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Positive thinking is the very beginning of the pathway to a life full of wonderment, joy and fulfilment. 

Thinking positively leads us to being positive and that enables us to truly believe in ourselves, even if others don’t. Being positive helps us all to hang in there and not give up so easily; we all have a world of inner strength that enables us to move on when times are tough. We also have the will to keep trying till we get things right. At times, we forget to nurture ourselves and need to be reminded about just how special we really are. All this and more of the like is to do with the amazing powers of positive thinking. 

Positive Thoughts is an inspiring book of simple and meaningful quotations to help anyone along the way to positive thinking and to live and experience a successful life of abundance, good health, happiness and prosperity. 

... If you know that you have got what it takes to get there, then go for it, reach out and give it a go...

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ISBN: 978-1-922229-26-7    
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:216
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover - Clive Dalkins
Illustrations by Ashika Power Ram

Author: Ashika Power Ram
Zeus Publications

Date Published: 2014
Language: English



An eternal thank you and love to God and my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides from above. I am so grateful for your unconditional love and your extra special guidance and assistance in all my work. 

I would also like to dearly thank my family and closest friends for all your love and cheerful support. I love you all! 

A special world of thanks to Zeus Publications for warmly welcoming me to their publishing family! This book would not have been possible without you and I sincerely thank you all with all my heart.


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Positive Thoughts

for a Positive Life




Positive thinking is all about adapting to the power and the strength of our own good thoughts in the way we perceive the quality of life and the way we live our own lives. It’s about turning a bad situation into a good one. It can also be about avoiding negative situations altogether. Positive thoughts really do guide us into doing positive things. 

In this day and age, just like the past and also the future, we are all very busy just simply getting on with living our lives. This includes our working and/or schooling life and our home and personal life in general. It’s almost everyone’s ultimate wish to live a successful life full of pleasure, abundance, happiness, good health, peace, prosperity and good fortune. But there are times when we all may face moments of hardship and things in life become the exact opposite of what we want. Negative thinking plays a huge part in this. We must remember that we all go through the opposite of what we really want at some point in time. And so this is where the ‘power of thought’ comes in; this is where we have to balance our way of thinking and make use of the Greatest Law of the Universe and that is The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is constantly positively or negatively activated in every one of us through our own thought patterns.   

It’s so simple! For instance, if we constantly tend to think negative thoughts about anything and everything, then we will attract and have to face the negative outcomes which lead to a negative way of living with negative results… But, when we adapt to and connect with positivity and continuously think positive thoughts, we will then attract and be face to face and in alignment with positive outcomes and a positive way of living with positive results… This is real, it’s the Universal law and the Universe must grant us the equivalent, good or bad, of what we put out there… This is exactly why ‘what goes around, comes around’… Our thoughts are extremely powerful. They control our lives… 

… This book contains useful positive affirmations and inspirational messages that have been passed on to me purely by the Divine Spiritual Guidance. Notice that all the statements are just plain common sense as well as helpful and nurturing; that’s what Divine Guidance is! It’s not meant to be complicated!  I simply channel special messages to pass on and to remind us all about what we already know, but seem to forget at times of need. We are all special in our own way and we all have a special role to play in this lifetime in our Universe! Sometimes we forget that we are all such wonderful beings! 

… You can read this book right through from cover to cover; it won’t take long at all! Or you can use this book as a daily inspiration guide. Just open the book to a random page and let your eyes and your mind absorb the magic of the statement that you read, understand it and hold that thought with you throughout the day! At the end of the day you will find that the affirmation just may have guided you in an extra special way!


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… I can accomplish anything when I put my mind, my heart and my soul into it…



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