Not to debase the word ‘cretin’ from its medical origins so many years ago, it now has its roots in the insulting like ‘idiot’, ‘moron’, ‘imbecile’ and so on, used daily in our all so political neat blanket of life. So all you politically correct  people, don't bother knockin' ‘cause I ain’t  answerin'. 

As for our youth – our local school principal says, "The children now tell us what they want to do when it should be our job to guide and   instruct them." 

The modern practices of our youths; such as 'mini vodka enemas' to induce a quick, cheap high, are beyond comprehension wouldn't you say?  So, if the youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow, who then has influenced them regarding morality, honesty, integrity, loyalty,   respect and most importantly, humanity and humility? Who or what will sustain them? The media? Irresponsible parents? Inane politicians? Rancid business practices?  

The media beat-up in the last decade have predicted the end of our days repeatedly with their talk of comet collisions, climate change, Y2 fear mongering, plagues and pestilence. 

Maladroit media and their influence in our daily lives is our true nightmare. Unfortunately, evolution has moulded humanity to  continually compare ourselves to others and thus, the consequences; envy and hate. The outcome – our Armageddon. 

Let's see if we can dent the shell of this narcissistic, insidious dogma, and slow our descent down the path to perdition. 

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Author: Mark A. Bruhwiller
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English




While this book could be described as morose by many, let me say, as I do again towards the end, that many, many people in the industries and professions described in the forwarding chapters are terrific at what they do and/or set out to accomplish, honestly and with integrity.

The problem is too many are not.

I first used the term ‘chronic cretinism’ when I wrote a book on the motor industry some time ago which, I believed at the time (and still do), is the epitome of bad form when it comes to chronic cretinism.

Where did I get this expression? To tell the truth, I’m not too sure. But I can tell you the meaning of chronic cretinism straight from an old Collins ‘Linguistic Wordmaster’ dictionary; a habitual imbecile who is irredeemably idiotic.

 Also, I will use nouns like ‘fool’, ‘halfwit’, ‘idiot’, ‘moron’, ‘dolt’, ‘thickhead’ et cetera, so as not to be too monotonous in my descriptions of the said asinine individuals invading our precious space. Space, which I might add, is shrinking as I endeavour to put this tome together.

I would like to think I invented the expression ‘chronic cretinism’ as an insult, but alas I didn’t, even though my partner said I came up with this euphemism some years back – I’m being altruistic in using ‘euphemism’ in my descriptions here and previously in my book on the hawkish motor industry. 

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, does it? And my apologies to whoever first used it, however, it doesn’t alter the fact that they live and thrive among us, although the prolific members of cretinism seem to fall into the 10 to 70 age group. I guess prior to, and after this age, life is innocent or getting close to ending with the positive lessons of life cemented into our psyche.

Chronic cretinism starts at an early age when two cretins are joined to breed other cretins (although, let me state here and now most cretins are not born that way, but are nurtured into cretinism).

When I penned my first book I honestly believed I could change the motor trade for the better and save the ordinary person money, grief and possibly save a life or two. I may have achieved something positive somewhere along the line but I have yet to see a result for myself.

It gave me great joy when someone actually approached me for advice when purchasing a car. Yet it absolutely floored me when they didn’t take the advice I generously handed out (free of charge) and they procured a lemon ... cretins.

Too bad really, as it wasn’t a shabby effort for a first time writer I think (and have been told).  I have even had some media coverage, but that’s another story, as I will tell you later.

 So here I go again but before we get into it, I want to let you know what you are in for.  More precisely, we will go from birth to death and along the way I will introduce you to all of humanity’s cretins and you can see for yourself how this flotsam/jetsam of society (many in positions of authority) affect our lives, the lives of your children and other loved ones.

See if you are one of them. After all, you have a good chance of being a cretin, or you will definitely know a few. Yes, that’s right, many people roaming our world fit into the cretin category, and/or potential cretin categories – however, don’t despair. Cretinism is curable. Chronic cretinism is not.

Are you a bully at home, in the workplace, in the schoolyard, on the street, behind the wheel of a car? Are you an abuser – physically, mentally, monetarily? Are you a self-abuser? Do you lie for a living? You can look at those on the lower rungs of the respectability ladder insofar as jobs are concerned and see for yourself.

