You are now entering a world you may only have heard about as Urban Legend and hearsay.

So come with me on a short journey of enlightenment, which will save you money and could save your sanity.

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ISBN: 1-9211-1849-0
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 80
Genre: Non Fiction 

Cover: Clive Dalkins


Author: Mark A. Bruhwiller 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2006
Language: English



As a baby boomer, living under a nuclear cloud your whole life, one can become cynical and soul searching.  

Mark served his country throughout his life in one form or another.  

From the armed forces to the public service.

From bus driver to cabbie.

From hospital administration to mature age student.

From mature age uni student to self-employment.

From self employed to restaurant manager.

From single parent to car salesman.  

Mark was sure he could write a book on his experiences prior to accidentally falling into the motor trade.

His intention in writing this book is to provide an easy to read small account of his experience, for all ages, to easily and quickly absorb.

The motor trade is where he found his inspiration, and the only people he acknowledges above all are his mum and dad, and his partner, whose faith in him has never wavered.        



Isn’t it funny how baby-boomers always want to write books? Whether the stories are good, bad or indifferent we do have a story to tell.

Let’s face it, in a world gone mad over the last half century, there has got to be a market in storytelling in this age of self-awareness, and the continuing search for the meaning of life.

This little book isn’t about self-awareness or the meaning of life.

It’s about you and me and that pile of mind-bending, budget-breaking machinery; the motorcar.

And it’s for you, for my partner (who believes the purchase of something should be a pleasant experience), and my brother.

He put forward the point of view (as a post-war baby boomer too) that this story should be all common sense to the potential reader.                                 

            A good point.

However, get involved with an experienced salesperson that can present a product (be it anything) with which you can fall in love. Then the result is an absence of ‘common sense’.  

Any business, requiring the signature of a buyer on a contract, has become a high pressure, dodgy minefield, and full of shady, mentally anaemic (physically as well in too many cases) characters who will do almost anything to bind you to that contract.

None more so than the motor trade.     

I started writing this book four years ago, and then half way through I stopped; but like a moth to a flame I was drawn back into the motor trade by the money, excitement, locality, fringe benefits, and bizarre everyday occurrences. An objective person may consider that the motor trade attracts the likes of other people unemployable in the ‘outside world’. I could be safe in saying that the employers outside the motor industry would not employ a salesperson (I’m one of them) and/or manager from the world of car sellers. 

Hence I was drawn back into the nightmare.


Some of the content I’ve had to update since I first published this little story, however, the message is the same. Please read on to absorb my message, and DO NOT let emotions cloud your judgment when choosing your ‘new’ or ‘second-hand’ vehicle.

You may buy the car of your dreams, in an emotional cloud, that doesn’t really suit your needs. 

Two door instead of four. Sedan instead of a wagon. Small car for economy, when your need is for a family size car.

In today’s climate of escalation in petrol prices people may buy the wrong vehicle based on fuel economy too. Remember for a few dollars more per week you could have the right car to suit your needs, which will then last for years without having to change.


I can tell you now that mistakes can cost you thousands, when you change to another vehicle, using emotions rather than practicalities.

Think of it this way. A vehicle bought new, now one to two years old with very low kilometres, traded in earlier than you would normally, obviously has to be (when retailed for a ‘profit’ by the dealer) thousands of dollars from the new car price. Be prepared to tear up five thousand dollars plus the minute you drive your new car out of the showroom.

But what is your old vehicle worth?

Remember you are getting out of your car for a reason when selling, therefore, what makes you think someone will want to get into it?

In practical terms the market dictates your vehicle’s value.

It’s called ‘Supply and Demand’.

Insurance companies, vehicle valuation magazines and books, the Internet and your friends and relatives are not actually buying or selling your vehicle, therefore their market appraisals are only a basic guide. 

Very basic.

On many occasions I have had to deflate peoples’ expectation of their vehicle’s worth. They enter a dealership with books, magazines, computer printouts, insurance policies and friends/relatives (who know best, don’t they!) who all have their own ideas of car valuations.

Again it is only ‘supply and demand’ dictating the value of your car.

And again, remember you are getting out of your car for a reason when selling. What makes you think someone else will want to buy your old car?

And what of buying a replacement vehicle!

Get an independent mechanical inspection. This will save a loss of a friend (who has meant well) when things begin to go wrong, and/or turns you away from the car you want for no apparent reason. This person could be jealous of your potential purchase, and/or doesn’t want to be responsible for advising you to buy a vehicle in case something should go wrong in the future.

Again, go independent.

And would you put your life in the hands of ‘Eddie the Expert’ when buying your car? Does Eddie (your pal) really know best?

Keep in mind also that a vehicle sight unseen (or from a photo) could be worth thousands less than what the seller wants for it. Ask yourself:

Has the logbook been maintained?

Have the interior and exterior been maintained? Remember smoking in your car will devalue it.

What about the motor/transmission?

These things cannot be detected from a photo, and in the harsh light of day the badly maintained vehicle may be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, less than the value of the same properly maintained vehicle.

These things will be covered as you read on. I may even repeat myself; however, I doubt you will be bored as I try to enlighten you just a little.


An Overview  


As this exposé was written over some time I’ve noticed some positive changes have taken place within the industry, although time and again I still hear of things that would curl your hair.

Over-demanding dealership owners (dealer principals) and their managers are really causing grief throughout the industry among staff, and to this day I will maintain most of these ‘pirates’ would not have a job outside of the industry in any managerial position. Or for that matter, any position at all.

As with most politicians who fall under the spell of having excessive executive power, and who work in an underhanded, and even a backhanded way, nothing seems to pique them into fair and positive action unless they are bludgeoned verbally to death, and exposed. So it is with dealer principals.

However, decent dealerships with decent intentions will embrace this book; vociferous belligerents will spit and spew venom (I, at times, have been guilty of dishonest behaviour as I became more and more involved in the industry).

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘the best view of heaven is from hell’? I could not have written this book unless I had sat with the devil.

In Chapter Five (THE PRODUCT) I touched on trying to reduce the death toll among our youth by mentioning the introduction of reducing power-to-age motor vehicles to new drivers. This has come to fruition in New South Wales recently (home of the author).

Also, in Chapter Five, the use of ethanol looks to be mandatory in the not too distant future (how long did this take?).

Let’s now push the biodiesel answer (not question), hence reducing the stranglehold by oil companies on motorists and the transport industry, at the same time keeping a rein on tax and excise. This will be the real battle when it comes to alternate fuel supplies.


Women buyers in the marketplace have now become a real influence and force to be reckoned with. And so they should be.

I’ve always been happy to deal with women without any male involvement, whereas colleagues have had a put-down mentality towards female buyers, which in the end, obviously, hasn’t got them anywhere.


Along with this book, there are a couple of great web sites to help the lady buyer make the correct choice when buying.



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