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After surviving several mishaps in South America, Francis and his new friends eventually made it home to a contented life.

A surprise letter arrives, inviting Mike, Sasha and Francis to the opening of a new racecourse in Iceland.

They accept the invitation with some of the friends accompanying Francis. As in their previous trips, this one is filled with much amusement in transit, finally arriving safely in Iceland. Once again, Francis is absent from the opening ceremony because his friends get lost in the unforgiving land of survival and adventure. As they struggle to keep warm things take a turn for the worse, and they find themselves in the company of monkeys, polar bears, seals and huskies; blizzards, frozen waters and an abundance of snow and ice and an eruption from an active volcano add to their woes. Being so close to the North Pole, Francis can’t wait to become acquainted with a famous person; Santa Claus.

The friends take up skiing and ice skating with a difference, and are faced with constant, but humorous challenges in the ice.

Do they make it home, or are they frozen in time? 

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ISBN: 978-0-6481607-0-0
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 115
Genre: Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

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Sonia McNulty
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2017
Language: English


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A Chilling Letter


Once again and two years to the day, another letter made its way to the James’s farm.

Francis and his friends had come to accept their permanent, peaceful, cosy and secure lifestyle; anything else was merely an interruption.

As usual, a happy variety of families and friends plodded around the family zoo, as it was now appropriately referred to, admiring the residents: Tom, the border collie; Silver and Gold, the mice; Slippery Sally, the 30-foot python; Baaabra, the black sheep; Reddy, the kangaroo (who never returned home to his parents); Mr and Mrs Emu and their daughter Emily; Girly, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne, the kookaburras; and of course, Fredrick, the fattest fox in the world, now joined by his wife Frederica and the chubby, not-so-little foxes; Skunky, the skunk; Lagarto, the alligator; Ana Conda, the anaconda; Jack and Jill, the toucans.

It was a beautiful but dry day on the farm. The animals spent their time wandering freely with Tom always nearby and of course, keeping watch on his friends, but on this occasion he was comfortably stretched out on the verandah soaking up the peace and quiet and enjoying the warm sun on his body with Sasha by his side, who was engrossed in a magazine and sipping a cup of tea.

This time there was no truck racing up the driveway like on the previous occasions. Mike drove slowly up the gravel track and parked in front of the porch. Casually he stepped out and sat on the step near Tom.

“Did you pick up the mail?” Sasha asked.


“Anything interesting?”

“I’m just about to go through them. There’s a letter from May Waterhouse who would like us to meet her for lunch at the club next week, and the usual bills — and —”

“And what?” Sasha asked.

“And, a letter from Iceland.”

“Iceland?” Sasha repeated.

“Do we know anyone in Iceland?”

“No — let me read on. ‘This is an invitation for Mr and Mrs James and Francis to kindly join us in the opening ceremony of our new racecourse in Reykjavik, Iceland. We will be very happy to welcome you at Keflavik International Airport and from there you will be taken to your hotel, whilst Francis is taken to our luxury stables. This invitation is extended to friends and family at our expense’.”

“Friends? They want our friends to attend as well?” Sasha surprisingly reacted.

Tom opened his eyes and one ear pricked up. Am I hearing things? he thought, and carefully listened.

“Apparently they have followed Francis through his journey from the Melbourne Cup, England and South America.”

“They are referring to our friends,” Sasha said eagerly, “aren’t they?”

 “I believe so,” replied Mike.

 “Thank goodness for that,” Sasha sighed with relief. “When do we leave?”

“Three weeks tomorrow,” Mike replied.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this trip. I’ve never been to Iceland before, and hopefully, we’ll be going on our own without any surprises,” Sasha hinted, hoping Tom would take that on board.

“They also suggest we take lots of warm clothes as it’s winter over there,” Mike continued.

While Mike and Sasha planned for their trip, Tom casually rose and wandered off discreetly. He went to Mr Emu first to discuss the matter, privately.

“What are you two talking about?” a nosy Fredrick interrupted.

“Nothing that concerns you,” Mr Emu voiced.

“Everything concerns me, I like to keep abreast of things,” Fredrick retorted, with his natural audio system stretched to its fullest extent.

Mr Emu and Tom thought Francis had a right to know first. Wasting no time they set off to find their friend, followed closely by Fredrick.

