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The sacrament opened the door, the moon offered intuition.


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ISBN: 978-1-922229-97-7
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 91
Genre: Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

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There's Something About Carla

Adam Mayhew
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2018
Language: English


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I would like to thank: 

Mum, Dad, Kate, Brett, the kids, 

Euan, Phil, Father Modestus 

and my late grandparents, Kia Ora Bert and Iris. 


The Search for The Book of Spells


Interlude One 


Hello, my name is Adam. I have written a couple of books. My last book was called There’s Something about Carla. This story continues from that.

In this interlude I will be explaining a few things so you don’t have to think, what does this mean? For instance, my family was ready to move to Canberra from Sydney when I was twelve, but that didn’t eventuate so I planted the story there.

I never got into heavy drugs except acid. I reckon Jim Morrison from The Doors would have had more acid on one Saturday night than all my excursions. Even though I had no affiliation with drugs I was told by teachers, ‘You’re on heavy drugs’. My first girlfriend asked me the same question. The people I worked with made a similar assumption so when the opportunity to get my arse shot off in a war because I was trying to go clean with my last story I jumped at the idea.

I also had a situation where I played Houdini with a woman for one night of my life so then my daughter has to be added to the story.

Before that I had been playing football and was on my way to be taken home when a girl, a student, an exchange student by the name of Katy Pesto, gave me a magic wand. The words ‘serve and volley’ was what she echoed.

I’m doing this in four parts I’m not very good at putting large parts of information in my head so bear with me.

Katy Pesto was a granddaughter of a hardware store owner, which was good because under the shop was a laboratory. Her grandmother knew about medicine and was heavily involved with the East German athletics team in 1980, also the Chinese swim team in that year of the Olympic Games. For their reward, Miss Pesto was given two magic wands from each, they were told that there was a book called The Book of Spells and when the two wands were crossed over on the back of the book, clicked into The Book of Spells, it shall open and becomes magic. There’s one other thing in the pages: Katy had a party.


Kaylem is a wizard, also a Catholic priest, who presides at Christchurch, New Zealand. He became pissed off with the church’s stance on homosexuality in the church. He was also besotted with the whole idea of cover-ups. He thought it a great way to crisp up step. Kaylem wasn’t gay; he had other problems as well. He was what is known as a traveller. I’m not for or against ideas that we’re all reincarnated; the difference between Kaylem and us was that Kaylem knew about it. He could store past lives in a section of his mind. He thought about what he had been given, The Book of Spells, as a first prize won by one of his great-great-grandfathers in a horse-shoe-throwing competition round 1860.

The system Kaylem was using was that what goes around comes around. He knew the wands would somehow be coming to Christchurch. He also realised he would only have one shot as the earth shook in reassurance. Why? To make a better world? No, not quite. For the people to enjoy it while it exists.


Interlude Two 


What I’m going to talk about now is how the wands are able to attain energy and turn it into magic by spell.

Let’s think if we were in the bush together and with a stick guesstimate north, south, east, west and in the centre imagine there is a convenience store. Say hello to Kurt. Well hello, Kurt. He’s going to the store heading to the east because he’s coming from the west. On his path in the opposite direction is a mother who is clad in Muslim clothing. She’s pushing a stroller and has two boys about five and six, so Kurt decides to cross to the other side of the road. He’s singing, where do bad folk go when they die, they don’t go to heaven where the angels fly.

Now say hello to Eddie. He’s heading from the north to south and yes, on his trail is an Aboriginal girl. She is pushing a pram and has two boys aged five and six. This time Eddie is singing, stop me stop me stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

The two boys meet at our convenience store, buy food and wave their wands over the ATM card receiver at the same time. Essentially Kurt is quite abrasive with the flint. Eddie is sleeping like a baby. The match when you strike it with the flint lights. The only other thing you need is oxygen. In blackfella accent, ‘make a fire.’ The wands, when they’re tapped, go into the back of The Book of Spells. The only other thing is the separation of the wands when they’re re-grouped, making the magic extremely powerful.


Carla is a school teacher. She and Wasim, Carla’s boyfriend and co-guardian, have adopted a child. The child isn’t a child anymore; in fact Brian just did his Year Ten final exam and Carla was called up to the school counsellor because, well, he had spent the entire maths, science, geography exams writing stories. 



