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Have you ever had to restrain yourself from throwing the nearest heavy object through the TV screen during the news, as you watch some Politician bungling a vital portfolio, or spinning his way out of taking responsibility for a mistake? 

Have you sat there cursing and shaking your fist while reading the newspaper or listening to talk-back radio, as you learn about a    criminal who got off on a technicality, or bureaucrats refusing to bend their precious system of regulations to help out a struggling family? 

Now we may not agree on all things, but that’s OK, it would be boring if we were all the same, so please read on as the author lays bare the naked truth as seen by the eyes of the average Aussie.  

It is not all bad news though, there are also a few light-hearted tributes to be found in the following pages..  

This is a critical and humourous look at the political and social failings of the world and mankind today. and we’re not going to let this country go to hell in a hand basket without putting in “My 2 Cents Worth”. 

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-39-6   
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:188
Genre: Non Fiction/Poetry


Author: Peter Fraser
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English



We not gonna take it anymore……….Fed up Voter

What a refreshing look at our lives…...Federal Politician

Some home truths here — pollies take note…..Bored Housewife

Author Biography 

Peter Fraser is very much the average Aussie bloke, married with two teenage kids, a job and a mortgage. He loves a BBQ and a beer or two, has an irreverent sense of humour which he doesn’t mind inflicting on anyone who will listen to him.   Peter is an ex serviceman who loves his country and the opportunities it offers to those who wish to live and work here.  

   It is this zeal for Australia and its hardy genuine people, combined with frustration at bungling bureaucrats, seemingly immovable red tape and less than competent politicians that has driven him to write this, his first book.  



We’re a very strange breed we Human stock,

We’ll sweat and work all day to dig up a rock,

Then we’ll cut it and polish it, then put it away,

So its value is stored up for a rainy day,

But if a bit of work is required

to help out a Brother,

Who can’t feed his family one to the other,

All thoughts of work dry up and blow away,

Our self serving ways are a curse every day.


Ask yourself…Can you set a good example?


We’re a very strange breed we Human cattle,

For a medal or pretty ribbon

we’ll fight a great battle,

We’ll charge in and slaughter what gets in our way,

Fight through jungles and mud

for a day of fair pay,

But ask us to fight for a Brother at home,

Who’s in pain and distress and must stand all alone,

Then friends are scarce,

there’s no recognition or glory,

No reward means no action…Same old story.


Ask yourself…Are you any different?


We’re a very strange breed we Human beings,

We hear without hearing and see without seeing,

With blinkers in place we see out our days,

Pleasing our bodies while chained hearts

are ablaze.

What if we realised we could be so much more,

Fulfil our potential and not be our own whore,

What an Earth we would live on,

what a people  we’d be,

It could only get better…I’m sure you agree.

 Ask yourself…Can you think with your heart?



I believe it is possible to turn this world away from the path of destruction it is going down. All it will take is for people to decide to make a few changes to their own lives and for Governments and the authorities they administer, to make some changes to laws and the standards of behaviour in our society. What a better world it would be if we all took time to consider others before acting, opened our eyes and ears to plight of those around us and just generally gave a damn about things.   But, as a cynic, I know it will never happen.

It is not our way.





An aged man is walking on his own merry way,

To the shop down the road like he does every day,

To buy the newspaper, some milk and some bread,

The skies are all clear there’s a great day ahead.


From behind the bus shelter

a group of youths leap,

Because this old man dared

to walk down their street,


He’s punched and robbed,

kicked down to the ground,


And left there for dead

with no one else around.


And when they are caught

and charged by the fuzz,

Everyone’s talking

the whole suburb is abuzz,


Because their day in court came

and went with a twist,

The Judge let them off

with a slap on the wrist.


It seems their childhoods

were un-loved and rough,

The poor little buggers

 had done it real tough,


It wasn’t their fault,

their parents were drunks,

They had no choice

but to turn into punks.


And the powers that be wonder

why people get mad,

An old man lies dying

and there’s no justice to be had,

Because bored little miscreants,

chose to be crooks,

And a Judge who pities THEM,

lets them off the hook.


To be called into account

is a very good thing,

For your actions and words

to feel judgment’s sting,


There must be a consequence

for every action

A suitable penalty paid

for crimes and infractions.

Then those choosing wrongly

will know there’s a price,

And maybe next time

they might even think twice,


Instead of thumbing their noses

at society’s rules,

And treating authority

like ignorant fools.


It’s all about choices,

what you do with your life,

You can mix with the hoodlums

and get into strife,

Or you can choose something better,

a life with some spice,

Then there’ll be unemployed judges!

Won’t that be nice!

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