Flying saucers is a very controversial subject. Many books have been written about it with the statements of witnesses about their sightings of such objects or of their abduction by extraterrestrials.  

So there is actually overwhelming evidence given by so many people of completely different backgrounds who all cannot be declared mentally   unstable as it could be done if there were a few cases only.  

Nevertheless, there has never been an official confirmation by any  government. No, they have always denied such objects exist and declared people who attested to the existence of UFO’s as being or hallucinating and therefore unreliable.  

Well, how would it be to give the population at large true knowledge about such things? They think people are too stupid and must be kept in the dark otherwise there might be a panic. Therefore there appears to be a tremendous cover-up. 

Lately there have been more and more films where UFOs and  extraterrestrials are shown – probably a mild admission of their existence?   

     When now the subject of Flying Saucers of Germany is approached then there is actually a complete cover-up or an even greater silence. How could it be admitted that the Nazis had such an advanced technology in their   possession?  Read on to find out the real facts….. 

“Rudi has combined his personal wartime experiences with a considerable amount of research to present this thought-provoking book.”

…...Duncan Roads, Nexus Magazine

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Author: Rudi Stiebritz and Allis Fairfax
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English


The Author - Rudi Stiebritz  


Soldier, prisoner of war, building works supervisor, bricklayer, architectural draughtsman, farmer, restorer of old houses, folk artist, painter, writer − Rudi Stiebritz has led a varied and exciting life. 

Born in Jena, Germany in 1923 and trained as a structural engineer, he fought against the Russians in World War Two, subsequently surviving four rugged but character-building years in Siberia as a prisoner of war before repatriation. After a short spell in his (then) communist-controlled homeland, he migrated to Australia in 1956. 

A car accident in 1963 left him practically blind. Undeterred, he set about devising an ingenious system of double magnifiers for his one good eye to enable him to read, do useful community work as a sheltered workshop volunteer, take up art, and learn computer techniques so that he could write his memoirs. 

Over the past three years Rudi undertook tertiary studies in Religion, to achieve a Graduate Certificate in Arts. 

Rudi has degrees in structural engineering (Germany 1941) and Master of Philosophy (University of Queensland 2008) 

He has also been nominated twice for the Australian of the Year Award in 2004 and in 2005.



Flying saucers is a very controversial subject. Many books have been written about it with the statements of witnesses about their sightings of such objects or of their abduction by extraterrestrials. So there is actually overwhelming evidence given by so many people of completely different backgrounds who all cannot be declared mentally unstable as it could be done if there were a few cases only. Nevertheless, there has never been an official confirmation by any government. No, they have always denied such objects exist and declared people who attested to the existence of UFOs as being or hallucinating and therefore unreliable. Well, how would it be to give the population at large true knowledge about such things? They think people are too stupid and must be kept in the dark otherwise there might be a panic. So there is a tremendous cover-up, mildly expressed. Lately there have been more and more films where UFOs and extraterrestrials are shown–probably a mild admission of their existence?

            Here is a good example of the cover-up policy exercised by the authorities. It happened to a friend of mine, who lived years ago in Brisbane, but I lost track of him. It must have happened about twenty years ago, because his children were then teenagers and are now about 35. Anyway, he was very active and talked a lot about the Flying Saucers, publicly and privately. Then one day a black limousine drove up to his house and two Men-in-Black stepped out and knocked at his door. They told him to stop his frequent talks about UFOs and made threats towards his teenage children. In other words: shut up or else. His reaction was very swift. Next day he relinquished his-activity and stopped to talk publicly about UFOs. Interesting? Isn’t it? And no Bullshit!

            When now the subject of Flying Saucers of Germany is approached then there is actually a complete cover-up or an even greater silence. How could it be admitted that those blasted Nazis had such an advanced technology in their possession, whereas we didn’t have anything near it?

            What is now the reason for me attempting to write a book about the German Flying Saucers? Well, at the Nexus Conference at Lennon’s Hotel in the Brisbane City Mall September 2004 an American talked about UFOs and at the end of his talk he said: “The Germans are supposed to have had UFOs on the drawing board by the end of the war”.  Hearing that I shouted across the hall: “No, no, they had about 80-flying.”

Afterwards Duncan Roads from Nexus magazine came up to me and suggested I should write about the German UFOs, because I would be one of the few still alive from that era. It sounded interesting enough so I gave a positive answer, but with the limitation that I would finish my current project first, a dissertation on ‘The Marks of a Buddha’ (appr. 80 000 words). That has been handed in to the University of Queensland by now.

In August 2007 I received a Master in Philosophy.

