SHATTERING THE CANCER MYTH - A positive guide to beating cancer - Second Edition


Katrina Ellis’ story is one that will amaze and encourage anyone who has found themselves affected by the harsh realities of cancer. A survivor herself, and practicing naturopath for over fifteen years, she writes with personal candour about her own experience of conquering malignant ovarian cancer and, in doing so, offers a profusion of hope to her readers.   

Shattering the Cancer Myth is not only the remarkable story of one woman’s battle to overcome cancer but is a practical and comprehensive guide that explores the science behind orthodox treatment and how to counteract its side-effects, as well as detailing complementary treatment options, including medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, healing recipes, neutraceuticals and many other useful self help techniques. The second edition to the original best seller, Shattering the Cancer Myth, updates Katrina’s remarkable story and includes a balanced approach using complementary and orthodox therapies to help beat this life threatening disease.  

Katrina’s holistic approach to healing may be the helping hand you have been searching for on your journey back to radiant health. 

‘Shattering the Cancer Myth is nothing less than a unique manual for turning one’s life around with a very special bonus: this book has soul’.  Leslie Kenton: award winning journalist, novelist, broadcaster, lecturer and social activist.

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A Professional approach, from Personal Experience.

An Inspiring story of courage that goes on to make a difference. 

Author: Katrina Ellis
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English


About the Author 


Katrina Ellis qualified as a naturopath, iridologist and herbalist in 1995. She then travelled to Thailand and spent many years working for the deputy prime minister of Thailand in his famous five star health resort, Chiva-Som. Here she pioneered the development of the famous Chiva-Som menu, health and educational programs, an organic food and herbal tea line and the coordination of doctors, nurses, therapists and practitioners in the medical department. She also performed private consultations with many famous personalities and Royalty from all over the world. Katrina lectured and gave interviews for radio, television and magazines and co-wrote ‘The Art of Healthy Eating and Living with Chiva-Som’. After many years of working in this blissful paradise, Katrina developed a rare and aggressive form of malignant cancer. After many errors in diagnosis the cancer had spread throughout her body forcing Katrina to embark on an ambitious campaign to save herself. Within a few months Katrina was cancer free and went on to write the 2003 best seller ‘Shattering the Cancer Myth’ which touched lives all over the world. Katrina still remains cancer free and has now released the much anticipated second edition of ‘Shattering the Cancer Myth’. Her other books due for release include a vegetarian, raw foods recipe book for healing and preventing cancer, a children’s health book and several other dynamic books on natural healing and wellness.  

Katrina has lectured for Australia’s most prestigious natural medicine college and she continues to talk for societies and educational institutions both locally and internationally. She currently runs a successful natural health centre on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Her centre focuses on helping people find their optimal health potential using a combination of advanced testing devices including pathology, computerised iridology, cellular analysis, allergy testing and much more. She continues to research the best natural devices, supplements and tools in natural medicine to ensure that she remains at the forefront of natural healing. For more information on Katrina, her upcoming books and seminars please contact:


Katrina Ellis Natural Health Centre

‘Your Pathway to Optimal Wellness’

Shop 2, 60 Musgrave Street, Kirra QLD Australia 4225

Phone: +61 (07) 55 363 113 or



By Leslie Kenton 

Clear, inspiring and brimming with practical information, this book has been long awaited. Too many people find themselves succumbing to fear, hopelessness and impotence when they receive a diagnosis of cancer and hear their doctor say, ‘You have three months to live’. The pronouncement itself is enough to undermine immunity and trigger rampant proliferation of malignancies. Katrina – whom I affectionately call Katya – refused to succumb to a sense of powerlessness when she heard such pronouncements. Against all odds, despite her sense of helplessness and confusion, she chose to find a way to live and to tell the tale of a courageous journey from disease into wholeness. It is a powerful and life-enriching experience for anyone to read.