Chapter 1 - part sample


The Goodbye 


‘Good morning, Miss Mathews, I’m Mrs Prior.’ They shook hands. ‘The reason why I’ve called you up is I want you to see what Brian is getting up to instead of maths, science and geography.’

‘Is it bad? What do you mean?’

‘What’s his relationship like with his grandfather?’

‘My father passed away when I was fourteen so their paths never crossed.’

‘The thing is, Miss Mathews…’

‘Please call me Carla.’ She was looking dazed and frustrated.

‘I have had two girls come to me and say they were with Brian intimately one night and been ignored the next day. Well, I’ll put the USB stick in and you can see for yourself.’


Banana man

4th February 2011 he opened the hatches from an in-ground shelter. Cyclone Yasi had just been and gone. Eric’s ute was there but not the barn around him. He filled his bag with what he needed. Bananas were decaying all around him, matter on the ground. Now he fired up the F100 Ford and made a beeline to the only town he could think that had bananas – Coffs Harbour. He drove all day and night till he got to the Gold Coast. He found a place to stay on Surfers Paradise. Perhaps some cocaine and a working girl for the night but Eric was more interested in getting some sleep. By the next day he was breaking out in a cold sweat. He passed a sign: one way, Mullumbimby, Nimbin the other. He screamed, ‘Somebody help me.’

He cooled off with a little conversation with himself:

‘Look, horses.’ ‘Oh, horses.’ ‘That’s right and look, those moo cows are getting ready to be milked,’ just to quiet himself down. ‘If we could get to Grafton we could roll a joint with a jacaranda flower, does that sound better, Eric?’

‘Yes, I thought so.’

As he got attuned with engine he didn’t stop in Grafton, had a big game of I Spy, but after a while he just forgot about bananas, forgot till the sign said Welcome to Coffs Harbour and saw the Big Banana. He pulled off to a fruit and veg market on the side of the road. He picked a dozen bananas, six ripe, six ready to be ripe. He took refuge in a motel on the beach. He was shaking so much he couldn’t peel. He smelt it then bit into the banana – three chomps down he was back so he peeled anther as if a women was going to climax. The cold sweat dried, he got on the toilet and defecated, oh did he defecate. He had nothing to do so he sat there awhile. Eric Banana man loved himself again.


By six that night Eric walked up the road to Joe Bananas night club. Things were just getting started. As he smiled at the doorman it was one half of Bananas in Pyjamas. B1 walked in to see B2 serving at the bar. He ordered a banana smoothie and knocked the froth of the top of his glass. There were only three others there until this banana beauty walked in. She had spots on her legs so she was ripe. As Strawberry Fields Forever was being played Eric unpeeled her with his eyes and made a move. ‘Excuse me, would you like to dance?’

‘I guess so.’

When Eric heard this he got the feeling she had been bruised before or something like that. Then Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” came on as the pace quickened.

‘Do you come here often?’

‘Ever since Nick the dike dropped me. what about you?’

‘My land got whipped out; I have had a banana dependence thing.’

‘You do look kind of bent, now I know why.’

The next song was ‘The Tree of Love’ by Gangajang. As they swayed from side to side they sat back down together. They bought each other a drink as Belinda said that her father owned a plantation and that he would be welcome as Bananarama played ‘It’s a Blue Summer’ on the sub-woofer sound system. By this time the place was crowded so Belinda said, ‘Want to go out for a banana?’ to which Eric said, ‘I’m in with the right crowd.’

They peeled then Belinda said, ‘It’s a beautiful night to be under the stars.’

Eric said, ‘The moonlight is reflecting on your face it resonates and shimmers and shines.’

The southerly kicked in and the ocean crashed into land as they walked along the beach till they got to the motel. When Belinda peeled she revealed the most toned long white shiny legs. She laughed at the bend in Eric’s banana.


The counsellor said, ‘See what I mean? He’s here but he’s not, Carla.’

Carla said, ‘But the thing is with Brian we haven’t had an ounce of trouble grooming him for life. This is the only thing that I could think of to be of concern with Brian in the seven years me and Wasim have been looking after him.’

‘Wait, there’s more.’




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