I also translated the book “Das Verlassene Dorf” from German into English with the English title ‘The Abandoned Village. (About the Thirty-Year War 1618-48)  With this translation I aim to point out the destructiveness and uselessness of war, which I understand fully as I have spent eight of my best years in the shit of the Second World War–see my book ‘Pawn of War’, now in second edition. (6000 copies sold)

            I have also written up my life story before and after the time as soldier as recorded in my book ‘Pawn of War’. I named it ‘Born into Upheaval’ and the German version ‘Zur Endzeit Geboen’, both are ready for publication. 

            Further on, I have a collection of poems and reflections (these consist of life experiences with commends from Buddhist views.) At the end I added some funny poems about getting old. It is also ready for publication.

            Further I wrote a booklet about my farming experience, titled ‘City Slickers Working a Farm’. During my six years on the farm I had so much unexpected help from my neighbours that this booklet is meant as praise for the Australian Country People.

            I started to write about the German UFOs on the 14.8.2005. Having had some problems with my dissertation, I am now (July 2006) able to continue this project about the German UFOs.  

            Actually I had heard about those ‘Fliegenden Untertassen’ = Flying saucers long ago. The brother of my brother in law (both dead) had been a pilot and a captain in the Luftwaffe, Bomber Squadron 100. At my sister’s engagement party in 1941, I was studying structural engineering at that time, I met Georg, the brother, and we took an instant liking to each other. He then told me of his knowledge regarding the German UFOs. In 1942 he was transferred to Schwäbisch-Hall in Southern Germany to retrain pilots on jet fighters.

            There are, of course, also the accounts of extraterrestrial UFOs. Amongst others, some well-known cases of extraterrestrial Flying saucers and meetings with those beings reported. One of these cases is the American ‘Adamski’ who supports more of an abduction theory. In the Nexus Magazine (page 65 April 2007) there is an interesting article about Adamski in an interview with a Jesuit brother from Rome who was attached to the Vatican Secret Service. It says: The assignment that the Aliens commissioned to Adamski was to try to attain a final agreement with the Pope, who was dying. Adamski was a messenger for these Aliens who met with the Pope through him. These beings ordered Adamski to deliver a gift to the Pope. The gift contained a liquid substance that would have saved the Pope from gastro-enteritis, which afflicted him at that time and, worse, in the last hours became acute peritonitis. The Pope did not drink the substance and said before dying as he beheld the crucifix; the open arms of Christ were the purpose of my pontificate. A humble and modest pontificate as you see, for which I assume all responsibility. I am satisfied in what I have done and how I have done it.

Moreover, this gesture on the part of the Aliens convinced the dying Pope, with little lucidity and energy remaining that the “Space brothers” might surely conduct positive and benevolent activities toward humanity, but that they should operate autonomously and distinctly from the church in general. Adamski’s attempted mission ended the direct contact between these beings with the Pope and his successor. 

Then there is the Swiss farmer ‘Meyer’ who was taken up by extraterrestrial UFOs many times and developed with one of the females a good understanding. Meyer wrote several books about his experiences, which are available in many libraries, and these conveyed messages from these beings to stay away from atomic power. They fell on the deaf ears of the officials, naturally. How could they listen to such outlandish rubbish and giving away their usurped power?

      Sometimes in 2002 I had an experience, while hanging up washing in the drying area on the top floor of my block of flats at night. (I live in Brisbane.) When I looked up I saw a formation of round, red lights moving from the mountains towards the sea. There were three in a row with one in front, like the wing of a fighter squadron. They moved at high speed and completely silent. If I had not looked up at that time, I would have missed the show for certain. That is my only personal experience, which could be interpreted as UFO experience. Well, better one than none!

    I add here another book ‘A Planetary Saga and Return of Alizantil and Journey in Space with Alizantil’ by Frank Howard. This man Howard lived in Brisbane. He is some 12 years dead now and was the friend of my friend Bob who vows for the sanity of his friend Howard. Frank was a Lightworker and asked my friend Bob whether he wanted to become a Lightworker also, but he declined. In that manuscript there is a lot of deep spiritual wisdom contained. A Photocopy is available.

            I’d like to include here a summarized report of an American Reinhold Schmidt, who was born in America and could speak German because his parents’ had taught him. He retold that he had been taken up several times by Flying saucers, some trips went even as far as to the poles. The crew spoke German and acted like German soldiers. The leader of the ship’s crew declared they came from a different planet. This statement could be true for sure and it means that those Germans have inhabited other planets. Reinhold Schmidt didn’t ask how the Germans got to another planet. The saucer that took up Schmidt looked like the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe model of which reports about its flying capacity exist. This last report looks much like the previous stories. For a description of this model look at Chapter 4.  

