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David Lewis, former Navy clearance diver, one-time screw and bouncer, is kidnapped by unknown persons. His lover, ex-Federal police officer, Rachel Dawes, has to call on the help of the only person she can – Steven James Forbes, career criminal and probable psychopath. The two travel to David’s farm, Tobin’s River Run, at the foot of Mt Seaview in Port Macquarie’s hinterland, to see what they can ascertain about David’s disappearance, finding the main bedroom a blood-covered mess. 

The kidnappers contact them and make their demands. Rachel and Steve begin the machinations to get David back unscathed. But things don’t go easy when they find that David’s kidnappers are a band of Australian-born, radicalised Muslim bad boys who are hell-bent on wreaking havoc in Australia. This brings two other players onto the scene: Oktay Saglam, a Turkish national with a mysterious background, and Craig Johnson, a disgraced and corrupt New South Wales cop, now apparently working for one of the intelligence services. The two coerce David, Rachel and Steve into helping them try to locate an Afghan/Russian hit man, working for a notorious Sydney outlaw motorbike gang, which is engaging in its own nefarious activities. 

The story is told through the eyes of the main protagonist, Rachel Dawes, who pulls no punches when mixing it with all the alpha males. Fast-paced and sexually explicit, Shot at the Title is a wild tale of what could easily happen.

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 218
Fiction Crime

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Ken MacKenzie
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2017
Language: English


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 About the Author  

Ken MacKenzie has been in the security industry for over thirty years, working on doors in pubs and clubs on Sydney's northern beaches in the mid-eighties through to the nineties. 

The last twenty-six years he has been employed driving armoured cars around both metropolitan and regional areas of New South Wales. 

He presently resides on a farm at Mount Seaview on the mid-north coast, exploring the bush and writing.  


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Chapter 1  

A bright light shone straight into my face, blinding me, I put my left hand up to shield my eyes, but it was useless, the light was too strong. I tried to move, but couldn’t, I was lying on my bed butt naked, my right arm handcuffed to the head rail, my left leg handcuffed to the rail at the bottom end of the king-size bed.

“Hi Rachel, how’s tricks? David still fucking you?”

I recognised the voice behind the light, but that made no sense, its owner had died several months ago, I knew this for certain as I’d shot him myself in the dead of the night on a country property out the back of Jilliby on the New South Wales Central Coast.

“What the fuck’s going on, Gav?” I screamed. He laughed hard and the bright light was extinguished. I dropped my left arm that I’d used to try and block out the light and, when my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, I watched as Gavin Peters stood there leering down at me with a big black Maglite torch hanging by his side in his left hand, a Glock 40 filled his other hand, pointed menacingly at me.

“Just thought it was time I paid you a visit Rachel, I mean we were supposed to be partners, but you fucked me over, I should have known you couldn’t be trusted, but I thought we were pretty tight.” He laughed again. “Well you were anyway.” His eyes were roaming over my body. “And I fell for your womanly charms and paid dearly for it, cuntstruck I was. Funny here I am an ex-intel bloke who’d controlled hundreds of operations involving the implementation of the famed honey-trap procedure and I fucken’ succumbed to it myself, unbelievable, the power of the pussah!” His laughter came again and seemed to fill the room. I knew I was in deep shit trouble and was going to have to use every trick in and out of the book to get myself out of the shit.

“Gav, come on, we had plenty of good times, but I knew you’d neck me as soon as you killed Dave and Forbes.” His face took on a concerned look, something quite alien for Gavin, but he was a master of both deception and manipulation, he could have been just playing with me.

“No Rachel I loved you, I’d never have hurt you, we could’ve taken off to anywhere in the world you’d wanted with all that money and never had another worry in our lives.” He leant in over the foot of the bed, threw the torch into the air, it spun a half turn and he caught it, the smaller end now pointing out towards me. He brought the torch down and slowly ran it up the inside of my lower left leg and down along the calf. “But you’d taken back up with David fucking Lewis. Christ Rachel, why didn’t you stick to the script? You were only supposed to sleep with him and get inside his head, keep an eye on him and report anything of interest back to me, not set up fucking house with him!” Amazingly given the situation I found myself slightly excited by Gavin’s sexual overtures and felt my nipples harden and my mimsy getting damp. But I had to take control if I was going to get out of whatever danger Gavin had in store for me.

