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After escaping the freezing cold, blizzards and surprising events in Iceland, the friends return home safely; minus one obnoxious, annoying member of their group; Fredrick. 

Enjoying their relaxed life in Australia, the friends retire from future engagements with Francis. Until, another letter arrives, inviting Francis to India.

The friends secretly accompany Francis for support, adding more fun and frolic as they travel through the air. Upon landing; Francis is driven to   the famous Mumbai Racecourse, but his friends take it upon themselves to sightsee after meeting an old friend, putting Francis and Tom in deep trouble, again. 

The excitement through India makes for an unbelievable experience when becoming involved with a Bollywood film and a questionable figure. They embark on journeys to the jungle; where they encounter wild ferocious beasts that find them appetising.  

Crossing waters with elephants, borrowing cars to escape, dressing up to disguise themselves through markets and villages to visit the Taj Mahal, and experiencing an unforgettable time as they visit the River Ganges, where some of the friends are captured for sacrifice; only managing to escape to be confronted by police as they are chased on their way to the airport. Do they make it home to Australia, or are they stuck in India?

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ISBN: 978-1-922229-76-2
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 205
Genre: Fiction


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Cover: Clive Dalkins

Sonia McNulty
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2018
Language: English


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A  Curried Letter - sample....


After years of travelling, exploring and getting lost with heaps of adventures, mishaps, excitement, fun and mayhem; through different countries in Europe, The Middle East, England, South America and Iceland; the friends on the farm or the zoo, as it was appropriately known, were once again content with life in Australia. Francis entered more events and won every race. Proving he definitely was a horse, even with two legs.

They stayed close and created their own amusements. Tom, the Border collie, was given the responsibility of keeping things in order by Mike and Sasha.  It was exhausting at times keeping watch over Altiyan and Diva, even though they were older members and Francis and Foxglove and Two Plus Two, Slippery Sally and Ana Conda, Silver and Gold, Girly, Melbourne, Wellington and Sydney, Mr and Mrs Emu and Emily, Reddy, Baaabra, Lagarto, Skunky, Jack and Jill, Frederica and all her children and, and; just one moment; where’s Fredrick?

Almost a year had gone by and still no sign of Fredrick. He had never made it home from Iceland. Mike and Sasha put out a search party for him, but Iceland is a huge and very cold place. The authorities could only presume that an Australian fox could never be acclimatised and was sure to be dead. The others occasionally became saddened with never seeing the most annoying, selfish, obnoxious, exasperating, naughtiest, disobedient, fattest fox in the world, but he was their friend.  Except for Frederica and Girly who enjoyed the peace and quiet.

One day, while everyone was working in the stables and around the farm, Tom decided to go for a stroll with Mr Emu to the letter box. Sasha and Mike didn’t realise the mail had arrived early, so Tom took the liberty of pulling out the letters and dropping them on the ground. Sniffing only one.

“What’s that smell?” Mr Emu asked politely.

“I don’t know, I’ve never smelt anything like it before,” Tom replied.

“I can’t make out what it says. It’s to Mike and Sasha, but I can’t read the back.”

“Better take it up to the house,” Mr Emu suggested.

Tom carried all the letters in his mouth and walked quickly. He dropped them on the porch and barked and barked to draw their attention.

“What’s all the noise, Tom?” Sasha asked.


“Thank you. I can see you picked up the letters. Good boy! What’s that smell?”  Sasha picked up the letter and smelt it as she read. “This is unusual. It smells rather nice. Appetising in fact.”

“It’s a good thing Fredrick’s not here. He would have eaten it by now,” Tom chuckled.

“Good boy! You can go Tom, and take your emu friend with you.” But Tom and Mr Emu didn’t go. They were curious, and hid around the side of the house to listen while Sasha called out to Mike.

Mike wasted no time because it sounded urgent. “What’s up?”

“This is a letter from India. It smells very nice, like someone’s sprayed it with a curried perfume. If there’s such a thing,” Sasha continued.

“Well, they obviously want to get their point across.  Read on,” Mike said.

“But we don’t know anyone in India, do we?” Sasha asked curiously.

“We didn’t know anyone in Europe or South America or Iceland either, but we still received a letter,” Mike acknowledged.

“OK, right! Let’s read,” continued Sasha.

