Everything you need to know to understand and profit from
investing in options.

Options Made Easy is a straightforward guide that demystifies the options markets, helping you to understand how they work, where they can fit into your personal financial strategy and how you can reap healthy returns from options.



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ISBN: 1 920699 20 1
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 115
Genre: Finance/non fiction


Author: Andrew Semple
Imprint: Zeus
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: November 2002
Language: English


  About the AUTHOR 


Andrew Semple holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Southern Queensland, majoring in Geology, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Bond University, majoring in Marketing and Finance. 

Andrew taught Investment Analysis & Management, a core subject from the Bachelor of International Finance degree, at Griffith University Gold Coast, in 2002. 

He writes the "Your Options" column that appears each Monday in the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper and regularly contributes option based trading solutions in the Weekend Financial Review and appears on the CNBC's Australian Financial Review Market Wrap program, aired on FoxTel and Austar. 

He has developed three unique trading systems, Leverage Option Trading, Leverage Momentum/High Volatility Trading and Leverage Portfolio Management. Andrew has also designed and written several sophisticated option calculators. 

He as a Private Client Adviser, Authorised Representative, has level 1 and 2 derivative accreditation and is registered by the ASX as an approved derivative adviser. 

Andrew is also a practitioner member of the Securities and Derivative Industry Association (SDIA) and is an active options trader.



This book is about building wealth and investing your money wisely. It is not a book providing “get rich quickly” schemes. It will provide you with a practical guide in plain simple English on how to “get wealthy slow”.  

There is just one problem – where do you start? The are some many paths one can take – Residential Property, Fixed Interest, Managed Funds, Direct Shares, First Mortgage Funds, it just goes on and on. What do you do? 

This book is here to solve that problem. However it will do more than show you where to begin, it will put you on the path to financial freedom and guide you along the way. 

I also wrote this book because many retail traders have increasingly turned to using exchange traded options as part of their strategy to build wealth. Like many things that are different and unique, using options has also drawn out many people who claim to be “experts” in the field. Unfortunately for many retail traders, their investment experiences have been devastating and wealth destroying due to these so-called “experts”. Every weekend in every major newspaper there are people who advertise wealth seminars and as part of their seminars they introduce topics like “renting shares” and “investing with 100% protection”. These people are really in the business of making money through grossly over inflated “education workshops”. They neither have a license nor the real experience to educate retail traders, yet people hand over many thousands of dollars to “learn” these so called secrets that the wealthy only know how to use. 

Understanding how options work is like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time – it can be difficult. But with a desire to learn and a little effort, understanding how options work is easy, just like riding a bike! 

Education is the key to smart decision-making. Learning about markets and risks improves your chances of success and makes you a wiser trader. Wisdom translates into profits more often than ignorance does in any market. 

You probably have heard people say the options market is “too risky” or “too complicated”. Certainly, aspects of options investing can fit these descriptions, but so do aspects of virtually every form of investing. 

The way that you go into the options market should be determined by your own personal profile as an trader, including the kinds of risks you are willing and able to take on. 

If upon learning about options you decide that the market is not right for you, that will be an informed decision rather than an opinion without basis. Rejecting a potential market without first learning about the risks and rewards is a lost opportunity. 

Options are subject to their own set of rules. You might ask, “Why don’t more people take part in options trading?” There are three answers. The brief history of the options market has kept it out of the public eye, the majority of private client advisers do not have level 2 derivative accreditation and the language of options is highly specialised. When language is overly technical, it is easy for the average person to feel alienated and intimidated.

One of the features of Options Made Easy is that it clearly explains the options jargon. 

Author’s Note: This book is best read in conjunction with the “Options Made Easy” educational video program.                        




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