 Introduction  (read a sample)


Before we encounter the main subject of this book, I should bring some facts of the present time forward. At the present we are going through the changeover from the Piscean—to the Aquarian Age or from the age of Kali into the Golden Age. This is a time of tremendous changes.

Through the earth rotation, the circling of the moon around the earth and the earth’s elliptic run around the sun are our lives subject to reasonable short time cycles. So, we have day and night from the earth’s rotation, the moon’s circulation presents us with the twelve lunar months and the earth’s rotation around the sun the year of 365 days. Philosophy according to the order of nature says everything finds its place: as above, so below–as in the large, so in the small and as in the Macro cosmos, so in the Micro cosmos.

            As our planets with their moons in an equal rotation, but on ground of their different distances from the sun, continue their different circuits and repeat them regularly, so rotates our sun system in an enormous elliptical circuit around the Great Central Sun (called the Black Sun of ancient myth) of our galaxy that we call the Milky Way.

As our sun year is divided into twelve months according to the moon circulation–the twelve signs of the zodiac in astrology–so is the rotation of our sun system around the Great Central Sun of our galaxy divided into the same twelve signs, but here one galactic months has a duration of 2155 of our earth years. That gives the galactic year a time span of about 25,860 years.


            These small above described cycles around the sun have a fairly big influence on our life; they not only create the four seasons of the year, but also influence our feelings, health and strength. Therefore it is self evident that the much bigger cycles of 2155 years of our galaxy with their different cosmic vibrations and the various planetarian power centres have a similar effect on all life on this planet Earth.        


            R.J.Gorsleben wrote in his book ‘High-time of Humankind’ publisher (Köhler and Amelang, Leipzig 1930 page 317) a very nice passage re the above mentioned change: Here in these sublime heavenly spheres, which count as the original centres of power, circulate the constellations of our galaxy as enormous pointer, that indicate to us the fate of humans and races.

            This is a doctrine that completely corresponds with the wonderful symbolic nature of the Edda. (Edda is a well known Islandic-northic work in Old High German. One in prose, the other containing songs in verse form (Siegfried sage). The later is a book to teach the poetry written by Snorri Sturludson about 1225 BC it falls into the minstrel time of the early middle ages. Volksbrockhaus , page 160.)

            The Pisces is from the astrological point of view a water sign. The Age of Pisces was dominated without doubt by the Bible and Christianity with its baptism by water, crosses and fishes.

The galleys, the discovery of the world’s oceans, the sailing ships, the invention of the steam engine, steam ships etc all belong in that age. To express a characterization of that age in the spiritual it could be best formulated, as ‘I believe’.

With the start of the change into the new Age of Aquarius (An air sign) a widening of knowledge sets in bringing us the simple flying machines extending to space travel. 

            With the start of the exploration of the cosmos, a deeper and higher understanding of our image of God will result, and with a cosmic perception based religiosity. This new knowledge changes from the old characterization of ’I believe’ into the new one ‘I know’    

     Leftovers of the old cosmic perceptions and knowledge remain in some old customs like the sun dance of the Indians, in the celebration of the solstice of our forefathers, etc.  

     The change of cosmic months from the age of the weakest (Piscean) into the age of the strongest (Aquarian) that takes place at the moment lasts for a duration of 168 years.

The vibrations of the old one change slowly into the vibes of the new age. This change we are now in is according to the Templars an extraordinary strong one, because it is also the start of a new cosmic year. The zodiac signs of the galaxy run in the reverse order to our solar ones. At the midpoint of the 168 years a special ray was supposed to reach earth. The date the Templars calculated was the 4th of February 1962.

The changed cosmic rays influence on the human race creates new mental directions and a change in the mental attitude that brings consequently drastic changes in the world view be they political, economical or in the view of power. These can hardly proceed without warlike or revolutionary struggles.

(Look at the changes that set in with the downfall of the Roman Empire and the following Dark Age in Europe. About the same time a standstill in culture occurred in the Far East. [Standstill is equivalent to regression]   


     Dr. F.W. Sumner USA writes in his book ‘The Coming Golden Age’ the following: Exactly as our earth and the planet sisters circulate our sun, wanders our sun with her accompanying planets on a much bigger circle around the central Sun. Because this course is elliptic the intensity of the rays of the great central sun loses the strength according to the distance to it during the progress of the circuit.

