse.

‘Commit these words to memory Dr Preston, for they may well save your life.’

Jack passed the book to Tom who was behind him also getting his bag searched.

“I wonder how he got that book into my bag since it was in the overhead locker the whole trip.

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, “I guess we will have to ask him the next time we see him.”

The customs’ officer waved them on.

As they walked Tom said, “Your thoughts are powerful. Why don’t you put them out to where he is? Raphael had an aura about him like an inner strength. I felt that in the plane.”

Jack looked at his brother and said,            “Yes, you are right, I haven’t tapped into that source for years and I have been feeling it lately. Raphael mentioned the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are going to be very powerful this year. They will be at their strongest in December which is now. That will be their highest state of cloaking. It will let them come and go undetected for some days. This means we don’t have much time.”

“What’s cloaking Jack, and why don’t we have much time?” 

“Cloaking is the frequency output of Aurora Borealis; combined with the lunar eclipse it will mean they will be invisible, allowing ultimate cover for the entry into earth’s atmosphere unseen. I found that in some glyphs I deciphered, but their reference to Aurora Borealis was sketchy, as if they were hiding something. There were also some glyphs which I believe relate to the four Pegasus Stones. It’s hard to work out because the glyphs indicate the arrival of the travellers over a long period of time.”

“Jack, do you know what you are saying?”

“Yes, the world doesn’t know they have been coming and going for thousands of years and won’t know any different this time. I think Raphael is from the Inner Kingdoms Council of The Wise. He is here to help us get ready, mentally as well as physically. The Outer Kingdom’s spirits must take human form. When the cloaking system is in place I see them arriving, as well as the Inner Kingdom, which means they will be warring against each other for the calendar and the Pegasus Stones.” 

Outside in the oppressive Mexican heat the pace was frenetic. Drivers with passengers’ names on boards waited patiently. Jack pointed to a driver with their name on a board and followed him to his car.

Once on the road he said to Tom, “I need to check some glyphs on my website when we get to the hotel. I have a feeling I’ve missed an important link.”

Tom was looking out the window and thought he saw Raphael. “Jack there he is, back there on the side of the road, I’m sure it was Raphael. He was just standing there staring at us.”

Jack turned and looked but saw instead a sea of brown Mexican faces. “What would he be doing there?”

“I don’t know, but he was talking to a cop, and then he stopped and just stared at us; I’m sure it was him, Jack.”

“Well there isn’t much we can do now Tom, we’ll ask him the next time we see him.” 

Neither of them noticed the large black car which followed them from the airport to their hotel.


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