IMAGE - 52 Weeks To A New you


Image is the author’s journey from the world of modelling and television into the world of self-discovery and the meaning of life through sincere self-examination. 
It is dedicated to unveiling your inner beauty and exploring ways to enhance your life from within, so you can live a more fulfilling life on the outside. A guide to living the good life and having an image you only dreamed possible. 
It’s about taking care of yourself and appreciating your beauty and imperfections and transforming them into your new image. Through her unique perspective the author addresses the many issues that have challenged her and offers guidance on how to overcome them. 
As you progress through the 52 weeks you will learn ways to live with purpose, fulfilment and joy. 
Image is a personal journey of discovery and as is said repeatedly, “You’re only decisions away from the image you desire.”  

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ISBN:  1 921005 20 3
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 171
Genre:  Non Fiction/Self Help




Author: Kerrie Friend
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2006
Language: English


About The Author  

Kerrie Friend began her career as an international model who quickly became an Australian celebrity with the history making television program, “Perfect Match”. Although she enjoyed her success she realized she had many questions about life and herself and decided to seek answers. Her exploration increased when she moved to the USA as an unknown actress leading to her most important role, herself. She admits she will always be a work in progress, but she also says, “Knowing who you truly are, is a gift everyone should pursue.” Kerrie continues her work as an international actress and television presenter and has a production company, Heaven on Earth Productions with her writer/producer Husband but she is also passionate about helping others find their image and “be all they’re intended to be”.


I am her greatest critic and biggest fan, and she is my greatest challenge and reward. If I can love a human being more on this planet it will be her. This book, no matter what its success, works. I have seen the toil, the tears, and the triumph that go behind every word and have watched the ideas work in me. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or by its simple common sense. In my experience with this book I have found that common sense, when put into use, becomes uncommon sense. It opens a portal inside you where light flows freely and exposes every inadequacy within your character. Through the ugliness a magic occurs that supernaturally brings beauty for ashes, and reveals a “you” that you never knew.  

The process that has created this book has been a five-year journey that was birthed out of the frail humanity of a loving soul, and an attempt to reach out and make a difference in others’ lives. Kerrie is no longer the person she once was, and because of her, I am no longer the same either. We have made many mistakes and misjudged situations, but by holding on to what is right according to our spirits, we have learnt, grown, and deepened because of our collective experience. Perfect only in our imperfection, but like the book says, “There are perfect moments”, and it is in those moments that we see a lifetime and create a meaningful memory.  

This book has healed me of myself, and I believe it will heal others from themselves. It has taught me the meaning of acceptance, first of myself, and then of others. I am more tolerant, forgiving, wiser, and loving because of it. Between its lines is the power of an infinite God and a life worth struggling through to serve others. I have learned from this book that I am a work in progress and that’s okay, because no matter how many times I fall, I can get back up and keep on trying, because my life isn’t about me. I often read the short chapters of this book and find myself, over time, thinking more about what wasn’t said as much as what was said. As you read them, listen to your “still, small voice” and hear what they say to you. I am of the opinion that each person will have their own unique experience and hear something entirely different than someone else.  

I still marvel at the fact that these thoughts come from my wife, and that she has changed so dramatically from within. On the outside she still seems to be the same person with the same personality, but there is a vein that runs deeper now into an infinite source that can only be God. I am a man of faith and have believed from the moment I met Kerrie that she was meant to impact people and touch their lives. I never knew the writer, but I’m glad I’ve met her, and I am extremely proud of the effort she has put into this book. She has showed a resolve and courage beyond herself, and as you read her thoughts, know that you are reading a kindred spirit. Image - 52 Weeks to a New You is the beginning of a lifetime journey and I hope only the beginning to a series of books she has in her heart. I don’t say these things because she is the love of my life, my best friend, or my wife. I say these things because I have seen and felt in my own heart the change that these thoughts can make. She says it best, “Take the time to open your heart and listen and you will hear a guidance that is not your own. The process of reaching out is being determined enough to reach in and find the answer.” Amen.    
Kenn Copenhaver



I started my journey at seventeen aspiring to be an ancient history or art teacher, but instead was “discovered” – having no prior thoughts of becoming a model - I became an international model, and after that began my career in television where I became co-host on one of Australia ’s highest rating programs ever, “Perfect Match”. When it ended I decided I wanted to learn more about the career I had become passionate about and set off to study acting in the USA . What I didn’t know when I took off on that journey all of those years ago was that I was going to gain entire new chapters of my life. I knew intuitively life had to be about more than just striving for success, how we looked and what we had. But what I never realized was how little I knew about “life and myself”. It soon became devastatingly clear how lost I really was.  

My journey into the unknown world of finding out who I truly was and about life is the reason this book exists today. This is how it was birthed: in the search for my truth. So often we never dig deep enough to get to know the person that dwells deep within us. Until one day we find out we don’t know who we are or why we’re here. It can happen at anytime during your life but I guarantee you at some stage, if you haven’t searched for your truth you’ll begin to question who you are and what’s your reason for being here?  

As I began my excavation I read many books and sought many people who helped with my discovery. And it was during this exploration that I realized I desired to help others who wanted to engage in their own search, by helping guide them to their truth.  

