The professor was pensive for a moment and then retorted:

 ‘No, I can’t tell you what type of weapons they’ll be using but what I can tell you is that they’ll be fighting World War [4] with sticks and stones.’ 

When trying to make sense concerning the above, consider that our modern societies aren’t all that far removed from the struggles and suffering of yesteryear, with us, meaning the world, having simply, or diametrically, shifted our woes and burdens naively to another place.  


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Number of pages:191
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: Paul Weber
Zeus Publications

Date Published: 2014
Language: English

About the author


Born and raised amongst the cows and meadows in Switzerland, as a child I stared at the horizon of the peaks in the distance, wondering what lay hidden behind.

In September 1965 the ship Aurelia pulled away from a pier in Rotterdam, Holland, bound for Tilbury, in Essex, England. From there we headed into the North Atlantic, passing the Azores islands to Curacao; an island which is part of the Netherlands Antilles, where we stopped for one day. Our next destination was Panama City but to get there we first had to navigate the Panama Canal. After leaving Panama City we were bound for Tahiti, Auckland, Sydney, and on to disembark in Melbourne.

Back then, I felt so excited about all the new novelties and opportunities that seemed to be endlessly laid out before me. Though I forgot, the Customs Officer, looking at his friend a little bemused, when this young man informed him that his total worth was ten pounds [$20], couldn’t speak a word of English, no work, no friends or family and nowhere to stay.

Since then, I’ve travelled to many parts of the World. Today, I enjoy good health and a beautiful family. I feel blessed indeed, that my inner light guided me over that horizon. This journey, like an old scroll slowly unfurling before me, revealed to me that every child born, the World over, is like a new stitch God adds on, minute by minute, to the tapestry of all humanity. It taught me to embrace and taste the fruits of diversity and to be zealous that, like the morning dew, God’s love is sprinkled equally throughout all the nations of the World.



Wisdom has it that when they sever your umbilical cord you then become temporarily separated from God, but only for a while – or until it dawns on us that it’s time to reconnect with the celestial.

Would you be overwhelmed if someone told you that the first port of call before one tastes success is to first and foremost become people-friendly?

Just imagine, wouldn’t it be handy if we could get hold of a telescope that not only looked into the future but also into the past?

An instrument able to look thousands of years into the past but also into the future – and project all these opportunities and possibilities at the forefront of our mind – so that the choices we’re now able to choose from stretch from horizon to horizon?

Let us be pensive, if only for a moment. It would be dishonest of me if I didn’t alert you that the almost 200-page telescope that you’re holding in your hand, right now, may one day enrich and enlighten your path to success while you journey. Like a light that always shines bright whether it’s daytime or in the middle of the night.


Did you ever, if only for the fun of it, consider how the place where you reside came to be?

Imagine if we could do the same today. Hey, I’m not joking; please allow me to have your attention because this is for real!


Listen to this. A long, long time ago, when the kings and rulers of the world traversed the countryside on horseback, one of them suddenly realised that this vast empty space was actually void of human habitation. The command sent spotters to seek out the highest ridge within the immediate vicinity.

After the commanders scoured the surroundings, while making their way to the top of the look-out it was then decided, there and then, that all the land, as far as the eye could see, as of this day, would be claimed and accordingly, belong to that kingdom.


You would have to agree – wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could drive around the suburbs of your choice and choose your favoured abode, and just because there’s nobody home, you simply call it your own?

This was the norm within the annals, or should I say the history of ancient times. But before you rush out to find your favoured place, remember that there came a time when kingdoms wrangled over illegally annexed lands, which ultimately resulted in war. Between the two factions, they literally tore each other apart, resulting in great loss and decades of suffering for the ordinary folks in the street!

And though today, things have dramatically changed for the better, each of us, irrespective of where we were born, raised or where we live, most of us, like those ordinary folks back then, like a tiny cog within the wheel of time, innocently chug along in the midst of a myriad of the world’s cultures, each with their unique adopted spiritual fabrics, customs and clichés.

Imagine if we had a set of eyes that could clearly see over the horizon and we suddenly discovered the most apocalyptic truth? A gargantuan abyss that is ten times the size of all the knowledge and technical advances that all of humanity has ever made. Just think. If we had such miraculous foresight, what would you suggest that we should do with this information?

I mean, let’s be frank. As we all delight within the maelstrom of life, how then could we stop the most powerful factions, all over the planet, from leading the ordinary folks like you and me back to ultimately take another tumble into that gargantuan abyss? We already know, and it’s glaringly obvious, that after the war-mongering which used to beset those ancient kingdoms, it wasn’t the kings but the ordinary souls in the streets that once again severely suffered and after every war the suffering lasted for decades. Believe it or not, if our current world leaders let our citizenry stumble back into that abyss, then it’s as clear as night following day that the suffering will once again ensnare most of us, throughout the planet!


You must be thinking, what is this all about? Let me elaborate. Someone once asked the late Professor Einstein, ‘Sir, could you give us your views, what type of weapons they’ll use in World War [3]?’

The professor was pensive for a moment and then retorted, ‘No, I can’t tell you what type of weapons they’ll be using but what I can tell you is that they’ll be fighting World War [4] with sticks and stones.’

When you try to make sense concerning the above, consider that our modern societies aren’t all that far removed from the struggles and suffering of yesteryear, with us, meaning the world, having simply, or diametrically, shifted our woes and burdens naively to another place.