“Dear Mr and Mrs James. We have followed Francis’s history and adventures throughout his life. We are amazed at his achievements and he is such a credit to the racing organisations around the world. We are having our biggest event in a month’s time and would be honoured to have Francis race in our main event and to be our special guest at our most prestigious course; The Mumbai Racecourse. First class accommodation will be extended to you and Francis and friends.

Your humble servant.

Vivaan  Khatri,

Club Secretary.” 

“Did you hear that, Mr Emu?” Tom whispered.

“I did, we must tell the others,” Mr Emu whispered back. They both tip-toed back without being seen to find their friends.

“Well, here we go again. Friends, it mentioned friends. Which friends?” Sasha questioned.

“We’ll decide later. I look forward to going. I’ve never been to India,” Mike said, rubbing his hands together with excitement.

“Neither have I. I have to say, I love Indian food, but...?”

“But what?” Mike repeated.

“What friends? I can’t bear the thought of all the animals coming, especially the snake,” Sasha said.

“Well at least you won’t have to worry about that fat, ugly, scraggly-looking thing, they call a fox,” Mike said amused, “he’s gone missing; permanently.” 

Back at the farm, Tom was trying to gather everyone for a meeting but they all seemed to be somewhat distracted and scattered, according to Altiyan and Diva who returned to the stables. 

Tom and Mr Emu walked briskly calling out to Francis, but the friends didn’t hear as there was too much laughing coming from over the rise. Tom and Mr Emu couldn’t contain themselves and joined in the fun.

“What are you guys doing?” Tom asked.

“Weeeeeee are plaaaaaaaying snakes and laaaaaaaders,” Baaabra replied.

“And Slippery Sally and Ana Conda are the snakes,” replied Emily excitedly.

“We made squares out of hay to make it look like a board and borrowed ladders from the shed to put on top,” Mrs Emu proudly said.

“I know when you play snakes and ladders; you have to throw a dice. Where’s the dice?” Tom asked.

“We’re the dice, we’re the dice,” two squeaky voices said loud and clear. It was Silver and Gold.

“Well, that’s very good but how does each contestant throw you?”

“That’s easy. We take it in turn in Lagarto’s mouth as he shakes us around and throws us out. Only I am getting a migraine, mind you,” Silver said, “don’t throw so hard.”

“Sorry,” Lagarto said.

“And try not to aim at the tree, my body is getting bruised,” Gold added.

“But you don’t have any numbers on you,” Mr Emu said.

“Don’t be silly, Daddy,” Emily interrupted, “they don’t need numbers, they call out what number they want to be when they land.”

“How does it work?” Tom asked.

“I’ll show you,” Reddy offered.

“Hsssss, oh no!” Slippery Sally cried.

“Your turn, Silver,” Gold suggested.

“Shake it, Lagarto,” Reddy called.

Silver sat in Lagarto’s mouth while he shook his head and then opened his mouth with Silver flying through the air calling out number five.

“Oooh my bottom!” Silver shouted, rubbing his bruise.

Reddy hopped five spaces and landed on Slippery Sally’s head, which meant he had to go down the snake.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch!” Slippery Sally cried.

Reddy had jumped on her so hard not realising his big feet squashed her every time.

“Hsssss, next time when it’s your turn Reddy, take a break.”

“My turn,” Francis said excitedly.

“I don’t think so, Francis,” Ana Conda replied, “you’re just as heavy as Reddy and I’m showing signs of wear and tear.”

“It’s my turn aaaaaaany waaaaaaaay,” Baaabra said.

“No, it’s my turn,” Emily claimed.

“Well right now it’s nobody’s turn. Tom and I have something to discuss,” Mr Emu said assertively.

“It sounds rather important,” Mrs Emu replied.

“It had better be, because it was my turn,” a teary-eyed Emily implied.

“Stop acting like a spoilt child dear, and let your father speak.”

“Gather round, friends. Tom and I have just heard that Francis has been invited as a guest, and to race at a prestigious racecourse in Mumbai, India.

“Where’s India?” Emily asked

“It’s a long way from here,” Girly said.

“Is it anywhere near Iceland,” Frederica asked.

“No,” Tom replied. “Why?”

“Just in case you bumped into a certain thing and decided to bring it back with you,” came a smart reply from Frederica.

