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This work of non-fiction based on the author’s point of view, is highly  intriguing and very thought-provoking to say the least.  

The author, who is a doctor of medicine, shares his experiences as he is awakened into a Greater Reality and establishes contact with the supernatural. He recalls his experiences with Aliens from the time he was on a spacecraft and was privy to a discussion of plans for the evacuation of viable consciousness from our planet and dimension before total destruction.  

From the subjects of metaphysics, psychic phenomena to good and evil Aliens, their messages, reasons for abductions and cover-ups this is a page-turning read that is hard to put down. 

The work is well written in an easy fluent style and from a  Gnostic viewpoint the author states facts about Aliens and other phenomena in a believable narrative that is both captivating and frightening. With a large majority of people today believing in Aliens and UFO cover-ups this work is very probable and an amazing read that is quite controversial and should have a wide readership. 

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-71-6    
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Genre: Non Fiction


Author: Dr. Joseph S. Chiappalone
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English




Each consciousness which manifests on this level as a physical entity must do so through a mechanism such as the body that has a lower mind, and bodily systems which function independent of the consciousness to a great degree. The body can be, and is, extensively programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by the factors which favour the predominant essence controlling this plane.

Every consciousness, regardless of its ontological origin, power or capabilities when it resides beyond this level must, in order to contact some other levels of consciousness when it resides on this level, pursue an Earthly Path of Awakening which is almost certainly devious, perilous, time-consuming and not guaranteed to be enjoyable or successful at all stages. This is particularly so if the consciousness is attempting to connect to Divine pathways with which the predominant evil controlling essence of this plane is inimical.

The controlling essence of this plane is Evil. Hence, any who wish to contact the Divine level of consciousness must become Warriors, fighting all the evil factors, and all the evil beings who actively seek to prevent such a connection.

This is a brief account of some of my experiences as I awakened and established contact with the Supramental Plane. The process allowed the “little me”, the “i”, and its body, with all its limitations, its limited ability to decipher, to understand and to remember, to connect with the “Higher Me”, the “being” that I am, and provide a clearer Path for me, as well as the Plans for this World, and why it is we – you and I – are here.

As you will see, nothing comes easy on this level. Every step in awakening is a step in a gauntlet, run on a course which is supposed to prevent us from awakening to any of our own Truth, while at the same time, drowning us in the Untruth of the plane so that the work for which some of us as warriors descended to do may be postponed or not commenced at all.

Hence, it is obvious that as we try to find the links which will allow us to connect to what we term the Higher, Purer realms, we need to actively bypass those factors which obstruct us, and also need to destroy much of our programming, pollution and indoctrination which has been purposely imposed to keep each of us as a mere “human” consciousness.

I have written extensively about Gnostic Truth and have shown in detail how our own bodies and their programming can be very difficult with their obstructing hurdles to overcome. Add to this the obfuscation by religious indoctrination, by formal education which restricts awareness of esoterica massively, and the prejudiced, calumnious peer-pressure, and one can see that full awakening is not a foregone conclusion.

In the past, many warriors who descended “misfired” and needed to be evacuated and to try again. But that is another story. While attempting to be less didactic and more narrative than in my more Metaphysical books, I have nonetheless included some of the many facts I know about aliens, Ufology, and the Process of Clearing of this World.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I realise some of the material which I have published elsewhere is reproduced here, and I request those who have read it before to be patient, for this book is cast into a wider field than the Metaphysical one.



On the evening of Sunday, April 14, 1985, I attended a Special Conference. What was different about this conference was the location of it, the subject discussed at the conference, and further revelations subsequently recalled from it. After that meeting, restoration of the memory of various identities occurred, as did memory of events, long forgotten, leading up to such an extraordinary and almost unbelievable event.

The Conference was held in a huge spacecraft, called a Mothership, which belongs to the fleet of a designated Space Command, and was located entirely out of this dimension. The subject matter of the Conference consisted of the Final Plans for the evacuation of viable consciousnesses out of this planet, and out of this dimension, in which we find ourselves, before the final total destruction of this planet Earth, and eventually all the physical structures in this dimension.

