Eyes of Sense is the continuing story of life situations that are presented to us today to deal with.

When seen from afar these situations can make more sense.

Here we have a ‘wise one’ giving lectures at a university called IMMS in order for the students to take with them the information they will need to address their issues on the Earth plane.

When the truth is spoken and it is understood, the students cry out ‘It Makes More Sense’ and so that is what the university became known as.

There is hope that it only needs a certain number of people to influence a situation to bring about change and it can all begin with one.

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Number of pages:140
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: Leanne Jackson
Zeus Publications

Date Published: 2014
Language: English




Being a hypnotherapist for many years has given me much insight into the issues many people face in this life time. However it has also given me insight into other issues that perhaps belong to another dimension.

I have been witness to many of my clients experiencing ‘past lives’ and I am sure the majority of them were not performing an acting session just for my benefit. I have learnt from them a lot about this realm we cannot ‘see’.

This series of books really had their beginnings from a session I had with a client and whose answers to my questions stayed in my mind although they all didn’t make much sense at the time.

We had dealt with the issue he wanted clarifying and then I asked something of him which is not a normal procedure. I asked him to look into the future and tell me what he saw. I realise the future will only come about if all the necessary paths continue as they were meant too and of course everyone has a choice as to whether they want this to happen or not.

He firstly spoke of seeing a major divide between the wealthy and the poor and how communities would be gated for protection and I could relate to that. Today we see this happening more and more.

It was his next observation which didn’t seem to have a meaning at the time but it has now formed the basis for the books I have written.

He said “I don’t know how to explain it but I am looking at two identical earths both spinning at the same rate and both on their own axis, side by side.So now the story of the two Earths begin.

Leanne Jackson


By the same author


Eyes of Light




I felt I had finished the story that the ‘wise one’ needed to relate, however it soon became apparent that there was more he wished to expand on.

So here again from a different perspective he sends his messages out to those who wish to listen, and to those who are looking for a change of direction and answers to everyday situations which may be around them.

If these words can give you the clarification you are seeking then this book will have achieved its purpose.

This is also for my wonderful range of friends, many of whom have been with me for eons, and who daily fill my life with their amazing energy, love and support. Without them my life would be incomplete.

They know who they are, and I hope they know that they will always have my love and support.


Leanne Jackson 





The ‘wise one’ had felt the emptiness when the ‘little one’ had once more returned to the Earth planet in order to further the progress of his soul’s growth. The Eyes of Light had detailed the enjoyment of the questions and the answers on the many days they had enjoyably spent together prior to the departure.

The Leaders of Light had seen the beautiful connection the wise one could portray to the younger souls, and so this time had requested his profound knowledge and teachings to be utilised in the tutorial halls of the IMMS University.

There were now many young souls who were about to return to the Earth planet en-masse with the heartfelt hope that the large numbers would perhaps be the turning point that was so much needed at this time.

The 100th monkey is a true observation by scientists who were able to document a situation. They saw a new behavioural habit which began with just one monkey, and when a certain number followed – fictionally 100 – ended up with the whole populace making a change for the betterment of all.

The students who were now to receive their final tutoring before leaving Home once more, all hoped they could be part of the 100th monkey scenario and to be part of making a change for the betterment for those on the Earth planet.

The wisdom the wise one taught was often greeted by the students with the words, It Makes More Sense, so that soon the University was affectionately called IMMS.

If when reading the directives the students received makes more sense to you, then maybe you too can be part of the 100th monkey brigade and be amongst the group to make a difference for the betterment of all.

Remember it all begins with the number one.   


The 100th Monkey 


This story began to spread amongst the Earthly people as perhaps a signal or a hope, that it was a hidden message. Like the fables of old, a story with a significant meaning which could be interpreted in different ways to maybe suit the situation for whoever took it up.

It started out as primarily being a factual event seen by a group of scientists who were observing an island inhabited by a particular group of monkeys. They reported that these monkeys began picking up the sweet potatoes that they found on the sand and then began to slowly wipe off the sand before they ate them.

