‘Make the Apocalypse Work for You’

 On a highway built for 120 kph I’m doing 40. The sign flew past not so fast. I hardly saw, but something deep inside DID. In this car is John of the State Penalties Enforcement Registry. SPER to its friends and he is on a case right now, to identify, pursue and capture a Person of Interest.

 Let’s hope it’s not someone you know. 

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ISBN:   978-1-921919-50-3
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 224
Genre: Fiction

Cover - Clive Dalkins

Author: MJ Meehan
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2012
Language: English

Chapter one







THIS IS THE END – Ringin, in-inging in my head, as I step onwards, on God only knows what lies under vulnerable soles. Up from beyond below, hardness needle’s the skin where worlds meet.  I can feel through my feet into the earth; the floor is littered with remains, walls, coarse under blind hands, carry meanings and seep in full life. And for once I’m listening.  Wyrds, exact combinations of sound, from symbols set, one tries to turn them round, upside down back to front in my head, to oppose their intent.  Internal I gouge affirmations within, to deflect their stark lettering, so slow the present to shape a future; stave of intention.


Ringin, in-inging  with every strained pump of blood, is telling me though, behind there is the woman I’m trying to reach and she is as far gone in suggestion, as one can go. Those in advance tried to warn me so, betraying its halves my mind double thinks, and wants me there with her, when I should be seconds ahead. Here with her where our connection’s passé; sly truths deceive, evocations from another’s heart she mouths, what it wants to hear. And I groan a little inwardly. It’s now crystal clear that I’d forgotten today purposefully and that I’ve already walked this tunnel before.


WW 2 – I was there. In the room, watching. I saw but it doesn’t mean much, not now, because I didn’t do anything, then.  That I respected, a chain of command; that, I followed the ideology of the party, pales in the full light of the hidden reasons of why. Of course, I try and convince myself, things were different that’s human nature. What can one man do? And I am damned because of it, or in spite. I know I contributed to the horror, I…I…I stewarded them, shepherded them to their demise. All I can offer now is that you put forward excuses. You hypothesize, you condemn with wooden explanations, but only in the first person can one say I hold the absolute.

It was at the end of the war, and he looked like, was like, all of the rest. He, at the end of his line, told me, with his life almost complete. Stood and spoke with a wry grimace belied, a smile behind old eyes, the real story of struggles. Heaven and hell and the Wyrd’s between.  

And when I think upon it, even now I don’t understand. It wasn’t just the story he verballed there was something else. For it punctuated my understanding; it transcended a snatch of me against time in space with sacred letters, he explained.

“That binary creates notion into life palpable.”

And for this confidence, he demanded a price from I, with Lugar in hand, the hostage.

“Don’t believe me, it’s all true.”

And the emerald in theses words coiled. Me, despite the specific orders not to, let his son, the young Jew, and his fiancée, her name was Paris, go. I don’t know, now, why for, because directives had been to kill them all. And then, with his life’s work complete, he wept, not for himself.

 But for my sins, for my ignorance, for my kind…he wept.

And the cruellest extension of me, a product of the times from the Hitler youth to now, with unbelief I immediately expelled, and relaxed into the ease of subpoena.


JC 45AD –

“Keep the Passover at thy house, do you understand?”

Nothing but blank in the looks he received told him otherwise. And he moved between them.

“Cast thy eye around the supports, the air holds as much as stone I tell you.”

And as if he was feeling out the height to the ceiling of the room, he sighed.

“If you keep my commandments you shall abide in love, first and foremost, love one another as I have loved you.”

Then he sat down with the twelve plus one. Though they ate greedily, he refused, mouthing: “Verily I say unto you. Tonight one of you shall seem to betray me.”

And they became exceedingly sorrowful.

Everyone said. “Lord, who is it?”

“It matters not,” he replied, as factly he viewed their hunger.

“I will not eat again until it be fulfilled in heaven, now the son of man indeed goeth with officialdom” And he took the bread, broke it, and dropped it upon the floor. “Where you go food will neither taste nor nourish unless you hold the truth.”

