BE WARNED –- This is definitely not a story for the faint hearted. It is an account which delves into the gruesome, fiendish mind of a crazed, psychopathic, serial killer. 

On the other hand, the story weaves around true confessed love between two Queensland University law students, of such grandeur hitherto seen in today’s fast growing society. Darren and Sandra subsequently become married and at the time, had no idea what the future held in store for them.

 It is a tale of seeming impossible endurance over inconceivable situations, of unshakable faith when all else seems hopeless, of a determination to overcome insurmountable odds. 

 As the narrative unwinds it delves into the hazardous peril and unsafe vulnerability the East Timorese people were forced to endure, at the hands of Indonesian troops during their occupation of East Timor. 

The climax, intrigue and clever police work, which ultimately brings about the downfall of an insane ‘Monster at Large’, coupled with adventures hitherto unheard of, with the atmosphere of ‘true love’ featuring strongly throughout the novel, to the final conclusion, all make enthralling annotation.     


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ISBN: 978-1-921731-40-2
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 321
Genre: Fiction/Crime

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: John Meskell
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2011
Language: English


About The Author 

John Meskell is a retired Queensland Detective Inspector, residing on the Gold Coast. He was educated at the Newcastle Technical High School, in NSW, and travelled extensively throughout the world as a merchant seaman for many years. On his return from the sea, he joined the Queensland Police Force in 1957. 


Carmen Domatrio had become very cautious after the murder of her friend, Loretta Saunders, despite not being able to establish any link between herself and the horrendous thing that happened to Loretta. Nevertheless, Carmen spared no expense in making sure her own home was safeguarded. All windows and doors now had additional locks with security screens, and she regularly checked that all drapes and blinds were drawn before nightfall.

Although Carmen hated to admit it, the murder of Loretta gave her a weird creepy feeling and it caused her to look behind her when she was out alone at night. For a while after the murder, she was so frightened she would not use her car to go out anywhere after dark and instead would call a taxi for short journeys. On her return home Carmen always asked the driver to wait until she was safely inside her house before he drove off.

After a few months her precautions began to slacken due to what appeared to be the absence of any further police inquiries, which lulled her into a sense of false security. The chilly feeling which possessed her slowly ebbed and it was not long before she began to slide back into her old familiar lifestyle.

One evening, five months after the murder of Loretta, Carmen was preparing to go to bed. She undressed and pulled on a robe, then gathered up her cat Puff for his nightly stroll. She went through her usual procedure of unlocking her front door and walking outside into the dim light with him. Moving down the path Carmen opened her front gate and let Puff drop softly to the ground watching him skip along the footpath playing with some imaginary playmate, before he stopped and urinated in a garden. The night was chilly and the sky hung with low streaks of grey cloud blanketing a half moon. A fresh southerly breeze was blowing and Carmen shivered in her robe, calling Puff to come back. Bending down she gathered him up in her arms and he immediately commenced to purr when he felt the warmth of her body.

From a shrubbery near the front door of Carmen’s house, a pair of burning eyes watched her movements with malevolent anticipation. Hugging Puff to her breast, Carmen failed to see the dark figure dressed in a black wetsuit and carrying a small leather surgical bag slip noiselessly through the open front door of her home. Quickly looking around the intruder found a wardrobe in Carmen’s bedroom with louvred slats facing out towards the lounge/kitchen area. It was a perfect hiding place.

Carmen came back into her house, locking both her security and lounge-room front door, then went to the refrigerator and poured a saucer of milk for Puff. The cat purred and rubbed against her legs, meowing in eager anticipation. After placing the saucer on the tiled floor, Carmen switched off the kitchen and lounge-room lights. She turned on the television and a small lamp sitting on top of it, which aimed its soft glow at an adjoining wall. Pulling her woollen robe around herself she settled back into a large upholstered lounge chair. It was not long before Puff joined her.

Satanic eyes watched her every movement, from behind the slatted wardrobe doors.

Carmen listlessly flicked through television channels and finally settled for a current affairs program. When it had finished, she stood up and stretched her arms above her head and yawning she shrugged off her gown and stood naked. Time for bed. Switching off the television she picked up her gown and walked into the bedroom dropping it carelessly to the floor.