What I’m trying to say is, we strap ourselves into seat belts, and we put helmets on our heads. We put fences around our swimming pools and locks and latches on all our chattels, meaning cars, suitcases and doors.

We strap wrist-guards on our children’s bodies, etc. All under the guise of freedom and democracy. But yet, in places like Australia, it’s almost as though everyone takes it for granted that at the end of each week, a few dozen of our own people are no longer with us – because they have simply checked out, that is, committed suicide. And before you know it, there’s another tragic and pitiable trend that is slowly emerging, as some young couples, after a severe fallout between the two, either gender, at times take it upon themselves to slaughter their offspring, as an act of revenge. But just around the corner there’s jubilation because they’ve just successfully saved another old chap’s life with a triple bypass!

When we consider the whole spectrum of our new-found modern lifestyle and the knowledge that many of us have gained, then it nonetheless feels as though all this stuff, in a sense, seems to hinder the world from making true progress.

We forget that the overwhelming majority of the world’s leaders are reluctant to admit that, materially, most have made enormous strides and created immeasurable wealth; but spiritually and emotionally the abyss of yesteryear is once again rapidly approaching.

Today, there seems to be an overload of information, simply too much information, and yet so many of us are so hopelessly uninformed.

What would you think, what would any young lady say, if a full-blooded man revealed a little home truth to her: that a beautiful cleavage could ultimately trigger a rape, or even murder, halfway around the world?

After one tries to digest all of the above, do you think that there could be a silent pleading for help amongst the ordinary mortals in the street? A sense of ‘please rescue me’? Do you think the time is at hand that we should all tell our world leaders to start concentrating a little more on the moral and spiritual issues, so that, hopefully, there’ll be a time of consensus between the various spiritual factions, and just maybe we’ll all get a chance to step back from this humungous abyss? 

The Reverend Soul 


Most of us would have wrestled with the thought: why am I here? Why was I born in a land blessed with abundance? Who was it that kicked my pendulum of life? Aware, I know I was lucky where my seed fell; yet, at other times my mind seems to turn back, searching. How, somehow, could I redress the injustice for those who are not so lucky – as I watch them trapped in the quagmire of iniquities in the Third World?

It seems the obstacle to achieving such ideals, in the majority of cases, is that our own lives, in a personal sense, become a never-ending struggle, which in turn prevents most of our noble thoughts from ever coming to fruition.

Several years ago, while talking to a friend of mine, I caused a bit of a ruckus when I told my friend the things I see when I look and listen to the diverse warnings and tirades within the tapestries of the world’s mainstream religions.

My friend then suggested that I should write these things down as he was unable or unwilling to wrap his mind around my new theological concept – that most Parables Jesus revealed point to an undeniable truth, that salvation can be attained by anyone born of flesh, whether or not they have ever heard of the Christian faith, or whether they have ever participated, accepted or contributed to the Christian doctrine.

But before we get immersed biblically, let’s have a quick overview, a glance at our ancestors’ past.

Since the beginning of time, the elements of nature and the basic needs of humanity have always been a part of the whole that has and always will be closely intertwined. The people’s primary focus being about food, shelter, wellbeing and safety! When one is lucky enough to live in any parts of the world where all these components fall into place, at our choosing, it’s not difficult to have some fervent belief that, at the end of it all, something more significant and even more splendid will await us. In fact, some proclaim the afterlife is not only beautiful and glorious but a place where one will live in peace for eternity.

Of course, this seems a truism in most mainstream religions throughout the world; they evolved in similar ways, teaching everyone, bit by bit, how to serve and how to be loyal within their clans, imposing on all to uphold and worship the things which, in bygone days, were handpicked by the monarch or the ruler of the day.

Once Christianity filtered out of the Middle East and into Rome, there was little awareness amongst the general public that the Gospel was not so much concerned about one’s physical demeanour. More importantly, back then, the law of Grace looked, and still does, at one’s mannerism of the heart, that is, it’s our thoughts and feelings and how we treat others that count.

Throughout the ages, many individuals who have taken the time and applied themselves to study basic Christian values realise only afterwards the benefit and the rewards that flow our way. Life becomes less of a struggle whenever we are confronted with any difficulties; but of course, irrespective of our cultural background, we all jockey to try and achieve the best outcome of what life has to offer. The Bible encourages the reader to practise tolerance and forgiveness – and how life’s journey takes on a new meaning whenever we do something that benefits others or whenever we store or generate some goods for those whose seed has sadly fallen within the fields of pain.

As our worldwide communication systems become ever more sophisticated and the human species swells into ever larger numbers, the virtues of sharing the global resources – above all, clean air, food, water, medicines and shelter for all – become more confronting year by year. Many who search for answers about such complexities don’t realise that a large part of this knowledge has been documented for humanity many centuries ago. But where within the avalanche of information, above all spiritual information, can we find the elementary rules to happiness and bliss? How do we, being almost burdened by opportunity and worldly goods, reassess our constant wants and needs that have become part of our modern lifestyle, and instead look for a path that engenders a more meaningful and simplified way of life; something that reflects more closely with our inner senses, the voice of truth that’s reverberating in our heart?

How, would you think, does the Biblical message of what was a new spiritual way of life – to the people back then – intertwine and lead our young to innumerable new opportunities; invaluable opportunities that two thousand years later, perfectly correlate with today’s modern lifestyle? 

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