Dream, Hope, Dare and Despair:

Journey to Nowhere.

Journey to Nowhere, is the heart-wrenching story of a devoted couple's desire and eventual despair at trying to have a baby. It takes the reader on their journey of pain, loss and the heartbreak associated with their eventual diagnosis and dealings with endometriosis.

A little-known condition, endometriosis is painful, frightening and heartbreaking, not to mention difficult to diagnose, and is something that affects thousands of women and their partners, every day of their lives.

Journey to Nowhere takes readers through Karen's highs and lows; the lows associated with endometriosis and failed I.V.F. treatments, not just from the medical view of this debilitating disease. It also shows the emotional roller coaster for the patient, their partner, their families and work colleagues.

Share the thoughts of both Karen and her husband Jeff on a journey once so full of hope, as they take us through all their heartbreak at not being able to have the family they both once dreamed of, and despite remaining childless, see the family that they have become today.

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ISBN: 1-92100-545-9
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 391
Genre: Non Fiction



Author: Karen Doenitz 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2005
Language: English


Author profile

Karen Doenitz was born on the 2nd November 1965 and has lived on the Gold Coast for most of her life. She married Jeff in 1994, and they have now been happily married for 101/2 years. It was during these years that her battle with endometriosis took place. 

Writing a book was the furthest thing from Karenís mind, until her dream of one day having a family was taken away from her. On March 28th 2002 she had a hysterectomy, the result of her many painful years with endometriosis. Although both Jeff and Karen were devastated, she knew that some good could come from a bad situation by sharing her story with other women. After many years of pain and heartbreak, Karen feels that Journey to Nowhere has given that pain a purpose. By sharing her experiences with others, Karen hopes to help those on the same journey. Although it wasnít her destiny to become a mum, Karen believes it was her destiny to write this book. 

With her husband Jeff, Karen has tried to put the past behind her. They are now looking forward to the future and the challenges that lie ahead.




My name is Karen and I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in February 1994, after being mis-diagnosed for two years. In the years to come one operation was followed by another. It became an emotional roller-coaster ride that has changed, forever, not only my life, but my husbandís as well. Little did Jeff know when he married me that endometriosis would become his nightmare as well.  Jeff agreed to put his thoughts and feelings at the end of each chapter, as although endometriosis affected only me on a physical aspect, its impact and subsequent infertility became very much a two-person journey. The emotional impact as well as how differently we often saw some things, is very evident as our story unfolds. 

On the 28th of March 2002, I made the heart-breaking decision to go ahead with a hysterectomy, after surgery in January 2002 revealed I had no other option.  My gynecologist said it was all or nothing; no more could be done.   

My husband and I had been actively trying to have a baby for eight years, including eleven failed I.V.F. attempts in six years, the last five using two different egg donors.  Our only reason for going through all that we did was to have our own family. When that option was taken away I decided that I had not suffered this much just to end up with nothing.                                       

I had started a short story twelve months earlier, and with the encouragement and full support from Jeff, I decided to write a book that came straight from my heart.                     

Both my gynaecologist and I.V.F. specialist, Dr. Korman, and my gynaecologist and endometriosis specialist, Dr. Henderson, felt that a patient perspective was badly needed. They have guided and supported me all the way. I have never written anything in my life, but both Dr. Korman and Dr. Henderson said to just write it as you are and that will be enough. (Dr. Korman reckons it will be entertaining if nothing else!)  

As my story unfolds, you will realise that Iím a bit of a wag (or so Iíve been told) and I have tried to keep things light-hearted, though it was not always possible. I cannot have a baby now, but feel my calling is to try to help someone else.  If my book helps even one person through an I.V.F. attempt, endometriosis pain, makes surgery a little more comfortable, or touches you in any way; I will feel that I have done what I set out to do. 

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I wanted to find out as much as I could about the disease, but found information quite limited.  Most books I read said the same thing and tended to deal only with mild to moderate endometriosis. I had a very aggressive type of disease that had a major effect on our I.V.F. attempts as well as our lives. I have never read anything that remotely related to the way I felt. Doctors' books were complicated and didnít deal with a patient perspective. I just wanted to read something that would make me say to myself, 'Yeah, thatís how I feel too'. I hope by writing my book, I can save some women from the same frustration, as there still seems to be limited information available, particularly from the patient perspective.   

I also aim to heighten public awareness of endometriosis and the perception that it is just something that gives women pain during their period each month.  Endometriosis is in fact the most debilitating womenís disease affecting 1 in 10 Australian women.        The sad part is that so many people havenít even heard of the disease and if they have, donít fully understand what it is, and how it affects your life.  It is as common as asthma or diabetes, yet there is very little research or study into finding a cure. 

I do have a selfish motive for writing this book: if I hadnít been writing after my hysterectomy, I would have crawled into a hole so deep it would have taken me months or even years to crawl out. The knowledge that my book could help others kept me going when I was down, and it became my baby.

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