Behind them Judas left the room as if on cue and with a cup of red wine he poured upon the floor, black and white tiles, a sangrael circle.


“Remember, this is the blood of the true covenant, those shed for the many.”

They with downcast eyes gaped.

“I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine. Until that day I drink it anew in heaven, and think of the few, those that spill blood for the cause of this truth, heaven is contained in us all. The light bearers shall be put out of synagogues, betrayed by those who profess otherwise. And in the name of our lord, even your families will disown you.”

A ringin in-inging in his head followed. “Know that you are, what you attempt, in God’s service. Do your acts of intent in pureness only, because the outcast are defeated by the light. And when I depart, I will send absolution, the comforter to you. When the time is right, he will reprove this burden world. He shall shine like a beacon upon this ignorant planet, approve of righteousness and remove judgment. So be vigilant, for he comes at a point in time not yet written. And the condemned, those of lofty spirit, them of self absorption, those of unbelief and hypocrisy, the serpent will blind. And in the final days, an impostor, will claim to be of the root of the one tree that thy, he does not belong to. Not the rock of ages, he will insist tho, a ring to bear their’s, it is not. For they are counterfeit and they deceive, he is a flattener, a denier, a truce breaker; he aims to absorb light into blackness where he says love blooms. But he is unclean and knows him self damned. I say this, those that are foolish, not aware enough to listen and adjure, will fail, but to those with ears, remember me.”

“We, the council elect, will judge the prince of this world, this architect, when the spirit of mistruth arrives, you will know him. I say again, he the deceiver will speak of himself. What he sees he will covert, he will tell lies and show you only untruth. He shall mock me, he shall receive authority from the Wyrd and shall try to steal away your inheritance.”

“He is not who he says to be, his derivation is of lust and gluttony, parasites they are not unlike him the carrion bird. Do not listen to his protests, his words are conniving, they are poison-laced with honey and if it suits him he’ll sing of self pity, like the sirens’ songs.”

“I say unto you, unbelievers shall weep and lament on this day, of days and the foolish shall rejoice. You will have sorrow, but in the end your sorrow shall turn to joy. And when the hour comes all through sacrifice, you will realise what you have, is for all time. I tell you, falseness shall be scattered like flaxen seed to the winds, but as the mighty fig, the truth stays fixed to his own place.”

He lifted up his eyes to heaven and said. “Father, the hour is come, glorify the son that I also may glorify thee. As thy has given me power to flesh now shall give eternal life to as many. And as thy has given him the word to me who thou sent. I have glorified thee to those on the earth, finish the work grave me to do.  Father now glorify me with unquestionable courage, so that the light goeth from now, to this way leads.”

“I have manifested your name unto the men out of the world thine, and they believe I am true, I came out from thee and they have wisdom in that.”

And he looked over the room pillar, to post as if truly a shepherd.

“I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for them which you have given me, for they are mine and all mine are thine, and I am glory in them.”

“And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom few, that they may be one as we are, and always will.”

“I suffered like a man, to know to be, to learn; thus you provided. Knowledge is in the wisdom applied that truth comes from trials and suffering leads to the absolute. It strengthens me to know what is to befall. I have done this and none is lost. Now that the son’s of perdition lurk, so with footsteps cast before me, I walk in line, that the scripture might be fulfilled. I act and now come to you with these things, to be. I speak to the world, that they may have joy, in knowing, I have given them the word; and the world hates them because my lonely voice, rings with the clarity of truth. I pray not that you should take them out of the world, but keep them from evil. And sanctify them through their reality, as your word means devotion. And for their sakes, I pray.”

“And for them which shall believe in me, through the word that they all may be as one, as you, Father, are in me, that they be in us.  That at the very end some more might believe.”

“Then they be remade perfect and know righteousness, because the world knows not you, neigh it never has. Yet I know you and declare unto them your name that spells love. And light with equal forces that will banish darkness for ever more. I AM.”


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