When you arrive in a foreign land and you know only one other person and no one knows you, you observe life from a very different perspective. You all of a sudden have no history, and nothing is familiar and you can become fearful and courageous like never before.  

I was no longer famous nor did I have anyone to reach out to other than my frequent phone calls back to Australia . I was very lonely and frightened, yet I was also very alive. I knew I had begun making the first steps towards knowing who and what I was. It was also when I realized I had no spiritual life, and that I was immature, a wisher and I knew little about life outside of the very comfortable existence I had lived for the past twenty-six years.  

I began asking the big questions like, “What is life really about?” “Why am I here?” “Who does it matter to that I’m alive?” I had lived a whirlwind of success for almost ten years until then and hadn’t given much thought to any of this before. Honestly, I hadn’t bothered because I was successful and I thought (incorrectly) that because I was I had a lot of the answers already. How WRONG I was! And what a false world of untruth I had lived in.  

When you’re busy doing other things, you don’t think about much else, but when you slow down, especially when you’re living somewhere distant you begin hearing your truth. I found emptiness in my heart that hadn’t been filled by any success or fame. In fact I recognized how little “life” experience I had and that the emptiness had lived deep within me for years. I began seeking answers about where it came from and why it was still there. I was beginning to unveil my truth.   

My “meaning of life questioning” came with the surprise that the more I learned about life, the less I knew. And I thought I had all of the answers. Ouch! I began understanding that our lives and our image are a journey, not a destination, but a discovery. When we begin to accept that we “know little” that’s when we gain what we need.   

This is easier said than done, especially when some of us think we can control life and have our plans about how things will transpire in our life. This is good in theory but the problem is life’s unfortunate events can happen to us all at sometime or another. And it’s necessary to be as prepared in life for these times as much as you can. Until then I didn’t know there was so much I didn’t know.  

I acknowledged that if I was going to understand why I was here, I was going to have to let go of my many preconceived ideas about life and focus on unveiling the truth that lived inside me. This resulted in some very ugly moments but eventually these brought clarity and an appreciation for life, something I had never truly done before. Until then I had in no way seen being alive as the privilege it is.  

Image was born out of uncertainty and my pursuit to understand life and what my image represents. It’s about the things I’ve learned through trial and a lot of error and the awareness that we are a spirit, we have a soul - mind, will and emotions - and we live in a body and these all create our image.   

It’s about fully comprehending that each of us have our individual lessons to learn and unique opportunities to grow and develop our own character. It’s recognizing that everything in life has a beginning and an end, and every ending is a new beginning. It’s understanding the fact that even our failures are victories because of what we learn from them and that nothing is wasted because it’s knowledge that gets stored in our past. Eleanor Roosevelt ( US President Roosevelt’s wife) said it best, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience and when you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the things you think you cannot do.”  

Image is about being brave enough to step beyond your comfort and challenge yourself with growth. It is the beginning of self-discovery that can fuel your life forever. It’s about dreams, believing, excitement, intrigue, and leaps of faith that take you from who you are now to who you want to become. It’s about looking at your life as an unfinished story, and filling it with new chapters that are thrilling, meaningful, fulfilling and hopeful. And it’s giving it direction because a person without vision for their lives will surely perish.  

Our journey lasts a lifetime, so begin to ask yourself how you’re going to live it. Some of the most rewarding times of my life have been those when I didn’t have any clue how they would end. Like when I went to America I “thought” I was going for two years and then I was going home, yet in that chapter I met the love of my life, my husband, moving a couch in the Hollywood hills. Incredible things happen when we are fearless enough to step beyond what we know.  

This is not a dress rehearsal, you’re on stage right now giving the performance of your life and the curtain falls this lifetime. We don’t get encores or second runs so we need to ensure it’s lived with no regrets and will be remembered by those we’ve loved and those we’ve served.  

After years of searching for my truth I am still being transformed into the image I desire. I am being perfected and refined into God’s image of me and will be until I go home. The big difference now is that I can truthfully say I “know” who I am, the person I was intended to be.  

In the next fifty-two chapters you will be given an opportunity to reach higher and become a better version of yourself. Pursue your transformation thoroughly and be all that you are intended to be. The beautiful, one of a kind person you are, the best Image of You.


Change Your Life in 52 Weeks  

If you’ve chosen to read this book you are more than likely someone like I was who wanted to change their life, and is searching for answers and attempting to find out what truly is important in life. I pray with all of my heart that you receive help as you read each chapter. They are filled with answers and direction for you to discover your own truth. My intention is for it to be read a chapter a week, thought and meditated upon as you progress slowly through it on your journey into who you are, and who you want to become. I persuade you to take the time and take hold of the ideas and allow them to fill you in the unique way they are intended to help transform your life.  

When I first began seeking answers as to why I was here I often longed for one book that I could read that would help me. Of course there are many on different subjects but I wanted one that was an all inclusive life guide. I carried this thought with me for years until the birth of Image. My hope is that you use this book as a roadmap for your personal improvement into becoming your best image.  

Your life is a revealing of the truth that lives in you. You have everything and more within you to find this truth, because it is the key that unlocks the treasure for you to live your heaven on earth.  

Love Kerrie.


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