The Pod Babies series is born purely out of Mary De Nooyer’s love for children. The inspiration of nature; her love of the Jacaranda tree in her own back yard and her great imagination have resulted in these short bedtime stories. Mary enjoyed sharing these stories with her own four children. She now hopes that they will help to teach children good manners and values.  

They are thrilling, educational and at the same time, capture the young ones’ attention and hearts, embracing our very beautiful and colourful country, its forests, beaches and large range of animals and insects.  

These are her stories of the adventures of the Jacaranda Pod Babies in our very own Australian bush.  

Mary hopes that you and children everywhere have many happy hours of reading her bedtime stories.  

These are her gifts of love.

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ISBN: 1-9211-1845-8
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 210
Genre: Children's Fiction




Author: Mary De Nooyer
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2006
Language: English


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The Jacaranda

Pod Babies… The Beginning






Once upon a time deep in the forest, five of many seeds that fell to the ground were nourished and fed by the early morning dew and the warm rays of the sun. In time the miracle of life occurred. Thus five childlike Babes, the size of a fingernail, were born.


Introducing the adventurous five:

Joe appears to be the eldest and the leader of the group.

Percy likes to hunt and be the provider.

Shara is the most creative.

Penny always seems to get herself into trouble.

China is the youngest and gets all the easy jobs.


These tiny beings, almost human like, spent their time hiding and surviving in the forest the best way they could. So the day-to-day adventures of the Pod Babies began.   

The night was closing in fast and the Pod Babies were lost cold, hungry and frightened; that was until Jack Crow flew by.

Mr Crow, who had landed on a nearby branch, cawed to get the Babies’ attention. “I will help you,” he said, “just you wait here.” And off he flew. How powerful he looked, his large wings all glossy and black.

Penny Pod said rather weakly, “Can we trust him?”

Joe advised the group and said, “We have nothing to lose, we must put our trust in Mr Crow.”

All was silent except for the rustle of the breeze in the trees and the occasional call of the lyrebird.


Night was closing in and the Pod Babies were getting very tired.

They heard a noise from above and saw Mr Crow flying back with a large seedpod in his beak. He flew down and placed it at the feet of the Babies. Mr Crow said, “This seedpod is already open and I have many more. Get each one ready as your beds and I’ll be back with the rest.”                                                     

The Babies had so much fun collecting petals and flowers for their beds that they forgot how tired they were. Shara was the most creative of the five and layered her pod with wild rose petals.

The others tried leaves but soon found them to be itchy. After that they all used rose petals.


Percy in the meantime had come across some berries soft and red; he had seen a bird eating the berries and collected some in his hat. When Percy returned he discovered Mr Crow already had collected five seedpods and the other Babies were getting settled for the evening.

Percy asked Mr Crow about the berries, as he didn’t know what they were and if they were safe to eat.

Mr Crow then introduced himself to the Babies. “I am Mr Jack Crow; you can call me Jack if you like. I know this area and what you have there are wild raspberries, plump, wholesome food, very good for you if you are hungry.”

All the Babies got together and invited Mr Crow to eat with them, as he had worked very hard. After they had eaten the berries Joe said, “Thank you Jack, if it wasn’t for you we would be very hungry and have nowhere to sleep, instead we have beds and food.”

Wearily the Babies climbed into their pods and said goodnight to each other. China being the smallest Pod Baby crawled in first.

“Goodnight everyone,” she called out loudly.

There were tears in each of the Baby’s eyes. Tears of happiness.

“We are safe now,” Penny said.

Just when they were settled, out of the bush came a small baby bear. All the Babies woke with a start.

“Hello, I’m lost and have nowhere to stay the night, may I stay with you? I have been watching and I’m scared and lonely.”

All the Pod Babies answered at once, much to their surprise. “Yes please do, you can sit on a bed and protect us.”

So bear sat on one bed and looked after them, making sure the Babies were comfortable, and promising he would keep a friendly eye from above, Mr Jack Crow flew away.

“Thank you,” the Pod Babies cried, “we will miss you.”

Settling down in between the soft petals, all was silent, except for the quiet sound of snoring.


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