It usually takes a life-changing event to make us stop and re-evaluate just how we are living our lives and what we are striving for. After being hit by a road train, my daughter and I walked away unscathed. The 'if only's' haunted me for weeks but what ! couldn't explain away was the feeling that someone else was in the car with me that day and it was they who slowed the car down even though 1 couldn't find the brakes. My search to find this someone else has led me to writing this book. Once you open your mind to all that is really out there, you will find your whole outlook irreversibly changed.

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Author:   Margaret Me
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2005
Language: English



 Margaret is my name. ‘Me’ is who I am.  

What do I mean about ‘smiling up bigtime?’ It is when you are unquestioningly, unconditionally happy. When you’re standing there watching and enjoying something with the biggest, silliest grin across your face. You’re body is relaxed and open. You’re mind is in the now. You aren’t aware of anything else around you; except for what is giving you pleasure. Your smile dances in your eyes and radiates across your face. You are revelling in this feeling of sheer joy and for a brief time, nothing else matters. This is ‘smiling up bigtime’.    

What brings this about you wonder? How do I know when I’m smiling like that? How do you get to feel like that? Well, it might be seeing your lover after a week apart. It might be an old friend you’ve bumped into again after the longest time. It might be watching a child at play or your teenager accepting their first trophy. It might be looking up to the sky and seeing an eagle on the wing. Or the antics of a puppy as it plays on the grass. It might be witnessing some intensely funny or profound thing, or recalling a hilarious conversation. While you are involved in this event, or your mind is replaying it over, you are unaware of your body language. Unaware of the joy and peace of the energy that surrounds you. Others notice it though and that’s why they smile back at you, even though they’ve no idea why.    

These and a myriad of events in our lives tend to pass us by. Or if we notice them, we don’t pay them their rightful homage, the sheer joy of experiencing. Because we feel tired, because we had a late night, are stressed or feeling off color. These things and more, cause us to miss some of the most beautiful things in this life, which is why feeling good is the first step toward ‘smiling up bigtime’.    

The universe consists of energy that flows through our lives and affects us in unique and surprising ways. There are three parts that make up us as individuals. Our body, our mind and our soul or spirit. Our body is the physical vessel that our soul inhabits as we walk this earth. Our mind is the data bank where information and experience is stored, which we draw on, as we need it. Our soul is our energy; the core of our being that directs us on our journey, our purpose in this life.    

So to feel good and have energy you must address these three aspects of your being. One is to look after and nurture your body by feeding it natural foods and moisture, tending it like a treasured garden.      

Secondly, You have to know your own mind. To know what it is you want from this life and how to go about achieving it. You have to find the courage to question the conditioning of today’s society, about which does not feel right to you or what you believe in. It’s voicing your opinion about things that you believe to be true.    

Thirdly, is to worship your soul; to treat it like an honored guest. To feed it the energy it needs to take you on your life’s journey. This is your soul’s purpose and to feel fulfilled and joyous in this life, you need to find out what it is. This book is an introduction towards taking care of your body, opening up your mind and listening to your soul, nurturing your soul, probably for the very first time.     

There are many wonderful books I have read that have influenced my words, but more importantly, they have given me the answers or explained things that I have long agonised over or questioned in my life. To find the truth is shocking, but to then accept it, is liberating. For me, it has removed the bonds of convention and the chains of conditioning that I believe has caused the grief that’s followed me most of my life. As an individual on my own personal journey, I am sharing with you experiences and explanations I have come across over the years that make sense to me about the way the life should be.    

In my research it has become apparent that those of us who have had some life changing experience, be it an accident, illness, near death experience or some other monumentous event, find that we are not satisfied with how our lives are going. We step back and take a look at what we are really working and living for. Most of us find our current life’s direction unfulfilling so that is when our search begins. This book is to guide you on that path.     

I was hit by a truck, literally. How I walked away was a miracle. I spent weeks dwelling on the ‘what ifs’. But what I couldn’t deny was the feeling of something else in the car with me that day; something that slowed the car down when I couldn’t find the brakes. Whatever it was saved my daughter’s and my life. Up till then I had always been drawn to spiritual shops and literature. In fact I have books that I have carried with me for twenty years or more. It was only after this accident that I finally sat down to read them. That day I began seeking my own ‘truth’. This book is about my search.    

