LOOKING THROUGH MY NAKED EYE - The Tears That Replenish The Oceans

'Many, throughout the world, will have to serve the apprenticeship of deceit, violence and destruction before they will stand alongside the noble servant of peace.’

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ISBN: 978-1-921406-57-7   
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:193
Genre: Non Fiction
- Religion




Author: Paul R. Weber
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2008
Language: English


About the author 

Born and raised amongst the cows and meadows in Switzerland, as a child I stared at the horizon of the peaks in the distance, wondering what lay hidden behind.

In September 1965 the ship ‘Aurelia’ pulled away from a pier in Rotterdam, Holland, bound for Tilbury, in Essex, England. From there we headed into the North Atlantic, passing the Azores islands to Curacao; an island which is part of the Netherlands Antilles, where we stopped for one day. Our next destination was Panama City but to get there we first had to navigate the Panama Canal. After leaving Panama City we were bound for Tahiti, Auckland, Sydney, and on to disembark in Melbourne.

Back then, I felt so exited about all the new novelties and opportunities, that seemed to be endlessly laid out before me. Though I forgot, the Customs Officer, looking at his friend a little bemused, when this young man informed him that his total worth was ten pounds [$20], couldn’t speak a word of English, no work, no friends or family and nowhere to stay.

Since then, I’ve travelled to many parts of the World. Today, I enjoy good health and a beautiful family. I feel blessed indeed, that my inner light guided me over that horizon. This journey, like an old scroll slowly unfurling before me, revealed to me that every child born, the World over, is like a new stitch God adds on, minute by minute, to the tapestry of all humanity. It taught me to embrace and taste the fruits of diversity and to be zealous that, like the morning dew, God’s love is sprinkled equally throughout all the nations of the World. 

Those who have much through their modesty give respect to those who have nothing.



The reverent soldier 

Most of us would have, at some stage, wrestled with the thought, why am I here, why was I born in a land blessed with abundance; who was it that kicked my pendulum of life? Aware, I know I was lucky where my seed fell, knowingly I excogitate about that luck. At other times I mull over the fact, how, somehow, I could redress the injustice for those who were not so lucky, as I watch them trapped in the quagmire of iniquities in the third world.

It seems the obstacle to achieving such ideals, for most, in the majority of cases is their own lives, in a personal sense, becomes a never ending struggle which in turn stops most of us for such noble thoughts to ever come to fruition.

Several years ago, while talking to a friend of mine who is well versed in Theology, I created a bit of a raucous when I revealed to my dear friend, the things I see when I look and listen to the diverse exhortations and tapestries of the world’s mainstream religions. As these talk fests used to go on, month after month, my friend, being a voracious reader of anything pertaining to Theology, suggested to me that I write these things down. He seemed unable or unwilling to wrap his mind around my theological neology, that most parables Jesus revealed point to an irrefutable verity, which ascertains that salvation can be attained by anyone born of flesh! Whether or not they have ever heard of the Christian faith, or whether, they have ever participated, accepted or contributed to the Christian doctrine. True to form, I did for once, as my friend suggested and wrote it down; however, before we get immersed biblically lets have a quick overview, a glance at our ancestor’s past.


Since the beginning of time, the elements of nature and the integrant of human behaviour has always been closely intertwined. The people’s principal focus, being, above all, about food, shelter, wellbeing and safety! When one is lucky enough to live in any part of the world where all these proponents fall into place, at our choosing, it’s not difficult to have some fervent belief that, at the end of it all, something more significant and even more splendid will await us. In fact some proclaim the afterlife is not only beautiful, glorious and stupendous, but we are told, will last for eternity. 

Of course, this seems a truism in most mainstream religions throughout the world; they evolved in similar ways, instilling above all servitude and loyalty within their clans, imposing on all to uphold and worship the deities chosen, according to the regal of the day. Once Christianity filtered out of the Middle East and onto Rome, there was little awareness amongst the general populace. The Gospel was not unduly concerned about one’s physical demeanor, but more importantly, it looked and still does, at one’s mannerism of the heart. Throughout the ages, many individuals who have taken the time to study basic Christian values realise only afterwards, life becomes less of a struggle when we are confronted with difficulties; but of course one’s conduct in all cultures will be efficacious in life’s quest. The Bible encourages the reader to practice tolerance and forgiveness, and to be conversant, how each of us can bring forth a yield and store some goods for those whose seed has sadly fallen within the fields of pain.

As our worldwide communication systems become ever more sophisticated and the human species swells into ever-larger numbers, the virtues of sharing the global resources, above all, clean air, food and water for all, becomes more confronting year by year. Many who seek answers about such complexities don’t realise a large part of this knowledge has been documented for us millennia’s ago. But where within the avalanche of information, above all spiritual information, can one find the elementary rules to felicity? How do we, being almost burdened by opportunity and worldly goods, rid ourselves of the world’s selfish vagaries and instead seek out the recipe to contentment that culminates within the sphere of truth? How, would you think, does the biblical, of what was a new Spiritual neology to the people back then, intertwine two thousand years later with today’s modern life style?  

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