Are you just a mean bastard or bitch who puts yourself and your own interests above all other things? Are you loud, rude and obnoxious? I think I have been guilty of some of the misdeeds mentioned. Actually – I know I have!

Do you backstab your friends and colleagues? Do you steal from them? Are you a thief scurrying around in the night like a rat? Then a rat you are and a chronic cretin to boot.

Religion aside and I mean religion aside, look at the seven deadly sins – most of them are just plain narcissistic and stoic in their view of cretinistic humanity. Greed, sloth, envy, pride (although there’s nothing wrong with some pride in your home and own appearance), anger (some anger is warranted I’m sure in certain situations), lust (well I’m no moralist, just keep it among yourselves at home and don’t force yourself on others – such as rapists, libertines and child molesters), and gluttony (don’t know too many of them), though gorging oneself could be seen either as a disease or just plain foolishness.

Lots more I’m thinking of are related to the environment, pollution, profit before people, false advertising, drug production (legal and illegal). I’m sure there are natural and inexpensive cures out there for diseases that are already known to drug companies but they withhold them for fear of cutting into company profits or panicking CEOs and shareholders. This same situation exists with the big oil producers when it comes to alternative fuels and fuel-saving devices. Car manufacturers are still dragging the chain by building inefficient autos. Hmm, oil companies and auto makers – a match made in hell, now about to pay for their sins.

More on corporate mismanagement and religion later.


A Preamble Ramble


In an email I sent to the Prime Minister’s office to see if I could sneak myself into the Australia 2020 Summit on the future of this country (knowing full well that this was delusional on my behalf) I did stumble upon the idea that cretinism and chronic cretinism have nested itself into the very fabric of our lives, especially in persons who hold positions of authority.

The email was limited to 500 rushed words (somewhat badly written); it at least touches upon the very real problems we face now and in the future. So while it does point a finger at those people in positions of trust, it also delivers an insight into what I am trying to accomplish here.


Posted 6 March 2008

As small business and the family are the backbone of this great, vast country I feel this is the main topic to be discussed, especially since this government has come to power. Obviously 80%, or thereabouts, of our population toil for less than a six-figure annual salary, and supports the family. They pay way too much for petrol considering the vast distances travelled to obtain employment, schooling and other obligations necessary to live from day to day. Invariably a second car is required to maintain an orderly life.

While the banks act on behalf of shareholders, who acts on behalf of the low/middle income family whose backs are continually against the wall?

Who acts on behalf of the small business owner who, usually and more often than not, is an employer, taxpayer, purchaser, future self-funded retiree, mortgage slave etc., when they are forced to the wall by stoic, obtuse and insipidly-minded multi nationals who manipulate the market place in regard to business rentals, grocery and produce?

These poor souls are thrown onto the scrap heap at the expense of the government and taxpayer and end up no longer a functioning part of society. Many have walked away from their homes and businesses while banks and multinational lessors continue to show an indifference to them.

Tighter control in a freefalling, winner-take-all, uncaring and hubris mentality the banks, multinational and petrol companies would be a good start.

Give some teeth (actually they should grow some teeth) to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) as they only contribute to problems within the community by not performing the tasks they are paid the big bucks for.

Stress within families caused by financial pressures lead to broken families, drug and alcohol problems, and single parenting lead to uncontrollable rampant violence and abuse within the teen community – hence, a strain on the community as a whole.

Having stated all this, it is now up to the government to implement changes to support us here by making our elected representatives more accountable. No excuses, especially as states are politically in line with the federal government.

Community and philanthropic organisations endeavour to implement change and are all okay but this will be negated without federal, state and local support.

A fair day’s wage (with benefits already fought for and won by our forefathers) should be law. No sidestepping this whatsoever.


This continues, noting landlords have a responsibility to maintain the status quo (and not just see the dollar sign) by having tax concessions available to them. This helps tenants in their time of need instead of knocking them over like tenpins ready for the next poor souls to rock up knocking on their doors.

Have you noticed I have touched on a few chapters (noted in the foreword section of this book) with this initial correspondence?

I just wanted to allow you to see that I was heading in the direction I have taken in writing this prior to actually sitting down and thrashing it out.

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