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A living modern day Tahirih, Starr* Saffa was born in Seattle, Washington, USA, mid-last century. She has travelled extensively doing humanitarian work an undertaking ethnographic studies.

Starr* says, It’s about time that humanity realizes that in 1844 the Christ Spirit returned as promised but in a female body with her twin, the Bab.”

Tahirih’s main teaching is that the inner prompting of the heart is the highest truth. This is the time for everyone to own their own Christ Spirit within as we move into a more balanced civilization

Tahirih Thealogy rips the veil off the premise by most world religions (including Baha’i) that Messengerhood is a bonding of a male God with a male Manifestation. Ms Saffa produces a joyful reconfiguration of that notion and raises the banner of Spiritual Feminism through an enlightening array of historical examples and spiritual research.”

Ken Haley, Writer. Eugene, Oregon, USA

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Author: Starr* Saffa 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2005
Language: English





O Precious Soul!

Know we stand in armies to work through thee, to give

messages from above through thy fingers that thou mayest sing

the praises from heaven to the world of matter. Long have we

worked through thee as thy heart receives our melody and

instruction, but now it is time for you to step out more boldly and

thus you must pen our messages and distribute them through

airwaves and ether to the people.

We raised you from your slumber with the striking of three

bells so you would recognize our presence. You have hearkened

to our call so that our wafting may become known. We hear the

beating of your heart with the love for us and the divine message

and thus we dust your heart-strings with the finest of feathers so

the messages shall shine clear and evident. Do not question your

worthiness or fear your will, will not be our will because the

purity of your intention is known in the kingdom on high.

You have already been entrusted with true understanding of

our hidden mystery. You cried to us from your innermost being

for equality, justice, understanding, and the discovery of mystery

and thus the knowledge was imprinted first in your heart then in

your mind that it may find its way into the world, gladdening those who have an ear.

The most glad tiding is that this is the time for balance of

male and female principles and thus the thrones of the Lord at

the beginning of this cycle have been two-winged (the Bab and

Tahirih) and their essence will continue to be with us as the

continuous flow of revelations gushes forth opening the sixth

cycle. You and your beloved friend are two such souls that are

living proofs of our truth. Do not fear, we are near, and we hear

your heart strings which we feed with the most deliciously sweet

and bitter-stinging fruits so that you are instruments for the

needs of the day.

Know clearly that the spirit you hold has seen the hidden

mystery in the Will of the Bab, that indeed Tahirih was his other

half in revelation, and that together their messages comprise one

message from the Wondrous Holy Maiden of glory and splendor.

His noble self provides the wisdom of the structure, hidden in

sporadic dispersion and language with irregularities, while her

wisdom of inspiration, knowledge, and clarity of mind complete

the two and give one completed wisdom. It is He and She that

now beat in your hearts, permeate in your sanctified minds, and

sing in your writings, as you are our voice, one voice in the ever advancing

of divine realities. She and He have always been from

the beginning and always will be. We praise and extol the pure

hearted who bear the message and name you in their name.

Never fear the shortcomings of your persons for we are mighty to

help you overcome limitations, ye who are willing. We have told

you in clear terms that you must be a teacher under no one’s

shadow, and your other wing must not be in your shadow, but

together and independently you comprise one truth. Do not cavil

on this any longer.

The night season is fast enveloping the earth to give rise to a

new dawn. You have pondered long and hard with a pure heart

the reason for the revelation of Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri

(Baha’u’llah) and its fall in what seems to you to be the time of

need. The wisdom you already know and we will explain it to you

here once more so that you no longer need concern yourself with

this matter other than to explain it to the people. At the time of

our call the people were in darkness and we sought to bring them

into the first glimmerings of light so they could meet their

counterparts throughout the world and move collectively into the

sun. This has always been a transitory and preparatory period.

Therefore, we created the greater eternal plan and the lesser plan

which Baha’u’llah demanded to be the carrier of and took title.

His appropriation of Babism was never our wish. However,

through his pen the Holy Maid created the lesser plan and

greater eternal plan so that East could meet West and Our

message would become global knowledge prior to the beginning

of the Sixth Sun. The Holy Maid shrieked and Her Maidens

wailed at what would befall vain and inglorious holders of the

lesser plan and gave warning that She would call it back to

Heaven with only the truths of the greater eternal plan living,

whereby the meek inherit the earth.

Like Tahirih and the Bab, you and your friend are gates

closing the lesser plan and trumpet blasts announcing the eternal

plan of the Sixth Sun. Do not waiver, do not despair. The wrong

doings of the insincere are being made known; yet remember,

they, by their own demands, became sacrifices and carriers of the

divine will in the darkness before the dawn of the Sixth Sun.

Know that their purpose is multi-fold. If those filled with the

vanity of their own longings did not exist, how would sincerity

and truth become distinguished from insincerity? This is the

time for that which has been hidden to be made known. Expose

the misdeeds, praise the deeds, and do not vilify this servant, for

in spite of himself he was blessed with Her Voice at times, as

were many in his fold.

In the Will and Testament of the Bab, he mentions two who

are Throne Carriers, one male and the other female. As you

discerned, with understanding of the syntactical grammar of the

Bab, The One Whom God Will Make Manifest’ are One, male

and female components. This knowledge must become known

among the peoples so they may know wholeness.

Trust yourself and trust Us for we are with thee. Take some

rest for yourself and we will continue to impart messages to your

heart and mind, and more will be revealed. We close now with

living love from our place behind the veil.

Penned by Starr* Saffa, March 2004 

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