This experience certainly answered queries I may have had about the continuity of consciousness outside of the physical body, the existence of “alien” life, ontological identities, and what the future held in store for this planet and its peoples.

This story has nothing to do with ego, pride, hubris, fame, the acquisition of wealth, or any other earthly reward. It is an account of what happened, what is happening, and what is to come to pass. Che sará, sará.

The book relates my experiences and facets of information I think are valid, from my point of view.

With these books about experiences and aliens, I hope to supply answers about what is going on as best I can so others can awaken to their own reality and truth within, and also prepare for the coming days and the changes they will bring. In other publications, I explain why this Earth is to be destroyed, examine who is who, and what this mess was all about. I am using the past tense already for, in reality, this place no longer exists from a superior perspective. Hence, it is all but over.

Events are developing at an accelerated rate. In mid-April 1997, a structure caught by a NORAD satellite caused panic in that organisation. It was one of “our” unmanned stations placed in orbit to bring about the destruction of hide-outs used by the enemies of the Light. It was later manned. Many such stations have entered the dimension under guidance and have encircled the globe to force the “reptilians” (the evil essence in non-human ET disguises hiding here) out of their lairs. They will be forced out by earthquakes and other earth changes in the next few years, which will force the evil ones hiding in subterranean passages to flee. The war will then be in the skies and many will witness it. The End is closer than most think! We have been expecting such events in this dimension. There is no attempt to conceal the presence of these space stations. No need for that. Everything is right on course. We are happy with all this. In early April, 1997, Space Command told me they were very close to this physical dimension.

Who is going to hide all this truth now, and how? Many will soon simply die of shock when forced to confront a Greater Reality. But they only have themselves to blame for their stupidity and self-inflicted misery. They have rejected the Light and its knowledge once too often!

Let me say clearly from the onset that people are not classed as evil because they reject this material and the other information which I have been given to distribute onto this plane. In actual fact, the very opposite is true. They reject this material because they are evil!

Although I have published quite a large amount of material, I was asked not to publish the information in this book or about the source of this information, and about these, my experiences, and of the alien races until after 1997.

I clearly remember back in 1985 when I first began public lectures, on these and allied topics, that invariably the very first question after each lecture would be this: “Doctor, where do you get this information?”

I had the answer but was under instructions not to divulge it until now. As you proceed, realise that familiarity with my previously published material will assist you in assimilating concepts presented here.




This book allows me to share some of my experiences involving altered states of consciousness, other dimensions, and alien consciousnesses, so-called. And it is a book about the information I have regained from these experiences onto the physical mind of this finite body. No one is forced to believe any of this, just as no one is forced to believe any of the information I have published in other books

It is hoped that by relating these experiences, readers will awaken to their own experiences and their own truth within which is to assist them in this time of tumultuous and unprecedented changes on planet Earth.

This is a story of actual events as I experienced them and aspects of the awakening process as they actually occurred. The process of awakening, the thoughts expressed in this book, the concepts which I accept to be truth and which I have written about, and the experiences I am about to share, are so removed from the stereotypical, conditioned pseudo-reality many so-called peers, teachers in our lives, and friends, want us to believe, that at times the mind of some readers will be stretched beyond what they thought were well-defined limits. But I can tell you empirically that there are no limits when the mind activates, and all these things you are about to read are true. They happened. I have experienced them and I certainly have both our feet firmly on the ground, as those who know me personally, and well, will affirm.

People with expanded awareness are very different from those who have pigeon-holed their minds in a cast-iron structure of minute proportions. The latter are indeed at a gross disadvantage, especially now that tremendous and horrendous changes are occurring in their lives, completely beyond their control and out of the reach of their understanding with their self-limited minds.