I have written seven chapters, each of them about generalisations that will make you ask your own questions and from those questions, spur on your own search for the truth. Hey, it is only a beginning. You picking up and reading my book is a beginning, and if anything I have written will help you in anyway, then I am achieving my life’s purpose.   

Good luck with yours.  

Margaret Me

CHAPTER ONE (part sample)


Feeling good, so we’re looking good!    


Your body must feel good for you to look good. So taking care of your body is the beginning of your quest. Remember it is the physical body, which carries us through this life. It is the physical body that determines how much of our life we really live. If your body is not feeling good, then your quality of life is hindered. You’re not able to participate in all the joys that the universe sends us. Being of sound mind and body is only part of the equation though. We can be looking good, yet still not be fulfilled. Nurturing our soul is the basis of our being. The universe works through our soul to guide and protect us during our journey.    

Today’s society and conditioning makes it very difficult to shed the chains that bind us. They inhibit us from reaching out and believing. Shedding these restraints is a liberating joy. Embracing the universe and all it’s glory is an endless power for all to have. So let’s start with feeling good because this is first step towards ‘smiling up bigtime’.    

There are many poisons, chemicals and toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. These build up in our bodies, and then once they reach toxic levels, mutate our cells, which cause disease. Now I know it is impossible to escape most of the above, but we can go along way towards reducing the toxic levels in our systems by eating unprocessed food, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of fresh air to nourish our body and help it eliminate these toxins.    

Exercise is another important factor. I know every self-help book goes on about exercise. But exercise oxygenates our blood, which our heart then pumps through our bodies, which in turn, helps to flush the toxins from our cells. Always carry water with you too. As you walk, step out! Lengthen your stride and draw your body upwards. Suck in your stomach, push out your chest and try to touch your shoulder blades together. Immediately you will look slimmer and taller. Do this whenever you walk, up the stairs, along the footpath or into a room. Catch a look at yourself in a mirror or a window. You will be surprised at how slim you appear and the benefits to your posture will be enormous. Just walking for a half an hour 3-4 times a week is all that is needed to begin with and you will find that as you unload your body of toxins, you will have more energy, which in turn makes exercise easier.    

I suppose you’d like me to mention that you will lose weight too, and of course you will if your diet and exercise regime has been less than satisfactory. As your body tones and you feed it the right foods, fat will decrease because your body will attack that first. It is the fat cells, which store the toxins.  

Of course it’s hard to get motivated, especially after a hard day at work. But think about it. What better way to work off all that frustration and stress, than go for a good, brisk walk! Go for a walk on the worst day of your week. Go when you feel so damn tired you can’t put one foot in front of the other. Go when you are so stressed, that you don’t know which way to turn. If you push yourself, force yourself to go, it will be the first most important battle you have won. I know for most of us, it will be a hell of a fight. But know this! We are thinking of everyone else who is doing the same as ourselves, so we are not alone. We are all cheering each other on. Once you have mastered this, the battle will be won and exercise will become an important part of your day.    

Next, start your day with a big drink of water. Do this before your first cuppa or at least half an hour before eating breakfast. This helps by flushing your kidneys of the toxins deposited there by your blood during the night. Then go on drinking water, lots of it, all day. You might pee heaps to start with, but take notice of the color of your urine. Is it clear or deep yellow? You should drink enough water each day that your urine ends up being clear. Then you know you’ve drunk what your body needs. Then continue this on, everyday, for the rest of your life. Although it is best to drink spring water, water out the tap is better than nothing.  

You will notice the benefits of this within a week. Your skin will become clearer, your eyes brighter, and your hair shinier. You might even have the beginnings of a bounce in your step, which heralds the return of feeling good. A word of warning though, it is always advisable when undertaking anything new, that you do so with the knowledge of your doctor and have a check up first, though this is entirely up to you. Most people want to get fit before they go to a doctor. Drinking too much water can also be detrimental to your body, so rule of thumb is 8 x 250 ml glasses a day.

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