A beautiful young woman with sparkling eyes and a passion for her work in health and healing, Katya when I met her 12 years ago was a glowing testament to the way in which each of us can take control of our own lives by raising our levels of energy, creativity and joy to the highest order. She ate well, she exercised, she loved her work and was much loved by everyone who was fortunate enough to work with her. Then, through no fault of her own, she found herself exposed to chemical poisoning which had been unearthed near where she lived in Thailand. Almost instantaneously, her young radiant body developed cancer.

Katya’s story is an all too human one of shock, fear, despondence, helplessness and horror as well as the way all of these can be transmuted into a will to survive, the determination not to accept hopelessness, and a willingness to make the most profound life passage anyone ever makes. Not only a passage out of illness into radiant health; it becomes a passage into meaning – one which demanded that she explore the depths of her own soul in the search for who she is at her core, what she values and how she chooses to live her life. All this by itself would make fascinating reading.

However, Shattering the Cancer Myth goes much further. Intrinsic to Katya’s nature is a passion to empower others with sound, practical, well-researched tools, techniques and information, enabling them to make their own passage out of illness and to live out the fullness of their own being.

Just what is cancer? What are its causes? What are the real possibilities of clearing it from your body regardless of whatever prognosis has been given? Katya examines all of these things with clarity, compassion and honesty. She looks at what effect a change in diet can exert on cancer. She explains how chemotherapy and radiation therapy work, what they have to offer and what their drawbacks are. She tells you how to make use of plant products and leading-edge neutraceuticals and tells us how simple, yet powerful, elements like flower essences can help change attitudes and lives.

The book is beautifully ordered, making it easy to read and easy to use as a reference for specific help when you need it. You will find everything from how to use colour to shift mind and mood to wonderful recipes that can help restore balance while deep cleansing the body.

If you are struggling, as Katya once did, with the diagnosis of cancer and the shock and fear that surround the disease, you will find powerful, positive direction on what to do next within these pages. What Katya has written is nothing less than a unique manual for turning one’s life around, with a very special bonus: this book has soul.


‘Shattering the Cancer Myth – second edition’ contains an inspirational real life story documenting my courageous fight against cancer. My story signifies a journey of the soul through heartbreak and excitement, sadness and courage, disappointment and hope.

This book is not written by another author who researches the subject of ‘cancer’ without having had firsthand experience herself. I am writing this book to help other people like myself around the world, of all ages, who face this confusing and mysterious disease.

In today’s modern world, very little practical and useful information is available to cancer sufferers and our loved ones. Knowledge of a disease such as cancer is empowering and self-empowerment makes us feel more confident in our ability to overcome this condition. Without any knowledge or information, we can feel helpless and at the mercy of other people’s decisions.

I hope to help provide you, the reader, with a greater scope of information on cancer, including feelings and emotions experienced, useful questions and answers, and alternative therapies available to avoid and reduce the side effects of orthodox cancer treatment. In addition, this new updated version of ‘Shattering the Cancer Myth’ contains the latest progressive cancer therapies and the best alternative medicines to beat cancer, as well as my updated journey of where I travelled to after beating cancer. Through my own experiences both as a practitioner and cancer survivor, I hope to offer inspiration to the lives of others.

This book comprises three parts. Part One is a physical and spiritual portrayal of my struggle to discover the truth, and my determination to survive against all odds. Part Two is a complete cancer guide covering every successful natural treatment to beat cancer and the positives and negatives of using orthodox medical treatments. Part Three contains further valuable information for those fighting cancer, including some of my favourite healing recipes.

As a naturopath myself I do not condemn orthodox medicine. In fact, I am amazed at the skill and knowledge of surgeons in today’s modern world. I do believe that orthodox medicine and natural medicine could work hand in hand and one should not be completely disregarded because of the other. If doctors and natural practitioners took advantage of the amazing healing potential found within each other’s medical field, there would be a lot less sick people in the world today. All it takes is working with the individual on their ‘path to wellness’, rather than working from a position of pride or bank balances.

I am writing this book from a firsthand perspective. As a naturopath working throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and America for many years, I encountered many forms of cancer in a variety of different cultures. I worked for a number of years in a health resort in Thailand, supervising the medical department, working in coordination with doctors and nurses. I treated not only native Thai and Asian people but also many famous actors, musicians, authors, TV celebrities, artists, company directors, doctors, supermodels and journalists from all over the world.