The old monkeys showed the young monkeys how to do it. One day one of the young ones picked up his sweet potato and walked to the water and washed off the sand and then began to eat it. Another one saw this and he too decided to wash his instead of wiping it off.

Over no specified time, one by one new ones adopted this procedure until at a certain critical time it became a turning point and then all the monkeys followed the same procedure before they ate.

The scientific story goes on to say that not only that island changed its habits, but all the monkeys on a nearby island also incorporated the same procedure.

This story has been dissected and other reasons placed there for the outcome but others have taken up the story as a symbolical statement and now like to address it as an outcome for a country or even the world.

The basis being that, a few people can change an old format for the better and that at a certain critical number it will then spread and envelop many more people far afield and a change will have been incorporated, with the emphasis being that it was for the betterment of all.

We know that there are people who sometimes feel somewhat isolated in the way that they can see the broader picture which would be for the benefit of all, but are often restricted by criticism and the smaller view of others, to speak their truth.

However at a certain point in time the true picture can emerge and a change will then take place which can then be embraced by many.

It was not that long ago that all the inhabitants on the Earth planet thought they were living on a flat plate not a round ball. One brave sailor sailed over the edge that they could ‘see’, and the seas just kept appearing until he finally arrived back to his original starting point, but from another direction.

Can you imagine the surprise, and before long everyone began to spread the word and it soon became an accepted fact that the world was round not flat.

Yes, we even to this day have ‘A Flat Earth Society’ but the membership is dwindling!

Have an open mind that can see a better way, and have the strength to hold on to that idea and know that one day all the monkeys will have a better lifestyle.

I hope you too will be in the 100th body of Lightworkers.

The paramount message is that we can all change a situation, beginning with just one person, and then having many people following to be part of the change.  

Chapter 1


It Makes More Sense 


The sun shone softly down from the bluest of skies with its soft white fluffy clouds lazily drifting across its surface as the wise one walked the meandering pathway to the building in the distance.

He enjoyed this small walk each day to fulfil his current duty. The Leaders of Light often asked him to perform certain duties, and at the moment he was thoroughly enjoying this assignment.

There had been a small interlude in time, from when he had farewelled his previous student ‘the small one’, until this one commenced.

He had immensely enjoyed the interaction between them both, as a child with innocence has an energy which benefits all. The questions the small one asked and the answers that were given, contained the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and so the energy flow was always positive.

The small one had been guided by those who oversaw his soul’s growth, and had made the decision to return to the Earth’s atmosphere in order to rectify certain situations that needed adjustment to ensure further growth in the journey of his soul. It was very pleasing to hear that he could do this from the 5th dimensional Earth and therefore his Earth life would be an easier existence.

The Leaders of Light had made the loving and powerful decision to create another replica Earth in the universe, with the same features and atmosphere as the current one, but having removed the heavy density which was prevalent in the 3rd dimensional Earth. The 5th dimensional Earth would be easier for the new souls arriving to adjust to. They would be Spiritual souls experiencing a human existence but without enduring the heavy energy from 3rd dimension and without the evil influences that had overtaken and overridden so many of the souls who had returned to that dimension over time.

These souls who had developed evil intentions would remain on the 3rd dimensional Earth with some small chance of creating change within their behaviour, but the road would be much harder for them to travel and very few would be able to function easily. This 3rd dimensional Earth was now mostly populated by those souls who had allowed an evil element to dominate their life. The greed and power scenario had once more dominated their present human existence and so everything they wanted to achieve in this life experience now stemmed from this source of greed and power.

As time had progressed these people would have slowly annihilated most of the other uncorrupted souls and would have created karmic situations which would have taken eons to rectify.

