There was a time where kings fought alongside their countrymen in war. A time when myths, legends and fantasies were born. This was the time of the Swordcallers. Every two generations a chosen child is born within a few selected villages. The child would grow to become a warrior – a Swordcaller.  

The story follows Tulen, a seventeen-year-old king, and ruler of the majestic Phoenix Crater. At first he was pressured to wed before his eighteenth birthday, after his father, the great King Galaxys, abdicated the throne relinquishing all its qualities to him at the mere age of fourteen. However, on the other side of the protective crater mountains, a shadow of his father’s past was about to creep back into his life.  

The Gargose captured Tulen, taking him to their evil dwelling, the Kingdom of Slaughter . Hope was not lost, when a long-loved friend and ally to the young king rescued him, by sacrificing herself and urging him to find and reunite the Swordcallers for what might be the final time.  

Carrying out her wishes Tulen escaped his enemy, realizing his destiny as a Swordcaller. He set out to find the others, finding love, while searching far and wide to seek out, rescue and uncover the mysteries of his world – some were better off forgotten.

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Genre:  Fiction




Author: Nicolle Dinn
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2006
Language: English


about the author    

Nicolle Dinn was born in 1987 and raised on the Gold Coast of Australia. She currently lives in the beautiful Tallebudgera Valley with her family, being the second eldest of four girls. Together they have three border collies, two horses, numerous pet birds and a cat called Yue.  

Graduating from St Andrews Lutheran College in 2004, Nikki had already written most of her first story. In early 2005 Nikki was accepted into Griffith University , to study a Bachelor of Science degree. Nikki deferred her studies for six months to stay with her grandparents, Glenice and Geoff Parsonage, in Melbourne . They introduced her to a new outlook on life. She worked at a local bakery, and also as an administration assistant with the great people at Gandel Retail Management.  

Her passion for sport includes karate, in which she holds a blue belt.  

She entered the new year of 2006 with the news that her dream book was to be published.

Chapter 1  

The Warning    

Day 16: Month of the Spirit


The sun began to slowly rise in the east, flushing pink hues across the sky. Tulen rose from his bed and sleepily walked over to his desk. Taking a piece of parchment he began to write down the duties for yet another day. Tulen scratched his head trying to wake himself up. He lit a candle on the desk from an overhead lantern. The light bounced off his golden hair as he lowered his dark brown eyes to concentrate on the task at hand.

He reached for the quill, a coucal tail feather, dipping the tip into a small pot of ink. He began to scribble down his duties, involving topics on issues to tell the council and festivity preparations for his kingdom the next day. There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Tulen granted, still facing the piece of parchment. Tulen had been brought up in the proper way, speaking and writing in a way that depicted his classical upbringing of race and position in the royal family.

“Good morning Your Highness. Your father wishes to speak with you,” said the servant, dressed in his own bed robes, as if he too had just been woken.

“Alright I’ll be there soon. Tell him to stay put. Thank you.” Tulen waved his hand dismissing the servant. He began to scribble down a short life story about himself; he had been distracted by the servant and wanted to stall for time before he had to see his father.  

In two days, my kingdom will hold celebrations in honour of the Spirit of the blue moon. I am glad to see that my father, King Galaxys, the post king of the Phoenix Crater, is showing signs of some brief release from his deteriorating condition.

My father handed me the ruling chair and neck garment two years ago when I was just one deca and four moon cycles. My twin brothers, Tyrynx and Tai-Ki-Ti-Chi are younger than I, and have taken up the prince chairs beside me. The distance between our ages is about one deca. Unfortunately, my father was only able to see them for three years … King Galaxys is now blind. How it happened so suddenly and without any physical cause, I do not know. But some say that with his blindness came a gift … He had spoken of a dream where he saw a girl falling off a cliff, caught by an angel created from the dust of the earth and not that of the sky, for his wings were a golden brown. He never explained it fully, only to say that in a battle with the Gargorse creatures – our kingdom’s greatest enemy –- he was struck across the eyes by the chief creature, using their devilish enchanted staff. Since then he’s been blind. Father has sent word for me to see him in his chambers...  

Another knock came from the door, “Alright, I’m coming!” said Tulen, standing up quickly, pushing his chair over onto the floor. Tulen put a silk robe around his shoulders and followed the servant up the spiralling staircase. They reached the floor only to find the entrance guarded by the last of his father’s loyal men. Tulen stood in front of them and cleared his throat. Stepping aside they opened the large carved door, their faces expressionless.

Inside King Galaxys awaited his son, imprisoned in his silk and Kakachi pelt bed. Hearing Tulen’s entrance into the room, the old king ceased conversation with his good friend and wizard Nilrem. With the slightest gesture of his hand, the young king bowed and stepped forward to sit on the bedside, the way he used to before his father abdicated his role of king, giving it and all responsibilities to his oldest son. In these days of weakening, Tulen’s father had light grey hair kept short on the fringe; his once strong, blue eyes, speckled with gold, were reduced to a faint milky blur of white.

He wished to talk to his eldest son, but now his once proud and brave words were reduced to whispers from the back of his throat. The young king leant forward to hear the first part of the old king’s message. “This may be the last time you get to see and talk to me in this form.” Ill-sounded coughs followed. Tulen blinked away the possibilities of the meaning to his father’s words, but in his heart Tulen knew the meaning was a warning. The young king felt his blood beginning to run cold with fear.

When Galaxys calmed down, Tulen leant down, and ever so quietly his father whispered, “He’s coming. He will return.” Galaxys raised his weary hands feeling the gentle touch of his son’s golden hair, most likely trying to remember the brown eyes that made him smile every time he looked down at his son when he was just a lad. However, the two ‘he’s’ Galaxys mentioned, were two different sources of life, the king always spoke in riddle-like phrases.

Tulen looked at Nilrem searching for an answer, the wizard nodded with a stern expression on his face. Tulen bowed as he backed away to the closed door. Turning at the door, Tulen reached to open it. An eerie feeling filled the room as he reached out for the handle. Hearing something stir behind him, Tulen looked over his shoulder.

To his surprise, he saw his father standing on his bed, glowing, whilst looking down and across at his son. Tulen saw poor Nilrem lying fallen on his rump, his hands covering his mouth with an astonished look of disbelief in his eyes. Instantly Tulen knew that this was no magic of Nilrem’s. His father levitated towards him in the air, like a puppet on a string. At face-to-face distance he said, “Watch your shadow.”

“I can assure you Father that my shadow remains stitched to my feet,” assured Tulen winking an eye at Nilrem. Tulen smiled approvingly trying to hide his fear for the sudden event. The young king bowed and turned again.

“Don’t go out, Tulen King of the Phoenix Crater. Or else you’ll meet your end!” Galaxys shouted, and in that brief moment, his once young and powerful voice had returned. Tulen did not turn around. Instead he went for the handle. Moments before touching the cool brass, Tulen felt the impact of his father’s once-reigning hand strike the back of his neck.

Tulen’s vision was blacking out as he fell. With the last shimmer of light, Tulen saw Nilrem scrambling quickly over to assist. The last thing the young king heard was his heart beating in his ears and the scream of a girl somewhere off in the distance.  

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