The variety of nationalities and ages was unfathomable, and I used the best natural techniques to assess and treat their various health conditions. I gave numerous lectures and wrote articles for magazines on natural health and cancer prevention, and even hosted my own ‘natural health’ television program that was aired in four Asian countries.

Living in this exotic paradise was a blissful and enlightening experience. Then suddenly, without warning, my luck changed. Due to a number of factors, including exposure to a toxic chemical, my life path began to take on a completely new direction. At 27 years of age I suddenly, without warning, developed malignant cancer. After visiting top specialists and being misdiagnosed in England, Thailand, Australia and America, one doctor finally hinted at the possibility that I might have cancer. However, he still considered this extremely unlikely.

As it turned out, I had developed a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called a germ cell carcinoma , normally found in men in their teens to early twenties. No known cause of my cancer was ever offered. The tumour had grown to over 20 centimetres in diameter (the size of a baby) and had leaked to many other areas of my body. The task ahead of me seemed daunting to say the least. The prognosis was average and involved many months of treatment.

Being a naturopath, I wanted to use complimentary therapies to heal my cancer. Yet being so young and naïve at the time I was convinced by doctors that I would die unless I undertook huge amounts of chemotherapy. I decided to incorporate both therapies into my treatment and the results were amazing. After careful deliberation, I chose to undertake orthodox treatment , including surgery and chemotherapy, together with natural methods of practitioner-range nutritional supplements, a wholefoods diet, yoga , meditation, positive affirmations, herbs and other forms of natural healing.

A few days after major surgery, I was up stretching and doing yoga , and within ten days, I had recovered and had resumed all normal movement and activity. During chemotherapy treatment, I experienced few side effects besides the inevitable hair loss  and I felt relatively high in energy.

One of the greatest risks of the type of chemotherapy I underwent was infertility. Due to taking the right nutritional supplements and using all the supportive natural therapies available to me, my cycle stayed perfectly on track. I stopped chemotherapy against all advice, as I knew the chemotherapy drugs were doing more damage than good. I was told I would be a ‘lucky girl’ if I lived past the year, yet here I am eleven years later, cancer-free. Faith is a wonderful thing.

It is now many years on from my original experience and to this day I remain healthy and strong, much to the surprise or perhaps the shock of the oncologists who warned me against quitting chemotherapy. I have spent the last eleven years running a naturopathy practice and focusing much of my attention on natural cancer cures, natural fertility and helping my clients find optimal wellness. I have learnt many valuable lessons, both from my brush with terminal cancer and my experience of working with many wonderful souls who have also been touched by cancer. I know my experience with cancer was a lesson from God to increase my awareness and to look at my life with a deeper understanding.

Recovery from cancer offers us a second chance – an opportunity to transform and change our own life, and to touch those souls that we care for. As the sun rises every day, we are given another chance to say the right things, perform good actions and open our hearts to complete understanding and compassion. It also gives us the empathy to find ways to help others and realise that our lives can be bigger than just ourselves alone.

I believe people who develop cancer are very sensitive and caring souls who act like radars in this world of beauty and chaos, absorbing everything. To avoid this dis-ease you can still be a radar but you must learn to be a radar who not only absorbs but also reflects negative energy. You cannot change the entire world, but you can change yourself. Learning to respond positively rather than to react negatively is the true key to maintaining emotional balance. And changing your actions for the positive will no doubt act as a ripple on the pond and change the actions of those around you. It is important to live and work in your passion, otherwise discontentment will eventually creep into your life. Following your heart is a vital key to staying healthy and cancer-free.

In these pages, I provide a comprehensive and informative guide that covers many of the common things you are not told in your fight against cancer. The only people who can truly understand cancer and the feelings and emotions experienced are cancer patients themselves, which is why I have written this book. This book allows you the opportunity to look through our eyes and to grasp the true empathy and understanding that springs from real life experience.

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