There was enough light coming from the small television lamp to illuminate her bedroom and lounge/kitchen area with a soft pleasant glow. She lay on her back on the bed looking up into a large overhead mirror and smiling at her reflection, admiring the triangle of thick dark hair between her legs. Carmen caressed her breasts and stretched her legs wide apart, supporting them with her feet up against the two lower bedposts. Moving her buttocks up and down she began to caress herself and moaned with pleasure. Satiated, she rolled off the bed and picking up her gown she walked over and opened the wardrobe door.

She almost fainted with fright, her heart jumped, and her body convulsed with horror as she attempted to scream, but only a garbled sound emanated. It all happened in a split second. A black-clad figure charged out of the wardrobe grabbing Carmen by the throat and punching her in the stomach. The blow took her breath and she felt herself being pushed backwards onto the bed. Desperately she grappled with the hand around her throat squeezing her life away, wetting herself with fright. Shock and terror enveloped her mind rendering her weak and helpless, void of all energy, but the enormous strength squeezing her throat prevented her from screaming for help. Barely able to breathe, she began to lose consciousness as she vaguely felt herself being dragged and carried nude into the kitchen.

In a semi-conscious state she was bound to a chair. Her head was pulled back, her mouth forced open and a rubber ball was brutally pushed into her mouth almost choking her. Adhesive tape was wound around her head and mouth securing the ball, effectively silencing any attempt to cry for help.

She regained full consciousness by the aid of smelling salts held beneath her nose. She was naked, completely immobile and unable to move. It was then she was able see her assailant. Groaning inwardly she saw smiling lips beneath the balaclava and it was that smile which frightened her like nothing had ever done before. The eyes were cruel merciless pools of fire and hatred burned from them.

‘Awake now, are we?’ the voice purred. ‘We’re going to have such fun together over the next few hours. We’re going to fuck and do all sorts of indescribable things in that wonderful bed of yours. A ceiling mirror, eh? That’s a novelty I’ve never experienced before and we can watch everything that’s happening between us. But first let’s have a bit of fun right here in the kitchen.’

Her assailant moved behind her and Carmen felt fingers covered in white surgical gloves begin to caress both her nipples. Try as she might she could not help but begin to breath heavily behind her gagged mouth when sensual tremors began to creep down her spine into her groin.

‘Like that, do we?’ cooed her assailant. ‘I promise I’ll do better than this when we get on your bed. We’ll have indescribable, exquisite pleasure and I’m going to fuck you like you’re never been fucked before in your life. Believe me, I won’t disappoint you and that’s one thing I’m certain of. But first let’s start our evening’s entertainment with your beautiful cat —isn’t he lovely?’

The intruder picked up Puff who purred and rubbed against these strange surgical-gloved hands. Quickly, the cat was placed into the microwave oven and its door closed. The intruder smiled at Carmen whose heart was racing, almost jumping from her chest with the evil smile terrifying her beyond description.

‘I wonder how long it would take to cook a cat alive in a microwave oven, have you ever thought of that? I think I’ll try fifteen minutes for a start and see how that goes,’ her assailant whispered in her ear.

Carmen shuddered and screamed out in an undecipherable guttural cry, ‘No, please!’

 The tears began to flow from her eyes and the scream she emitted from behind her gag was indistinguishable. The gag and rubber ball choked off her cry of anguish as she bucked in the chair, bouncing on the tiled floor almost tipping over, only to be caught and held firmly by her tormentor.

The loud howling and mewing calls from her loveable Puff turned into panic stricken wails of terror, easily audible to Carmen’s ears. She had never heard her cat call out so loudly before. Her assailant giggled and laughed while pressing the high cook timer on the microwave oven to fifteen minutes. The microwave oven turntable began to whirr and turn, as heat began to eat into her terrified cat. The cat became frantic with the unbearable pain, causing it to howl and scratch frantically at the oven door in a vain attempt to escape. It gyrated, arched its back, twisted and turned, howling loudly with intermittent screams of sheer terror. The howls made Carmen faint, but quick as lightning, her assailant held smelling salts beneath her nostrils bringing her back to consciousness again.

‘No, don’t pass out on me,’ hissed her assailant. ‘Let’s watch the end together.’