“Are you going to fuck me with that big black Maglite, Gav?”

He smiled down at me and ran it further up the inside of my other leg, the one not handcuffed to the rail. “Maybe Rach, would you like that?” I opened my legs just a fraction and smiled up at him with what I hoped was a convincing attempt with the look one gives of impending sexual pleasure.

“Mmm, might be nice, you always liked fucking me with toys or unusual objects, kinky bastard.” The torch stopped at my lips, with just a little pressure so I knew it was there. “You never complained.”

“No I loved it. Get your kink on, baby.” I could feel the wetness building in me, I closed my eyes and I opened my legs wider to take the torch. Gavin slowly pushed it into me and I let out a huge breath as it pushed past my lips and slid up into me. “Mmm that’s nice, really nice, Gav.” I opened my eyes and saw Gavin now had the Glock pointed down at me. I was stuck for words, my mind spinning for the right thing to say to save my life, but Gavin interrupted my thought pattern.

“But I didn’t come here Rachel, to give you or me pleasure; I came here to kill you. The smile had vanished from his lips and had been replaced with a sneer of anger and I watched helplessly as I saw his finger take up the pressure on the trigger and, before I could say another word, the room exploded in a mosaic of light and noise, like the worst electrical storm I’d ever seen or heard.

I sat up with a start, my chest heaving as my heart tried to burst out of my ribcage and then I realised I’d dreamt the whole damn thing. After a minute or two my mind wandered and I thought about how the dream had been so frighteningly real and yet how at the same time it had also aroused me. My nipples were still hard and as I put a hand to my quim I felt myself slightly open and a distinct wetness. Throwing off the sheet and blanket I lay back on the bed and ran my fingers of one hand through the soft pubic hair of my mound and down around my lips, then slowly up through my parted labia and onto my clitoris, which enlarged to my touch. I moved my other hand roughly over my large breasts, pulling and teasing their taut nipples, shivers of pleasure ran through me as I played with myself and thought of various men I’d had in my life and what I’d done to them and they to me. I started to move the finger on my clit a little faster, my excitement mounting quickly and I began to moan, I thought about getting one of my toys out of the top drawer of my bedside table, but I felt pretty happy with how things were moving along. Instead I dropped the hand that was doing the rough job on my tits down to my pussy and sunk two fingers up inside me and began to roger myself as I increased both the pressure and intensity on my clitoris. My arse lifted off the mattress as I really went to town on my fanny hammering it both inside and out. I got another two fingers of the hand that was fucking me and slipped them alongside the first two, the stretching sensation was unbelievable and I began to wail out loud as the orgasm built quickly in me. My breathing came in gasps as if I was running a marathon and I flicked at my clit with a renewed vengeance, keeping this up until both my hands got tired, then suddenly the shudder came and I felt the juices flood from me, I tucked my thumb up inside me too and bunched all the digits together and drove the hand up into me as far as I could and experienced another shattering climax as I pushed hard against my G-spot, at the front of the inside of my vagina, letting the spasms run through me.

Finally I pulled my girlie nectar-covered fingers from my stretched box and brought them up to my face, a clear whitish sticky film covered them. Dropping my hand to my chest I slowly rubbed my cum onto my still heaving breasts and relaxed back into the soft mattress completely sated.   

Lying there I contemplated dropping back off to sleep, but I decided not to as I wanted to go to the gym and do a cross-fit class after my morning yoga routine that had become a lifelong obsession. So I crawled out of bed and walked into the en suite, turned on the shower and once the hot water started to run warm I stepped in under the rose and adjusted the taps for the ideal cold to warm ratio for the perfect shower.  

