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Esoterics of Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing


After a lifetime of spiritual searching, many years of occult practices, and 30 years of working as a Natural Therapist specialising in healing emotional issues, David clearly and concisely explains in the Handbook of Whacky Wisdom the ancient wisdom of the Masters generally not acceptable or understandable to the preponderance of mankind. 

In this practical non-fiction work the reader is exposed to some thought-provoking views on subjects from the basic to the more controversial and confronting. From the layperson to the spiritually aware, the reader is left with some very simple and useful self-help guidelines to assist them to easily manoeuvre through the minefield of universally available religious and spiritual information – which is at times intangible and confusing to the vast majority. 

Despite anyone’s past trials and tribulations, the Handbook of Whacky Wisdom provides explanations and solutions to take responsibility for one’s self and gain rational knowledge to achieve peace of mind in this dark, threatening, frustrating, and contradictory world. 

Having experienced many profound spiritual experiences, David provides his slant on the fundamental dilemma of ‘what is our purpose’ and he provides practical steps to experience his proposal.

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ISBN: 978-0-6482230-6-1
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 310
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

David Guthrie, ND
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2018
Language: English


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About the author


Inherent in every question or problem is the answer or solution. David Guthrie was born asking questions and now understands. Sharing the wisdom he gained mainly through experience has enabled him to help many others. One of the most important principles he learnt was that knowledge and power divorced from Love leads one into darkness and not into the Light. David’s constant life’s work is to heal his mind and in that process, ease the pain and suffering of others. David lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, where he facilitates lectures, treatments and training. 

Connect with him: magic13ozwizard@gmail.com 

A disturbing recurring dream which I had in my younger years was that I was freefalling from a vast height. Just before I was about to hit the ground, I would suddenly wake up – frightened. 

It is night time. I am lying awake in my bed. Suddenly my body feels as though it is disappearing. I am expanding, travelling far away from this world, becoming larger than the universe. All I can see of myself is my hand and seemingly within it is a great number of miniscule people. I feel like I am God. This experience occurred often, well into my early teens.



‘Learn from your mistakes’, while a popular phrase, is really a misnomer. Mistakes may teach us what not to do, but not what to do. If we delve into our mistakes, we are only learning about mistakes. We are going backwards when intending to go forwards. If we want to be successful, then we need to study successes and not mistakes.

Throughout my life I made many mistakes. I physically hurt several people and was the instigator of some emotional suffering to others. At the time I could self-righteously justify my action. Without being negative in any way, on reflection, I see my life as a series of mistakes or inane blunders. What I mean by this is, that when I think about any given past situation I can honestly say ‘If I had done that differently, I am sure that it would have worked out better’. So, if there could have been a better outcome if done differently, the way I did it must have been a mistake. A mistake is only erroneous if something done unintentionally, incorrectly, is repeated. I repeated many incorrect things before I realised the insanity of what I was doing.

What do we gain from all our experiences? You may say that we learn what to do or what not to do in the future, or that we have lasting memories from our experiences. The memory of our experiences is at the very best partial or spasmodic. The snippets that we remember will be the prominent bits of what appeared ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Because our memory is restricted to the highlights, we gain very little from our experiences. Most of what we did is of little consequence, so it must follow that the majority of what we did was a waste of time.

For various reasons, from when I started primary school to finishing high school, I had attended seven different schools. This never really allowed me the chance to develop any meaningful friendships. I always felt as though I was on the outside looking in. I had a difficult time at school. It always felt like a hostile environment; I hated it. I wagged school a lot or I pretended to be sick so that I would not have to go. I was always at the bottom of the class. I had major learning difficulties and had trouble reading and writing. Because of my learning difficulties I was – and still am – a painfully slow reader and hated studying. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the way how I learnt in school was to intently watch and listen to the teacher – this trained me to be extremely observant which helped as a therapist later. I used to severely stutter and had other speech problems. As an example, I could not say the letter ‘s’ so sugar became oogar. I had speech therapy in grade one, which did not really help much, so I had to compensate with my speech. I also had problems with my eyesight; my right eye would not stay focused. Many years later, I was to learn that all these difficulties were due to a misalignment of a centrally located bone in the skull, called the sphenoid bone.

When I was 19, I was in a serious car accident. I was flung out of the back of a utility vehicle as it did a 360-degrees sideways flipover. I landed heavily on the ground, with another person bouncing off my head with their full body weight. Their hip bone squashed the side of my skull. My head felt like it was a couple of centimetres wide. This injury really exacerbated my already misaligned sphenoid bone. From that day on, I developed major suicidal tendencies which I had to continually override. For the next 25 years it was a huge mental struggle to stay on top of everyday living. The slightest bit of stress would cause me to seriously consider ending my life.

At the age of 45, I was the guinea pig for a demonstration on a sphenoid bone realignment in a kinesiology class I was attending. Possible symptoms of a misaligned sphenoid bone include dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, eye muscle problems, speech problems, lacking concentration, emotional immaturity, poor balance, afraid to socialise, low self-esteem, procrastination, confusing left and right, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, self-destructive tendencies and possible suicidal tendencies. I presented with most of these.

My response to the realignment was profound. The day after, I could not hold a conversation with anyone. The words just would not come out. I knew what to say but my tongue just would not work. For 45 years I had been compensating with my speech because something mechanical was misaligned. Now that the sphenoid bone was correctly aligned, my mind was not coordinated with my tongue. It took me a week to retrain myself to use my tongue correctly. The kinesiology correction had taken a few minutes to perform and since that day of the realignment I have never had a suicidal or depressed thought again. My mind functions clearly now and daily life is not a constant struggle.

I have had my trials and tribulations, just like anybody else in this weird and complex world and I am not whinging and whining about them. In some perverse way I have used them as fertiliser for the growth of something more profound. Some people have had a much worse upbringing than me and some people lucky enough have had a much better one than me; it is all relative yet completely irrelevant. I feel extremely privileged and blessed for the experiences that I have had and the insights I have gained, and I trust that you will benefit from the wisdom and knowledge that I have accumulated. I will be divulging some of my mistakes and wrongdoings so that when you read this information you won’t think that I am pious and that I am any better than you. I trust that you will see that despite all my handicaps and misdemeanours, they did not prevent me from having profound experiences. On reflection, in most cases, I know they assisted me in having those experiences.

Throughout this book, I will purposely be repeating some information – at times the repetition may seem boring, but necessary – to reinforce the fundamental principle of what I am endeavouring to convey. My vocabulary is plain and simple because I don’t consider myself to have the ability to be a contortionist with words. My aim is for everyone, including the intellectuals, to understand what I am writing about. For you to understand me more clearly, I will give you pertinent definitions of particular words along the way (these definitions were sourced from various dictionaries and thesauruses including: Oxford, Collins, Macquarie, Reader’s Digest, Webster’s and Butterworths Legal Dictionary). As an entrée, the first part of this book will cover some basic subjects – maybe from a different perspective to what you are used to. In the latter part I will be going into much more confronting and controversial areas.

This information is for the serious seeker of truth. However, even if you are just a curious reader still caught up in the superficiality of the world, I trust that if you persevere and finish reading this information, you may be inspired to make some dramatic changes in how you see your world. If so inspired, there are guidelines at the end of the book for you to work with. I trust that the information will be beneficial and that you will enjoy your reading of this book.



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