“Yes, then I’ll have someone to play with,” Emily said cheerfully.

“You have plenty of little foxes to play with here,” Francis said.

“It’s not the same. Fredrick’s a pain in the...”

“Don’t say it,” Mrs Emu interrupted quickly, “there are children present.”

“He makes me laugh, when he’s not rude to me,” Emily admitted.

“Can we please get back to India? Where is it?” Francis anxiously questioned.

Tom started to draw a map of the world on the sandy ground. Showing where Australia, Iceland, England, Europe and South America were and finally, India.

“How long will it take to fly there, Tom?” Wellington asked.

“I’m not sure. I think it will take half the time compared to going to Iceland,” Tom figured quickly.

“Maybe we could fly there ourselves,” Sydney suggested.

“No way, are you crazy?” Girly said.

“I want to fly. I like flying in the aeroplane,” Emily voiced excitedly.

“We haven’t determined who’s going, if anyone?” Mr Emu questioned.

“I’m going,” Francis announced.

“Of course you are, my boy,” Mr Emu replied.

“I’m not sure who’s going or who’s been invited for that matter,” Tom pondered.

“Whaaaaaaat did the letter saaaaaaay?” Baaabra asked.

“It did say friends,” Tom remembered.

“I’m definitely going then,” Girly voiced.

“We don’t know which friends the letter referred to,” Mr Emu said.

“We’ll go back and listen for more information. You can all get back to playing snakes and ladders while we’re gone,” Tom suggested.

Tom and Mr Emu made their way back to hear further discussions. They constantly followed Mike and Sasha around, until Sasha realised they were being followed around by a dog and an emu.

“OK you two. What are you up to?”

“Woof, woof.”

“You’re up to something. I bet I know what it is,” Sasha firmly said. “You know we’ve been invited to India with Francis and I bet my bottom dollar you want to know if you can come. Am I right?”

“Woof, woof.”

“Thought so. Mike, the animals want to know if they can go to India.”

“All of a sudden you’re speaking animal language now,” Mike said with a giggle.

“I guess they know what’s going on. After all, they came with us last time,” Sasha reminded Mike.

“Yes, and we know what happened. They played up, got lost and Francis missed the opening ceremony. No! I don’t think they should come this time because Francis is racing and he’s also a guest. So I’m not taking any chances,” Mike firmly stated.

“But wait! This time that scruffy-looking obnoxious excuse for a fox isn’t here. I’m sure he’s been the cause of all the problems,” Sasha said convincingly.

“Let me think about it,” Mike replied.

Tom and Mr Emu swiftly wandered back to the friends, who had finally stopped playing snakes and ladders due to the fact that poor Slippery Sally and Ana Conda were covered in bruises. Silver and Gold suffered dizzy spells and headaches and sat still to recover; while Emily and the little foxes ran over the ladders quickly to see who could stay on the longest.

“So, who’s going then?” an excited Girly asked.

“Mike said he’d think about it,” Tom confirmed.

“That means we’re going. So, who’s going this time?” Girly asked.

“Hsssss, I wouldn’t presume any of us are going yet, otherwise it will be a big disappointment if we get our hopes up,” Slippery Sally pointed out.

“Well, let’s presume anyway to save time, just in case we do get invited,” an optimistic Girly replied.

“I’m going even if we don’t get invited,” a cheeky Emily said.

“Sooooooo aaaaaaam I,” Baaabra agreed.

“Can we come too?” one baby fox asked.

“I don’t think so,” Frederica replied kindly. “I think our friends have had enough of foxes travelling with them,”

“But I’m not like Dad, I’m a good fox.”

“Unfortunately my son, you carry his genes and we don’t know how you’ll turn out. So we are all staying put,” Frederica said firmly.

“I think I’ll sit this one out as well,” Lagarto said.

“I’ll join you, Lagarto,” Ana Conda agreed.

“Hsssss, you mean you’re not coming with me,” Slippery Sally hissed.

“I’m afraid not, my slippery one. I think there’s enough snakes in India without me slithering around. Besides, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful and better time with your friends. Especially without Fredrick getting you all into trouble,” Ana Conda stated.

For the rest of the day, while the young ones occasionally played ladders without the snakes, they continued hypothetically deciding who was going.

They eventually made it back to the stables without a solution.




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