“Francis, Francis, where are you?” Tom barked.

“Hsssss, Francis isn’t here,” Slippery Sally replied.

“Where is he?” Mr Emu asked anxiously.

“He’s on the slippery dip with Silver and Gold,” replied Slippery Sally.

“We don’t have a slippery dip,” Tom recalled.

“Hsssss, we do now. Just go to the lake.”

They headed over to the lake only to find the anaconda stretched out to his full capacity with humps at intervals to form a dip, and waiting at the other end with his mouth wide open was Lagarto, ready to catch them if they fell off.

“Hey! You guys, what on earth are you doing?” Tom asked, amused.

“Watch, Tom,” Francis called. Starting at the top of Ana Conda’s head he slipped up and down on the snake’s slippery scaly body and landed on his bottom at the end of the tail.

“Our turn, our turn! Watch, Tom and Mr Emu,” Silver and Gold pleaded, screaming with delight as they bounced up and down and ending in Lagarto’s mouth.

“Have a go, Tom?” said Francis with excitement.

“Another time, Francis. Right now we have to talk to you in private,” Tom explained.

“Sounds serious.” Francis walked slowly towards his friends.

The three huddled together to inform Francis of his trip to Iceland, but fox media couldn’t contain himself after hearing the news and ran off to tell everyone to meet him in the stables.

“All right, what’s so important that you couldn’t wait to tell us?” Girly blurted.

“It’s Francis, we’re all going away to Iceland,” Fredrick informed them.

“Iceland? Where did you hear such nonsense?” Mrs Emu asked.

“From Tom.”

“Sure you did. Why would Tom tell you and not us?” Girly questioned.

“He didn’t actually tell me,” Fredrick frowned.

“I knew it, anything for attention,” was Girly’s contemptuous reply.

“If you really want to know, I overheard them talking privately,” Fredrick confessed.

“Thaaaaaaat’s just as baaaaaaad. And rude,” Baaabra added.

Just then Tom, Francis, Mr Emu, Silver and Gold, Lagarto and Ana Conda entered the stables.

“Good, you’re all here. I have some news for you,” Tom announced.

“We know — Fredrick just told us we’re all going to Iceland,” Girly said, crossing her wings and sneering at Fredrick. “He overheard you talking and couldn’t wait to tell us.”

“Well, he should listen more carefully next time, because we are not going anywhere, only Francis,” Mr Emu revealed.

“Where’s Iceland?” Emily asked.

“Far, far away, near the North Pole, where it’s so cold it can freeze your butt off,” Tom affirmed.

“Well, I’m not going then,” stated Francis strongly. “I’ve lost my two legs, I can’t afford to lose my butt as well.”

“Oh dear, it’s just a figure of speech,” Mrs Emu soothed.

“In that case I’m definitely not going,” Fredrick complained.

“Gooooood, you haven’t beeeeeeen invited anywaaaaaay,” Baaabra replied.

“As I said before, none of us have been invited,” Tom repeated firmly.

“That doesn’t mean anything. It’s never stopped us before,” Emily recalled.

“Am I racing?” Francis asked.

“I don’t know. I do know you’re a guest at the opening of a new race course,” said Tom.

“I don’t think I want to go and leave all my family and friends behind,” a saddened Francis replied.

“It will be a good education and adventure for you in another strange world,” Altiyan said.

“We might not be there in body, but we’ll be there in spirit,” Diva said, embracing her son.

“Just think, yoooooou can have sooooooo much fun in the snooooow,” Baaabra encouraged.

I want to play in the snow,” Emily begged.

“You can go to Thredbo, in Sydney’s Snowy Mountains, and play in the snow there,” Fredrick suggested coldly. “I’m sure Sydney will fly with you and visit his birthplace, ha ha.”

“That’s not funny. I want to go with Francis,” Emily begged.

“I’d like to go as well,” Reddy said.

“So would I,” Lagarto agreed.

“And me,” Two Plus Two followed.

Pretty soon they all made a point of wanting to go.

“STOP!” ordered Tom firmly. “Sasha has made it quite clear she doesn’t want any surprises, and that’s it. Discussion over.” Tom made his point and walked away, disheartened. 




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