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Rudi’s latest book ‘Spirituality’ contains a lot of

information that could change the perceptive faculty

of a person to a spiritual thinking and hence bring

inner peace. An open mind is naturally necessary to

even begin such a process. I recommend strongly

reading Rudi’s book attentively and listening to the

inner voice that will tell you what step to take.

In one word it is a waking up call.

Good luck!

Terry Armstrong



“This is a most interesting and  thought provoking book.” …...Duncan Roads , NEXUS Magazine 

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-27-3    
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 126
Genre: Non Fiction/Spiritual


Author: Rudi Stiebritz
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2011
Language: English



1. Introduction

Today, the 17th October, 2009, I was sitting all day at home doing some painting, a little writing, watching TV and feeling, in general, bored. About 11.00 p.m. came the idea into my head to write down the spiritual experiences I had in my life. This is not to make something out of me, but to let people know about it, in order that it may help someone to realize there is something on the other side of our third dimensional existence which is much more important.

It is an outstanding event to be reborn as a human. The human form only is equipped to advance to higher dimensions. (See Five Elements later) Therefore, we should put all our efforts in life to increase our spiritual knowledge. However, the majority of people do exactly the opposite and strive for earthly goods only. (See Five Poisons later) They are completely blinded by the negative forces and never get out of the round of rebirth into the third dimension. We are supposed to be the image of God, (see the Bible) so act accordingly and wake up from that negative dream the human race has slumbered in for millennia. The opportunity is here and now. It is an important date in the human history and occurred never before so dramatic and opportunistic.

Why is this so important? This is in connection with the earth changes coming up in the near future. Well, there are many predictions, from an Irish bishop in the tenth century, to Nostradamus etc. that talk about the end of the world. The Mayan calendar finishes on the same date. All these point to the end of the year 2012.

There is, however, a more important factor to consider in relation to that mysterious date, and that is the changeover of galactic months combined with beginning of a new galactic year. So what is this mysterious galactic year?  



The Galactic Year

At the present we are going through the changeover from the Piscean to the Aquarian age, or from the age of Kali into the Golden Age. This is a time of tremendous changes. Through the earth’s rotation, the circling of the moon around the earth and the earth’s elliptic run around the sun, our lives are subject to reasonable, short time cycles. So, we have day and night from the earth’s rotation, the moon’s circulation presents us with the twelve lunar months and the earth’s rotation around the sun, the year of 365 days. Philosophy, according to the order of nature, says everything finds its place: as above, so below; as in the large, so in the small; and, as in the Macro Cosmos, so in the Micro Cosmos.

As our planets, with their moons in an equal rotation, but on ground of their different distances from the sun, continue their different circuits and repeat them regularly, so rotates our sun system in an enormous elliptical circuit around the Great Central Sun (called the Black Sun of ancient myth) of our galaxy that we call the Milky Way.

As our sun year is divided into twelve months according to the moon circulation – the twelve signs of the zodiac in astrology – so is the rotation of our sun system around the Great Central Sun of our galaxy divided into the same twelve signs, but here, one galactic month has the duration of 2155 of our earth years. That gives the galactic year a time span of about 25 860 years.

These small cycles around the sun have a fairly big influence on our life; they not only create the four seasons of the year, but also influence our feelings, health and strength.

Therefore it is self-evident that the much bigger cycles of 2155 years of our galaxy with their different cosmic vibrations and the various planetarian power centres have a similar effect on all life on our planet Earth.  

At each new galactic year occurs dramatic changes. Here follows an attempt to explain them a little more.

The Pisces is, from the astrological point of view, a water sign. The Bible and Christianity dominated the Age of Pisces without doubt with its baptism by water, crosses and fishes.

The galleys, the discovery of the world’s oceans, the sailing ships, the invention of the steam engine, steam ships etc. all belong in that age. To express a characterization of that age in the spiritual it could be best formulated, as ‘I believe’ .

With the start of the change into the new Age of Aquarius (an air sign), a widening of knowledge sets in, bringing us the simple flying machines extending to space travel.

With the start of the exploration of the cosmos, a deeper and higher understanding of our image of God will result, and with a cosmic-perception-based religiosity. This new knowledge changes from the old characterization of, ’I believe’ into the new one, ‘I know’. Leftovers of the old cosmic perceptions and knowledge remain in some old customs like the sun dance of the Indians, in the celebration of the solstice of our forefathers, etc.

The change of cosmic months from the age of the weakest (Piscean) into the age of the strongest (Aquarian) that takes place at the moment lasts for a duration of 168 years.

The vibrations of the old one change slowly into the vibes of the new age. This change we are now in is, according to the Templars, an extraordinarily strong one, because it is also the start of a new cosmic year. The zodiac signs of the galaxy run in the reverse order to our solar ones. At the midpoint of the 168 years a special ray was supposed to reach earth. The date the Templars calculated was the 4th of February, 1962.

The changed cosmic ray’s influence on the human race creates new mental directions and a change in the mental attitude that brings consequently drastic changes and also, in the worldview be they political, economical or in the view of power. These can hardly proceed without warlike or revolutionary struggles.

(Look at the changes [New galactic month] that set in with the downfall of the Roman Empire and the following Dark Age in Europe. About the same time a standstill in culture occurred in the Far East. [Standstill is equivalent to regression])  


At the moment we just left the radiations of the star sign Pisces, which has the lowest vibrations of the twelve constellations and we entered the Aquarius, which has the highest of all. The vibrations of the Pisces for instance, correspond to infrared with 15 trillion vibrations per second, whereas the Aquarius vibrations correspond to the ultraviolet with 75 trillion per second. This means we have to absorb five times as much in the future.

These changes from the weakest to the strongest star sign are more dramatized through the simultaneous occurrence of the new galactic year. (At the last galactic year changes the continent of Lemuria was destroyed.)

Another consideration has to be made here also and that concerns the pole shifts.

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