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Howling on a Concrete Moon

georges secret
George's Secret

Where To My Love?

a buddha from byron
A Buddha from Byron




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Zeus Publications is an Australian-owned business that has helped over a thousand authors  from around the world to publish their books.

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New and Recent Releases:

farmers fury cover
Farmer's Fury

a time lessd frantic cover
A Time Less Frantic
band aid It cover
Bandaid It
one hundred smiles
One Hundred Smiles
run around the block
Run Around the Block

gods messages
God's Messages
nightmare in paradise
Nightmare in Paradise
Goodbye Miss Burple
No Excuse
common mans australia cover
The Common Man's Australia
safe places safe hands
Safe Places Safe Hands

ian barclay story
The Ian Barclay Story: Going to the N’th Degree

ideology cover
When Ideology Goes Wrong
Dhana - The Beginning
understanding spacial now time 
Understanding Spacial Now Time
Tom Randall Undercover Agent
Television Blues
through and after cover
Through and After

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"The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them."
.......Jackie Collins

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Any book donations are gratefully accepted
 by the children in Papua New Guinea - thank you.

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The ending of Mark's Gospel - second edition
Bandaid It - Leanne Jackson
A Time Less Frantic - by Gordon Carr
God's Messages - by Sonia Hope St.Claire
When Ideology Goes wrong - Anthony Frank
Run Around The Block - Alan Carlton
The Common Man's Australia - Rhonda Godfrey Gibson
Brightwater by Francis M. Boggs
George's Secret by David Thirgood
Understanding Spacial Now time by Randall Canham

The Ian Barclay Story: Going to the N’th Degree by Mike Spruzen
No Excuse by Peter Ferguson
Short of Love by Martin Knox
Farmer's Fury by John Scarbrow 
Howling on a Concrete Moon - Simone Bailey
One Hundred Smiles by Peter Taylor

Where to my Love? by JohnHeussler

Undercover Agent by Roger Wood
The Fair Dinkum Fifties and Sixties by Kevin Rogers
Never to be Eight by Karen Newburn
The Ending of Mark's Gospel - Dr. Peter E, Lewis
Conflict on the Yangtze - by Greg Kater

Time to Lift the Veil by Leanne Jackson
The Mystery of Ferndale Station - Gordon E.Carr

All There Was - James Mannell
Piece of Heaven - Lena Houston

Gut Reloaded - Dr. Paul Froomes
Kids Among Men - Doug Hayes
The Book of Spells - Adam Mayhew

The Lure of Distant Shores - Evelyn Gordon Dyson
A Buddha from Byron - Sunion C. Matheson
No more bets - Ken MacKenzie
A History of Zion Lutheran Church & Congregations in Gympie by Nolene Stark

Francis Goes To India by Sonia McNulty
Nightmare In Paradise by Irene Waters
A Very Chequered Career - Garry Maher
Imagine - Ashley Byrnes

Two Solicitors and a Berry by John Scarbrow

Through and After - Eric Barnett 
Skills of the Warramunga - Greg Kater
Charles Darwin and Genesis by Eric Barnett
Twins - David Thirgood
Men - Delo Johnson
One Lifetime - Tony Robinson, Joan Robinson & Nellie Quinn

Children of the Light - Monique and Michael Morgan
Rise of the Gomeral -Jeff Pages
A Potter's Notebook - John O'Connell
Rebel Island - Leanne Jackson 

The World Between Lives 4 - Ken Morita

Goodbye Miss Burple - Ron Desiatnik
Across the Wash - Leigh Code
What Quantum Science Taught Us -
Hugo Rodriquez
Alcohol and Pregnancy Second Edition - Elizabeth (Anne) Russell
Presumed Dead - Martin Knox
Televison Blues - Gordon Carr
Echoes of Alcheringa - C.J. Forrest
The Warramunga's War - Greg Kater
Errors of Eden - Helen Gael
Francis goes to Iceland - Sonia McNulty
Y-B-Lonely - Pat O'Brien
The Big Shot - Doug Hayes
Man Know Thyself - Curtis Yates
Oodles of E.S.P. - Anna V. Palmer

The Immortal larrikin - Gary J. Burrett
Corrupt Love - John Trigger
To Music - An Anthology - Dulcie M. Stone
A Darker Horse -Carline Bouilhet
2018 Runner's Diary - Robert Dickison
Poetic Planet - Ashika Power Ram
Ilse..a life - Joyce Berendes
Life, Story and a Smile 
James Perram
Shot at the Title - Ken MacKenzie
5 Cent Pickle Sayings on behalf of Pickle me Grandmother Volume 2  - Jenny Gail
Once Upon a Lie - by Helen Denkha
To Seek Beyond the Known: John Lambert
There's something about Carla - Adam Mayhew
Give it a Go - by Derek Rintel
George Overton Intervenes - by Roger Wood
Dhana: The Beginning - Darcy Allen
Identity and Mr Maslow - Paul Frisby
Stolen Hours - Gordon Carr
Diamantina Remembers - Diamantina Shire Council
Down on his Luck - Ted Cavey
The Paddo Boys - Peter Coman
Songs of a Poet Lorikeet - Peter Meggitt
Diced Fruit and Yoghurt - David Thirgood
The Patagonian Lament - J.F. O'Connor
Speak with Me - Caroline Glen
The Dog Catcher from Keister North - Paul Frisby
Sage's Saga - Peter Wise

Cooyar - Sandra L. Rogers
Prism - an anthology - Owen Tilley

Give us the Tools - Dulcie M. Stone
Is someone really watching? Marguret Price

My Name is Patrick Hagen -  Roger Wood
Man Child - John Denison
Family Secrets - Mary Chapman
She Shall Have Music - Juliet Hoey

Travels with Edna - Frank Brabazon Rudd
Mazurka - Meredith Paterson
Every Soul has Two Lives – Leanne Jackson
Between Two Pyramids – Leanne Jackson
A Pope's Confession -
Coby Dyrek James
A Piece of my Mind (Verse and Worse) Barrie Blakeway
Paradise is Underwater – Scoresby Shepherd
Law in a Shrinking World – Gordon Carr
The Gift - Adam Mayhew
The Kiwi Connection - John Meskell
The Formula - To Say To Do To Be - Reverend Peter Rudge
By Touch Alone - Jean Chapman
The Time Before - James H. Mannell
Him and Me - Nick Moran
Red Norfolk - Allan Kashmer
The Improbable Reporter - Kevin Norbury
A Dangerous Journey Home - Hugh Thomson

Southern Cross Rising - R.K. Hale

Tarshan - John Stuart Sullivan
Black Cargo - Vaughan Ponsford

Pulse Of Power - Graham Brammer
The Bridge At Braunau-Am-Inn -Christopher Masterman
The Art Of Coffee Cup Reading - Lana Nicolaou


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