When a relationship goes bad, a man does not always head out to get drunk with mates. Sometimes he sits home and writes poetry.

Women, ever wonder if men really hurt when they walk out your door for the last time? 

Men, you know how you feel. You know how difficult it is to express yourself. After all, you donít want to look foolish, especially in front of the woman you still love. 

This is a collection of poetry from a man who wasnít scared of looking foolish. With his words, he hopes to convey to men it is okay to love, lose, and get back on your feet in preparation that the next woman will be the one. His words will show that a man can hurt much more than what the eyes can see. 

Take one dose of a poem a day. Apply to an open wound. Healing is slow, but maybe the scar will be easier to live with.

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ISBN: 978-1-921574-68-9
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:160
Genre: Fiction, Poetry



Author:  Rick Ferguson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English


                                                                                                ABOUT THE AUTHOR 

Rick Ferguson was born, raised, worked and played in Melbourne, Australia. He spent many years searching for a special someone; always thinking the next one would be the one. Because of disappointments he learned to express his pain with words that come from the deepest corners of his heart. 

His formal education came from life experiences; both from his heartaches and his triumphs. 

Rick refuses to be a man in emotional pain that hides.  Believing when one door closes another opens left him with hope in spite of his pain.  

This is a collection of his words based on love he felt, love he lost, and future promises of love. 

Rick currently resides in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

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Read a sample of the book:



she is my sun

and i'm her earth


light becomes thunder

your sunshine

i miss like rain


i drank your love

with unending thirst


drinking from your soul

i got drunk on your love


as the wind blew in my hair

the angel came from nowhere


i saw you as a free spirit


when i get very sad or upset

that is where i go


and i close my eyes



take me back to the ocean of dreams

when i was at the beach

watching the burning sun


where we ran

wild and free


laughing upon laughter

as we chased each other


while the sand

kept our footprints



where you wrote you loved me

deeply into the sand


i like to watch the gentle waves

the stirring calms me

in the middle of the night


when everything was real


before i lost my plight



take me back to the beach house

where you keep your secrets

locked inside


together we made love


slowly in time

i moved my lips


i looked deeply into your eyes

and you felt dreamy


i saw the ocean in your eyes

and i

wanting it to last forever


tears came down your face

down your pure cheeks


then down your neck

and onto your heart


your body began to shake

and you said

you would love me forever



with each kiss

i found a piece

of you


drinking your cool wine

from your mind


i saw roses everywhere

all over the bed


my heart's on fire

i saw your love

that you can't hide


you were sitting on my bed of roses

with a deep, dark smile

bigger than the moon


who let out the devil inside of you?


temptation brings me to my knees

as you grabbed a rose off my bed


i asked myself how much was enough?



i had no answer

so speechless

you looked so beautiful


as the room spun out of control

i kissed all over your body


you felt my sunshine

and my dark rain


ever so sweet feeling your love

slowly but surely

you looked so beautiful


your soft sea was flowing

i touched your body


ever so softly as you felt electricity

you begged for more

you looked so beautiful


you cried begging for more


i moved my hands down

to your soft sea

you moaned so loud

you looked so beautiful

feeling your pure love

and all of the unknown treasures

you hide inside of yourself


your whole body and soul


you begged me to make you a woman

with your devil eyes

and crying


you looked so beautiful


i held you tightly

slowly i made a home inside your love


the room spun quicker

as you felt my magic

you knew it would never leave us


when i screamed i gave a part of me

i saw angels over your head


when i screamed, it was over

i held you all night in my arms

knowing what we created

will always be with us


it was the morning

and the bed had stopped spinning


your jaded soulful eyes

punched love into my mind


pure and innocent

full of love


you deeply kissed me

you looked so beautiful


she's very loving

an angel on my knee


sunshine in your hair

in your tear stained eyes


but you looked so beautiful

as you bounced slowly

there in my room


love me till the end


with every word

you made me smile inside


you looked so beautiful


i can't believe you fell on to the ground

and broke inside


i felt your sharp edges

i hate how you feel


i just want to die inside

to stop what we both are feeling


i know you're not well

i want to protect you

and be there for you


but when you're strong

you're beautiful


i wish i could kiss this pain away

holding you in my arms tightly


with every kiss

i rebuild another piece

of your broken soul



gluing angel wings back together again

kissing your heart all over

ever so deeply


angel, i hope you never let go

until i've repaired your soul


hearing your heartbeat so very quickly

as you purr with happiness


you're so beautiful

full of pure love


slow wonderful love

till the sun comes up


it's the future that will make us

not the past


i didn't mean

to be so thoughtless


angel on her feet

flying towards me

with her arms out



seeing angels over my head

whispering to me promises of love

and forgiveness


she's so beautiful

truer and darker

than any angel fear would know


i'm trapped on my island

scared and alone

deep within my river of time

praying with my heart


with each blink of my eyes

feeling my love inside

closing them slowly


writing poems on paper

that no one will see

then sealing them in my broken heart


folding my words

into little boats


true to my words


pushing them into an ocean of dreams

smaller bits

of my heart fall into the water


in the ocean of dreams


shuffling my feet nervously

butterflies in my mind


i feel your words

for i'm the devil inside


i hate being alone

without you

when i should be hugging you


along the ocean of dreams

you are a part of me


winding paths take me back

to yesterday where we were



i wish

i could see your lips

ever so softly

and paint the words

you can't say

forever a day


iím living in our

own secret world


nobody can

live forever


i feel so cold



i'll burn my poems

for they are dead



and throw them

in the ocean of dreams


you are free to swim

around them


i see shadows

i chase them in my head

i see you there in the corner

looking back at me



trying to stop

from running to you

as quick as i can


i see your walls go up

i fall to the ground


there's a red liquid everywhere

and you are hurting me

with your smile


i feel alone

i want to fight

against the tide


i can't take it anymore


i don't believe in anything



my dreams are gone

and i can't breathe

ocean of dreams

wash me

save me

for another day


stop this sinking feeling


i'm full of cuts

and a broken heart


i won't fight you anymore

as the water covers me

from head to toe


i see your face in the ocean

i'm swimming

i want to find you

and you are nowhere


i'm running out of air

i see your face deep inside

in the ocean of dreams


i feel so broken

and lost inside


i know it's the end

i can't fight it anymore


i'm getting cold chills

in my guts


i'm crying

the water is playing tricks with my mind

your teasing sea face

within this ocean of dreams


i kiss you deeply

i smile at you

losing my mind in time


"i see us loving love

in the sand"


"i lose a piece of me

every time when we fight"


"it's too much"


"i donít know what to do"


this is my final time

i won't be back


my soul is broken

and lost



swimming in my ocean

of dreams


don't let me die

i love you


come back to where you belong


swimming in our ocean of dreams



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