I trained as an allopathic physician and am still a registered doctor in Queensland, Australia. My awakening to other realities, the search for a greater mosaic of truth and for more information beyond the confines of the physical, mortal mind, have led me to many places and concepts. Much of the information I have recalled from “hidden memory” occurred spontaneously, but mind-expanding techniques, such as meditation, have facilitated even greater recall. Episodes of astral travel, out-of-body experiences, spontaneous regression, feats of psychic phenomenology and intuition, even in dreams, occur to all of us.

The magic comes when one is aware of the significance of such episodes and is able to incorporate the experiences of such phenomena into the totally retrievable consciousness of the composite being which uses the physical body in daily existence in the physical realm.

The resistance and ever-present objections of the sceptical, physical mind need to be overcome for proper integration of experiences beyond the limits placed there by our programmed physical.

Educational qualifications are mentioned in passing in order to encourage others to pursue their own pathways and gain as much knowledge (both esoteric and exoteric) as possible, for that is the only way outer mind ignorance can be dispelled. But qualifications are certainly not essential in the process of awakening, nor are they a guarantee for it. In fact, from my experiences, it is all the more remarkable when a highly educated person awakens to spiritual realms and reality, for formal education appears to impose even more innate prejudicial and restrictive thought processes than we are programmed with in daily life, and all these must be overcome in order for one to proceed.

Be mindful of what I have termed the “Knowledge Paradox” however. The more one clutters the physical mind with facts, often the harder it is to expand that mind to accept concepts which do not fit into the ossified paradigms of those so-called real facts.

This is a very complex matter and the contents of this book, and my experiences, are but a superficial sketch, at best, of the greater Reality that is out there and which is about to impinge onto the lives of all consciousnesses in this planet, in this dimension and many other dimensions.

I cannot resist commenting at this point that the most closed-minded bigots I have met since awakening have generally been the psychiatrists and psychologists in our communities. There are exceptions in their ranks of course, but in general terms, I can state that the very people who should know something about consciousness and its expansion are the bitter enemies of truth and knowledge. But there is a good reason for this and we will discuss it in detail, in due course, if possible. At any rate, readers are referred to my other books, particularly my book ‘Psychiatry, the Struggle for your Soul’, for expansion of these topics.

I have written this book in the hope of achieving a number of aims. The basis for the writing is the philosophical axiom that one’s personal experience should be the basis for one’s own personal reality. This is a book of experiences. It is hoped that those who have had similar experiences with aliens, other dimensions, eschatology, etc., and now read this book, will be able to integrate their experiences into their everyday thoughts. There is a temporal compunction involved.

Often such integration is not easy to do, especially if the environment in which they live is hostile to such thoughts. It is hoped that these experiences I am about to relate will awaken deeply entrenched thoughts and memories in readers who have had their own reality defined by experiences with psychic phenomena, by UFOs, by contact with extraterrestrials, by episodes which may be labelled extraordinary, and so on. This awakening is very much on purpose, for it is time for such an awakening.

The information and answers given in the following text may include the information that various seekers are searching for in this very day. As I said I have already written a number of books, and some of the material contained here has been published in those other books and in my former newsletters.

As with all endeavours on this level of awareness, some will be helped, others may not be. Nonetheless, it is obvious that as one investigates such experiences, there is a welter of historical, anecdotal, mental, psychic, spiritual, as well as, physical data to assist genuine seekers.

The other books I have written are for the most part metaphysical and philosophical even though some of them contain much of the inglorious history of the human race in recent times. But I have written this book as a recount of my own experiences, my own adventures, as an exposé of hidden Evil, and the big difference between this book and books on philosophy and metaphysics is that I, a very real person, have lived this adventure and can validate everything that is written here. I have written it in this way because many readers will see that the episodes of awakening and discovery that I have undergone will be similar to theirs, and the various episodes may act as stimuli for them to regain the memories of their own experiences with aliens, with other beings, other dimensions for, as I said above, it is time to awaken to this reality.

Whether one wants to believe this story or not, the bottom line is that all the things I have described, and will describe, are occurring on this globe precisely as they are described.

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