At the moment we just left the radiations of the star sign ‘Pisces, which has the lowest vibrations of the twelve constellations and we entered the Aquarius, which has the highest of all. The vibrations of the Pisces for instance correspond to infrared with 15 trillions vibrations per second, whereas the Aquarius’s vibrations correspond to the ultra-violet with 75 trillion per second. This means we have to absorb five times as much as before. (No wonder so many crazy ones have suddenly appeared, my comment.) On top of it we entered the outer fringe of the ‘Golden Rays’, which from the central sun coming, are the most powerful and converting of all rays, which we have met in all eons. This tremendous double influence is produced once only in the full cycle of 25,860 years, therefore the so-called  ‘Golden Age’  is created because of its strong golden rays of the central sun and its 75 trillion per second vibes.


This present time is the age of which the prophets have spoken, as THE TIME, in which the old order collapses and a new higher order of life is born and ‘all things will be made anew’.

Dr. Sumner writes further on page 10-11: There has to be a great renewal on earth.  All, what is mentally not high enough developed and therefore can not receive and absorb those higher frequencies and consequently be in harmony with them, will perish and completely disappear from the present, in order that the rebuilding forces can go ahead towards their charitable goal, without being hindered by destructive forces.

H.J. Anderson conjectures that the big changes are caused by a pole shift and he writes to it:  The coming pole shift will again through cosmic influence destroy a world power in the deciding moment of grasping world domination. (Roman Empire was destroyed going into the age of Pisces.)  Then dawns the hour of freedom for the suppressed Nations, when they have to decide on the spirit of a new Age. 

These coming changes have been foretold by a few well-known prophets ages ago. An Englishman, living in Toronto, who checked in his book ‘Predictions’ the sayings of prophets came to the conclusion that they all say the same and that the time till 2000 will produce a type of change that this planet never saw before. This change has already produced Flying saucers as an Expression of the new Zeitgeist. (Polwende – Zeitwende, Hans J. Anderson, 1980  Wilh. Moestel Verlag, Fürth/Bayern.

I have Polsprung’ by Anderson in my possession—Improved edition. Got the last book, in German)

Madam Blavatsky writes in her ‘Secret Doctrines: ‘such a catastrophe occurs with every renewing of the cycle of the sideric year of 25.868 years. There is an excellent article in the New Dawn Magazine No 93 about this end of the sign of the Pisces or Kaliyuga and its deterioration of culture and morality. This article compares the present time with the end-time of Atlantis. On page 15 it says: news commentators reporting on the carnage wrought by Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans have often described the inundated American city as a ‘modern Atlantis.’ Strange how a supposed ‘myth’ so readily comes to mind of persons even only vaguely familiar with the lost capital of the Ancient World!  But its parallels with the Louisiana metropolis far exceed the floods that afflicted them both. In the story of Atlantis as related by the Greek philosopher Plato, 2400 years ago, humans once achieved an extraordinary high level of civilization on a large island off the western coasts of Europe and North Africa.

            Originally dedicated to the principles of civil liberty and spiritual virtue, they eventually turned away from those fundamentals that comprised the foundation of their very existence. They embraced selfish materialism and worshipped, no longer the soul of nature, but technology, because it, they believed, could fulfil all their hopes and desires, aspirations now sunk to vulgarity, banality, and sensationalism. Since greed feeds upon itself, becoming hungrier the more it consumes, the debased Atlanteans looked beyond their island for additional riches. They invaded and seized the natural riches of foreign lands, blaming the victims for their own conquest.

Over the time, an immense empire, history’s first global corporation, stretched from Atlantis far beyond horizons. Puffed up with pride in the supremacy of their armed forces and the economic might of their kingdom, the Atlanteans sought to impose their way of life on the rest of the world—for the benefit of other peoples, but most especially for their own insatiable thirst for power. For many years Atlantis was the richest, most potent, feared and hated capital on earth. What an excellent article, I could not resist including it into the introduction. (How comparable to our times!)

            The following comes from the book by Hans J. Anderson page 55 sequence: In our times archaeologists have established the times when Pole changes occurred. Some ancient texts talk about the sunrise from the west (Sumer, Egypt). So this is when the two poles completely changed. This hasn’t happened in the last ten thousand years. There is another change imminent, when the poles slip to a certain degree. Such a Pole shift leaves the magnetic field of the earth very low, which is measurable in the Lava stone left behind at such times. This Lava stone keeps the strength and direction of the magnetic field before the Pole slip, which then can be measured in the laboratory with precise instruments. From this one can work out the dates of Pole slips. The conformity of these dates from the lava stone and the dates coming from the records of ancient texts and deposits of floods is astounding.

            Such a Pole slip catastrophe comes not only from natural influences, but also from the technological misuse and the poisoned thought forms of millions of humans, caused by the wrong application of the spiritual forces (black arts) that influences the magnetic field of each individual person to be negative.

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