Suddenly it was all over and there was no more bucking and writhing from Carmen’s cat. After a few nervous twitches Puff was dead, but still the microwave turntable kept rotating, and unmistakable sounds of popping could be heard with the heat beginning to blow Puff’s leg joints. The cat’s intestines were being shrivelled into minute pieces and the smell of her cooking cat began to pervade Carmen’s nostrils. Uncontrollable grief-stricken tears poured from her eyes with the fifteen minutes she was forced to endure seeming interminable.

‘That’ll do for now, we don’t want your cat to catch alight, do we? We’d have a fire to put out and that just wouldn’t do, it’d interfere with all the fun we’re going to have in your bedroom.’

Carmen was easily picked up, still tied to the chair, and carried into her bedroom. She was positioned on the bed with her chair laid back and Carmen was looking up at herself in her bed’s ceiling mirror.

With agonising slowness Carmen’s legs were tied up at a forty-five degree angle to the end vertical posts. Her shapely legs were stretched wide apart with the weight of her body cutting into sash cords around her ankles. Her legs were tied so high her buttocks were raised a few inches from the bed mattress. Her arms were freed from the chair, one by one, and tied by her wrists to the head bed columns. The chair was taken from beneath her and Carmen was spreadeagled on the bed. Her assailant pushed a pillow beneath Carmen’s buttocks, supporting her and grinned when she tried to plead for mercy from behind the gag. Again her sounds were indistinguishable with narrow adhesive tape tied tightly across the bridge of her nose, holding her head down securely, with each end of the tape tied either side of her huge bed.

Carmen was trussed effectively; she could not lift her head and could only look at herself in the ceiling mirror. Again she silently wept, remembering what this sadistic monster had done to Puff, and was now gripped with uncontrollable terror.

‘Now it’s our turn to have some fun. Unfortunately I have to punish you for the sluttish way you’ve been behaving of late. Look what I’ve got for you.’

Carmen eyes turn sideways and she saw her assailant take a wire the thickness of a coat hanger from a black leather surgical bag. Dangling it in front of her, slowly swinging it backwards and forwards like a pendulum. Mesmerised, Carmen’s terrified eyes following the wire saw the bottom of the wire was bent into the shape of an S.

Pointing to the ‘S’ her assailant said, ‘S is for slut, my dear. I’m going to heat this up over your gas stove until it’s red hot and then I’m going to brand you on a very soft sensitive part of your body.’

The laugh was evil and sadistic. ‘But that won’t be all that’ll happen to you and I do hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve in store for you. Believe me, my darling, this is only the beginning of a beautiful night, which I’ve been planning for weeks.’

The smiling assailant walked into Carmen’s kitchen and she heard a spark gun clicking, igniting her gas stove. A few minutes later her tormentor returned humming a tune. The S was sparkling, glowing white-hot and Carmen recoiled inwardly with horror. Knowing that her torturer meant every word about branding her, she struggled fiercely but the sash cords held firm, cutting into her ankles and wrists.

‘Where shall we put it first?’ cooed her tormentor.

Carmen was crying, unable to call out or speak, almost choking on saliva dribbling back into her throat with the rubber ball, effectively jammed into her mouth.

‘We’ll start here.’ Her attacker pressed the glittering white-hot wire on Carmen’s inner thigh near her vagina and Carmen passed out with the excruciating pain. Suddenly, she was conscious again with smelling salts held beneath her nose and her torturer chuckled sadistically.

‘Isn’t it fun to share in all this? I think we’ll do some more branding and after that I think I’ll fuck you for a while, or whatever! We’ll play it by ear and let everything happen in its right sequence. There’s such a lot we’re going to do and wouldn’t you agree this is the right way to go about things? Of course you would.’

Carmen groaned and writhed against her bondage, the pain from the burn to her inner thigh indescribable. Smiling evilly, her assailant walked into the kitchen and again Carmen heard the spark gun ignite gas and her black clad tormentor returned with the white-hot wire, pressing it firmly on her other inner thigh and holding it there. Carmen bucked and squirmed, letting out a guttural scream behind her gagged mouth with the burning electrifying pain, fainting once more. Semi-consciousness, she emerged once more into the world of reality with the smell of burning flesh pervading her nostrils and her assailant laughing aloud while holding the smelling salts under Carmen’s nose.

‘Ah, my lovely, isn’t it all so beautiful? Such thrilling, titillating sensuality that made me almost swoon. Oh, what a voluptuous, undisturbed time we’re going to have tonight.’

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