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Everybody has a backpack or a useful piece of luggage to hold their information and improvement treasures.

The collection of chapters in this book holds a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

By having a copy of Knowledge is Power in your possession you will always be in a position to give answers and guidance on a range of important topics.

Some of us know the answers some of the time, but not all of us know the answers all of the time.

Being able to assist others when it is needed is like being a bright star on a dark night.

All of us at some point will be given a gift that we will remember forever.

Award yourself with knowledge and it will always keep you safe and secure.

A question is asked and an answer is given, for this you will be rewarded.

Having the power to help others means you have earned the title of being a knowledgeable human being.


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ISBN: 978-1-922229-57-1
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:133
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover Design—Zeus Publications 2014
Cover: Clive Dalkins


Michael Mason
Publisher: Zeus Publications

Date Published: 2014
Language: English




By including some of the background of his life the author feels it will give the content of this book a far greater meaning to all the readers.

Michael Mason was born in England and immigrated out to Australia at the age of eight. He has had the privilege of living in a variety of different locations in this country; in nearly all the capital cities and some of the smaller towns.

In 1952 his mother brought him to Australia; to the land of opportunity as it was referred to in those days. They landed at the sea port in Melbourne. He was to spend a great deal of his life in Victoria, but that was to happen at a later date. They only stayed a short time in Victoria after their disembarkation off of a P&O vessel, they both moved to a small town called Toronto which is nestled in the Lake Macquarie District of Newcastle in NSW. This was where Michael grew up, went to school, and finally attended a college in Newcastle to complete his education.

At the age of 23years he returned to England where he spent a further twelve months furthering his education. A year later after returning from the UK again by ship, Michael married into a show-business family. His wife was a wonderful lady; she was an experienced tap dancer, a scriptwriter and a Vaudeville performer. They were together for 36 years before she passed away at the age of eighty-three. She was 22 years his senior. 

He is now happily married for the second time his life and he is retired and lives on the Gold Coast. Now in his late sixties; having been through numerous experiences, some good some not so good, he believes that he has reached a time in his life that he can safely write about occurrences that have happened to him. Having also been connected to his own and other families, friends and acquaintances where some of the events that are in the book have actually happened to them, he has fortunately been able to be a witness to a lot of the events written in the forthcoming chapters. 

The importance of this book; and this can be found on every page explaining that it is better to be informed about things in life, thus be prepared. So if the words on a page once read can change one person’s life from a negative to a positive attitude, then the book is a success. Hence the title Knowledge is Power. 



There is a possibility that certain occurrences may happen to some people during their lives. The content in this book is meant to advise its readers of the information that is available to them in the real world. The background to the material in each section is real; reference to any characters throughout this book is fictional.


Not all the material in this ‘manual’, as I call it, will immediately be of reference to all age groups. As different individuals read and absorb the mountain of information that is in the book, the contents in each section can be stored for future knowledge and used whenever necessary.


When one becomes aware of the important facts contained in this book, it is important to remember that all the happenings that are mentioned can affect any number of human beings at some point in their life. It is comforting to know that having these facts at one’s fingertips means all one has to do is consult this book at any time to find some answers that may help.


I am sure that this information will be of assistance to all age groups, from teenagers to retirees, as the need arises to confront the challenging experiences that may incur during their life here on earth.


Use this book like you would use the services of a personal trainer, allowing your mind, body and soul to build and grow strong, with the knowledge that you are developing your character and becoming a super human being.


To the majority of the community it is better to be forewarned and forearmed; this can be the difference between success and failure.




Making new friends and acquaintances or being accepted in a new environment can be a huge challenge. The scenario that follows could relate to any student at any school in any town.


A teenager had just moved into a new neighbourhood, but found settling into a new environment with mum and dad challenging. Everything seemed great, the new school was good and the other students were being kind and helpful. There were new friendships being made … but not everything felt right.


There was a small group of students that kept to themselves and this posed a real challenge to the new kid on the block: that of being accepted into what looked like an intellectual group. Being admitted into the right group has got to be a plus when you want to fit in and do well at a new school.


Unbeknown to the new student the wheels of fate were already in motion; to be approached to join an exclusive gang is better than trying to force a way in and being rejected. After being accepted into the club, getting to know this small group of students wouldn't have been so difficult if they were studious and likeable too, but the situation was not as appealing as it previously looked.

One day the new member of the group was asked to attend a meeting after school with the rest of the select gang at a remote area; this was to be the initiation ceremony, at which new members were informed of the rules of this small elite club.


At the meeting the new member was given a task to perform. A small and unusual assignment, but the student knew this individual act would be classed as petty crime in the eyes of the law.


As it was the last day of school for the week the task had to be completed during the weekend.


This student, who was as intelligent as the rest of this group, had to make a snap decision as to whether to accept the task.


If the answer is No:


A. It might be an instant dismissal out of the club.


B. This group is going to carry out this crime anyway and will do it in such a way that the new student will get the blame.


C. Because the proposed member of the club knows of the crime, he may have been punished for not remaining silent.


Hence the answer is Yes.


This answer also holds some complications:


A. The club may keep the new recruit’s involvement in the crime quiet or hold it against him at a future date.


B. They may leave him holding the bag if things go wrong.




C. The answer being ‘Yes’ gave the new student time to think and assess the situation.


Settling on the answer being a ‘Yes’ gave the new student time to think on how to incriminate all the others in the gang with this crime and vanish from the group as though there had been no involvement in the first place.


Over the weekend the new student used every available moment to set up the ploy, telling immediate family and the police about being the victim in this proposed crime and they all agreed to play along in the charade.


There would be the new member of the group playing the part in this petty ploy at the start, so by the time the whole thing came crashing down around them the rest of the group had no idea as to what had gone wrong. This meant it all came down according to plan in favour of the new student.


The plan of attack was executed so well by the police and the would-be victim that the rest of the group never did find out who snitched. Soon after the charade the whole group disbanded.


The moral of this story is, and it can happen in lots of different circumstances, the desire to be accepted sometimes needs careful consideration.


Not all things are as good as they look when they are seen for the first time.


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