§  Self esteem – changing the way you see and think about yourself will improve your self esteem. 

§  Confidence – modify your negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk will show you how! 

§  Changing our thinking – set yourself realistic goals in life telling yourself you are a good person. 

§  Changing our attitudes – emphasise your strengths and learn to appreciate and act on them.   

“If we continue to do what we have always done – we will always get what we have always got.

“Nothing will ever change until we recognise the need to change whatever is in our lives that is preventing us being happy and contented and moving forward.” 

Teddy bear kisses last forever 

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ISBN:   978-1-92229-06-9
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 94
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: Eileen Fleming
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2013
Language: English

 Author Profile 

The author, Eileen Elizabeth Fleming, was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

She started her Professional Counselling Business in 1996 and continues to the present day.

Early in her career she learned that no two people are the same. Everyone is different and therefore requires different strategies and different plans to take them forward.

She believes it is important to involve her clients in their own part of their recovery, and in that way they can take ownership of the results achieved. Some clients need extra time and others move quite quickly towards achieving the goals they have set for themselves. 

Reviewing these goals often is vital so the client can see the progress being made.

One step at a time – one day at a time. That’s all it takes. And to begin to believe in yourself again.



Teddy Bears make the best friends because…


v They don’t tell you that you have bad breath

v They never borrow money

v They never beat you at Scrabble

v They never borrow your favourite T-Shirt

v They don’t laugh at your clothes

v They never leave the floor dirty

v They don’t complain when you eat potato chips in bed

v They don’t interrupt when you are talking

v They don’t outgrow you intellectually

v They don’t eat all your chocolate-chip cookies

v They never tell you that you’re too fat

v They don’t give away your secrets

v They never say ‘I told you so’

v They don’t get jealous of your friends

v They don’t embarrass you at parties

v They don’t get sick

v They don’t hog the bathroom

v They aren’t noisy and they don’t have fleas

v They are never disloyal, critical or unkind

v They don’t tell you how to drive

v They listen to all your problems


They always love you……Just the way you are  

I am hopeful that parents will be able to read this with their children and assist with the important ongoing communication that is so very much needed in today’s society. 

Communication involves listening as well as talking and hearing what is being said is sometimes the key to successful communication, and learn to live in the NOW! 


Communications are often expressed through body language.

No eye contact 

Blank stare

Arms crossed   

Turning away etc.


All these are signs that if we choose to ignore will only come back at a later time.

We have our children for only such a short time; let’s not waste a precious moment with the unimportant things. 


‘Those things that when we reflect

really mean nothing.’

Enjoy your children whilst you have them.

For they will soon be grown up and gone.

Memories however, last forever.


You are one of a kind – BE PROUD OF



You are what you show to others


We are all different.     

 We all need different things at different times.

We are all individuals.

 We are one of a kind. 

                               You are what you show others.

And that’s OK!



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