ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES - Tales of an Aussie Traveller


The author, Sam Duncan, is a son, a brother, a mate, an Aussie, a Master of Media and Communications, a PR Executive for Javelin Australia and in Rolling With the Punches: Tales of an Aussie Traveller, he’s a backpacker and poet. 

He grew up with his mum, dad, his older sister and his younger brother in a town called Yarrawonga – a small but very beautiful town perched on the Murray River. He grew up following his dad to the footy and other social activities around the district where he would meet all sorts of characters with stories to tell in pubs, clubs, at footy grounds, school class rooms, at BBQ’s and indeed at home. 

After completing year 12 in 2001, he moved to Melbourne where he completed his Undergraduate Degree, Honours and Masters in ‘Media and Communications’. In 2007 he decided to pack his backpack and head to Europe to explore the differences of the world. He travelled through Italy, Croatia, England, Holland, Spain, Denmark and France – sometimes with friends; sometimes alone.  Rolling With the Punches: Tales of an Aussie Traveller is his own story. It recounts the memorable moments – the highlights, the lowlights and his thoughts on the people he met, the places he ventured and the sights he saw. Most of the stories are funny, some are a little sad, but all of them were inspired by his travels and the people he met along the way. 

He has written the stories of his adventures in rhyming verse.  It’s a style of writing that he has long held a love for. It is a style of writing that has been inspired by his grandmother, ‘Gorgie’, who has published three books. She is one of the greatest writers he has ever read. 

He is now back in Melbourne and back at work, but rest assured, he is always on the look out for a story to hear, or even a story to tell. He is always meeting new, different and wonderful characters and always seeing new and extraordinary things. He always has his pen in hand, ready to go!

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ISBN:   978-1-921574-06-1 
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 138
Genre: Non Fiction



Author: Sam Duncan
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English


Read a few samples:

Strap your backpack on your back

And come travelling with me

Come with me to Europe

There’s oh so much to see!

Let’s go to the Eiffel Tower,

And travel the south of France,

Let’s go to a pub in London,

Where we’ll drink and sing and dance!

Let’s walk the Cinque Terre,

And gaze over the ocean blue,

Let’s party it up in Amsterdam

There’s oh so much to do!

We’ll explore the ports in Denmark,

Drink Sangria all through Spain,

We’ll see Croatia in the summer,

And escape Melbourne’s winter rain.

We’ll meet the strangest people,

And through the best times and the worst,

There’ll be times when you are wondering,

If you’re blessed or if you’re cursed!

So drop what you’re doing,

For this is the perfect time,

To join me on this journey,

And come travelling in rhyme!


The Walkabout


If you want to raise your glass

With a carefree Aussie lout,

Then head to Shepherds Bush

And go to the ‘Walkabout’.

I recommend the weekend,

Sundays are the go,

To rock and roll, let down your hair,

And let the good times flow.

But I must warn you readers,

To brace yourself for strife,

For this is one of the roughest pubs,

I have been to in my life!

Standing shoulder to shoulder,

All jammed in as one,

Sweating like a pig on heat,

But somehow having fun!

Sipping on a Fosters,

Or sampling a Snake Bite,

Watching others drenched in beer,

It makes for a wonderful sight!

Dancing on the tables,

Things are never quiet,

As the locals clap, dance and sing,

‘I predict a riot.’

They all have work the next day,

But nobody even cares,

They are self appointed Aussie louts,

And carefree Kiwi lairs.

So, if you’re game enough on Sundays

To watch the good times grow,

Then head to Shepherds Bush,

The Walkabout’s the go!



I met a woman the other day,

I’m told her name is Sue.

She had that look of worldly grace,

That glows when you are blue.

When telling her of my ups and downs,

She knew just what to do,

For she has ventured far and wide,

And now she’s travelling too.

I told her that I’d lost my bag,

And felt homesick long ago,

She told me to go and have a drink,

And let the good times flow.

What wonderfully simple words to hear,

To have this woman say,

To keep my head held high and proud,

And to live for the day.

When we finished our drink I thanked her,

And bought her ‘one before we go’,

Then we toasted to ‘living for today’,

And to ‘going with the flow’.


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