Sitting in the kitchen at the breakfast table I put a spoonful of my special homemade muesli in my mouth as I leant forward and switched my laptop on. I felt great, relaxed and supple after my yoga, I sipped my coffee as I waited for the computer to come to life, entered my password then followed the prompts to get my G-mail account up. There were several new messages; a few were online shopping stores for clothes, accessories and books, a couple from girlfriends and one from David. I thought I’d leave Dave’s till last, so I checked all the others from my friends, while I continued having breaky. They were mainly jokes, cartoons and just a bit of idle chit-chat and gossip. I decided to leave the online shopping ones till later, when I could take my time. I smiled to myself and opened Dave’s message, thinking about the strange relationship we shared. After the big job that had netted us a squillion I stayed up at his farm at Mt Seaview while any interest in the robbery settled down. We’d invested most of our money separately but, through the same dodgy accountant, one Dave had known for years, we’d gone overseas for a couple of trips. We’d both had a ball and we each enjoyed the other’s company and the same things, the sex was great and plenty of it, but, and there is always a but, we each also needed our own space, so we’d gone back to a distance relationship. Every week or so, he either came down here to my place for a few days, or I went up there; neither of us knew if it would work forever, but we were both happy to give it a good go. Dave’s message came up and, as I read it, I stopped smiling and started to panic. “Hey cocksucker, we’ve got big boy and if you don’t come up with five mill he’s dead as dog shit! You’ll be hearing from me! Have a nice day! xo.” I got straight up and grabbed my phone sitting on the kitchen bench and dialled David’s home number. It rang out and message bank cut in. I left a message, then hung up, dialled his mobile, but the same thing happened. I left a message on the mobile too, before slamming down the phone and racing off out of the kitchen, to my bedroom.  

Pulling open the wardrobe I got down on my hands and knees and spun the combo on the safe I had bolted to the floor at the back, behind the line of dresses hanging on coat hangers.  

Spinning the dial the last turn I heard the tumblers drop into place, I pulled the safe door open. Ignoring the bundles of cash I extracted the pile of files lying underneath them and scanned through them till I found the one I was after. Discarding the unwanted ones back in the safe I got to my feet and flipped through the file in my hands as I moved to the phone on the bedside table, snatched the receiver up and sat down on the mattress as I scanned down the pages. The mobile number I required was at the bottom of the second page. I pressed the buttons and waited for the connection.  

The voice that answered sounded as cocky as I remembered it. “Yeah?”

“Steve, it’s Rachel Dawes.” There was a definite pause, but only slight. “Well, well and what do I owe this call to, have you seen the error of your ways and fucked off dear old Dad?” He chuckled at his own stupid joke. “Listen smartarse, somebody’s snatched David and whoever it is wants five million or they’ll kill him!”

“Fuck me dead!”

“Right, so are you going to help me get him back?”

“Well that’s obvious, isn’t it? I mean if someone’s managed to snatch him and we don’t get them, there is nothing we can do to stop them trying it on again with you or me. So I haven’t got much of a choice have I, precious?”

“No not really, I knew you’d be smart enough to see the picture without me having to draw it for you.”

His laughter came down the line again. “Righto, Princess. Where are you and where was Davo when he got snatched?”

“I’m at my place on the Central Coast; David was at home on the farm at Mt Seaview. I’ll give you the whole story when you get to Port.”  

“Righto, I’ll get a plane up there today, Give me your moby number in case I need you.” I gave him my number.

“I’m driving up to Seaview as soon as I get off the phone, where are you?” I asked.

“Sydney. When I land I’ll hire a car and meet you at the scene of the crime and for fuck’s sake be careful, I don’t want to have to help you both out of a hole, literally, I’ve got plenty on myself you know.”

“Sorry to break into your busy schedule, I’ll see you then, Steve.” I didn’t wait for a comeback and hung up and walked over to the wardrobe once more and this time I took a suitcase out and putting it on the bed I began to pack.




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