So with this choice the Leaders of Light created what was to become the perfect outcome. Those displaying the evil ways could continue fighting and trying to outmanoeuvre each other, and could possibly even end up destroying the planet itself in the process, as environmental issues were of little concern to them. They had forgotten the ways of their Home base and assumed their existence in the here and now was the only one they would have. Even more damaging was that they were making no advancement in the growth of their soul and therefore this existence was going to have to be repeated again and again until they could break the cycle. Many lifetimes would be spent in this dimension until a change occurred, if the planet still existed.

Although the existence on the Earth plane could seem long in Earth years, in spiritual time it was just a blink of the eye and so these souls would return and return, and with the intense love and supported nursing and counselling given to them, would again attempt the life role which could bring about the change.

They knew it would be harder for them to rectify their outcomes because now all the people on the 3rd dimensional planet Earth not only were there for the same reason, to create a change in their perception, but now the more pure and advanced souls were operating from a different dimension, and could not be manipulated by their ways of evil for their own satisfaction.

These spiritual souls would now be doing battle with others of the same evil intent. It wasn’t that the souls were evil it was the actions that they allowed their human existences to carry out, that allowed this format to flourish.

Prior to the separation of the Earths they had been aware and seen examples of other souls in their human existences following pathways of light and love and interestingly enough often followed these beautiful pathways in the earlier stages of their life, and had achieved amazingly positive outcomes. However, in many cases, the evil side would again surface and almost beyond their control they would once again walk in the dark side hurting themselves and many other good souls along the way.

Many of the world’s dictators would be an example of this. Their rise to power often from adverse circumstances would be a shining example of achievement. The good side would be so beneficial for many many people, and the soul’s growth role would rise and shine, but for the majority of them this positivity would turn to negativity, power and greed. Once more the pattern would repeat itself and upon the soul’s return to the Home base there would much remorse and sadness at again the same outcome.

Those souls who did not have these negative areas to address would of course if need be return to the 5th dimension, if there were issues that needed adjustment. Without the dark side to contend with, their role as a human would mainly be lived out in a gentle loving existence.

Yet, even in this loving environment a soul could lose its way and sometimes actions happened in this existence that would appear out of place, but because the majority of the inhabitants held a different outlook, then that human soul could be re-guided back to the correct pathway and finish that human life in a positive way without damaging the soul in a negative way.

So as the new circumstances presented themselves to the Leaders of Light, they had then created this beautiful building that now stood in front of the wise one. They had requested that he now would be one of the lecturers in this university style establishment, whose higher knowledgeable role would be that of helping the returning souls gain the grounding that they would need, in order to perform the often difficult role of change from evil intent to that of a loving intent, that they must now attempt to accomplish upon their return to the 3rd dimensional Earth.

The wise one had really enjoyed his many days of nurturing the small one before he left to return to 5th dimension, so he knew having a classroom of beautiful enquiring minds would simply multiply the pleasure, and so as he walked in through the beautiful tall, golden glowing doors, another day began.

He smiled to himself when he remembered the first day of questions and answers. It was the students themselves who had formulated the programme. It seemed that during every discussion the sentence ‘it makes more sense’ would crop up until finally the students stated that that is what the university should be called, and so the initials IMMS became the name which was used by all who attended and those that were to come.

He felt satisfied with the reference to making more sense, and so the information from then on often referred in some way in this direction and as truth was also a part of the scenario it worked very well and his students progressed quickly.

His highest hope was that they would be able to take this memory of the lectures and discussions and take them with them to the human life that they must exist in, in an environment that was so different from the one that they were experiencing at this point of time. Their souls had had the benefit of the nursing and healing that had been needed, as many of them had endured painful pass-overs, and they were now ready to absorb the information which would be able to help them bring about the change they so desired in order for the soul to progress past this blockage.

The classrooms were segregated into different topics as naturally the students had different issues to overcome and there was no need to address the issue of another person which would have had no relevance to their own growth. This meant that all the students in that particular class could concentrate on their personal subject and take in the information relevant to their actions and their efforts for the positive change they sought.

The student souls were eagerly waiting his arrival  and were ready for his informative instructions, and so now as he entered the lecture hall and acknowledged them, he commenced his tutorials…

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