Eyes of Light is a story seen through the eyes of a child surrounded by unconditional love and peace.

The child questions the possibility of another civilisation and obtains a deeper knowledge of life. Returning to a time when people of the light lived by The Ten Commandments and weaving through to the present day when power and greed have taken over.

Issues on health and healing, the environment, the do-gooders, refugees and politicians are some of the subjects touched on, as well as people dealing with their day-to-day living which makes the reader question what is acceptable in our lives.

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ISBN:   978-1-922229-00-7
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 138
Genre: Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: Leanne Jackson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2013
Language: English


The author, Leanne Jackson has been a hypnotherapist for nearly thirty years and in that time she has been part of the wonderful outcomes that can be achieved using this modality.

About twenty years ago she had a young male client in his early thirties who asked her to help him find out some information that he thought he needed clarifying. He was an engineer, and so she presumed he would be very left brain dominate as people who work with figures and theories usually are.

During their very successful session Leanne realised that he was a wonderful subject and his right side brain was equally dominate.

The usual therapy is to look backwards for the issues needed for answers. They had achieved what they needed to know and so with his permission she asked him to go forward in time.

This is not a usual procedure as many things can change a pre-planned future, as we all have a choice as to whether we want that outcome or not.

Leanne has remembered the things he described during that session and they really form the basis for writing this book.

He spoke about seeing a major divide between the wealthy and the poor and how the wealthy needed to be living in communities surrounded by walls mainly for their protection from marauding gangs.

Twenty years ago, new estates and retirement villages were only beginning to build walls around them. Today we have young gangs of people robbing and bashing people in their own homes. Maybe this is a beginning of what is to escalate.

This was not the main feature of the session. What he described next didn’t make much sense at the time, but over the years thinking about it, she has now made it the basis and outcome of her book.

He said, “I don’t know how to explain it but I am looking at two identical earths spinning at the same rate both on their own axes, side by side.” 

Leanne continues: And so my story begins.

I have written it in order to help those people who are looking for answers for situations in and around them, and cannot find one from the usual sources in our society, being governments, medics, parents and others.

I hope there is maybe an answer that connects with you on some level.

I have also written this book for my six beautiful grandchildren. They are all children of the light and have volunteered along with many others, to be part of the new enlightened force returning to help save the experiment began many years ago by the Leaders of Light.

If any of this information has been of help to them, then I have fulfilled my pre-planned commitment to their advancement, growth and outcome, along their individual pathways in this existence.

As always, they have all my love – Larnie


Leanne Jackson



This is a story through the eyes of a small child.

A little one who resides in the Home base surrounded by unconditional love every day.

It is hard therefore for him to imagine that other civilisations operate differently to the one he exists in.

His questions are really no different to any other child in any other country or universe, as it is a widely accepted fact that children have a truthful innocence when seeing a situation and questioning the reason for it.

We all remember the children’s story book The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson, in which the King and his courtiers are tricked into believing he is wearing the most beautiful set of clothes, seen only by those of a pure and innocent mind. Many grownups continued on with the charade until the innocent voice of the small child cried out, “The Emperor’s got no clothes on”, and the adults had to acknowledge the truth.

It is a reminder to us as grownups that we can be manipulated by clever and cunning people and can be coerced into believing a situation that is not even real. It can be a pretend world which is often governed completely by power and greed.

When power and greed become the over-riding basis for daily living then the people in that existence are no longer functioning in truth and light. There needs to be change in direction, and so the child in this story finds it hard to comprehend how the people he is being told about, cannot see what the outcome will be if they continue down this misleading path.

We sometimes need to question the situations we find ourselves in, and those around us, but maybe we should ask how it would look from another perspective, one which came from pure love and light.

The small child asks the questions of the wise one, who answers with his deeper knowledge of the whole situation.

The small one understands when the answer is from a pure source, and although he would find it hard to rationalise the situation from his child like perspective, he accepts the narrative as it unfolds, from an elder he respects.

This story covers many of the aspects we are dealing with in our day to day living, and it is maybe time for us to question the reality of what we are accepting, and question it as a child might.

This story is be enjoyed and read through the eyes of love, light and truth.

There is a very wise saying, ‘For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no proof is possible’.

The choice is yours.

Chapter 1


And so the Story Begins 


The sun softly cascaded down through the soft, white fluffy clouds from the brilliant blueness of the sky.

The small boy child emerged from the background of greenery and advanced to the seat where the wise one sat with his eyes closed in a relaxed state.

‘Can we continue the story?’ he asked as he sat comfortably at the side of the elder.

The elder smiled and placing his arm across the back of the boy, said, ‘Yes, I am enjoying your input, and your perception is refreshing but not altogether surprising, considering your advanced knowledge and the place of your existence.’

‘I only know this Home and that is why when you talk of this other “home” I find it hard to understand that in the past eons of time, people could exist in such strange circumstances. That is why I want to hear about it,’ the boy quietly said with a tiny smile. ‘Could it ever happen like that here?’

‘No, not here in this existence, as the issues they faced no longer exist for us here in this dimension.’

‘Could it have been different for them or could they have changed the outcome?’

The wise one smiled as he thought through this question. That was what he found so refreshing when he and the boy talked each day. Now, even the unsophisticated understanding of the children today could see the answers to the situations that in those times of old, even adults could not see. Most of the adults, that is, as there were many who could see the correct path and the negative outcomes, but they were more than overshadowed by the masses and their negativity.

The human mind then was very questioning and often doubted the thoughts and information that the higher-self passed on to them. Outside influences made them question the thoughts and the easiest way out was to remain silent and go with the masses. Naturally there were always the brave few who would question different situations, but often they faced massive ridicule, which made the other, quieter, brave ones, maintain their silence.

This trend could not continue in this direction without coming to an ending, which of course is what happened. Power and greed became their god, and all understanding of who they really were, the purpose of their existence and the reason they were on their Earth planet, were forgotten.

Many enlightened souls came to the Earth with messages from ‘Home’ and the people who heard them understood, and tried to keep the beautiful messages of love and truth spreading throughout their known world, but they too often faced persecution and hardships.

As if reading the elder’s mind, the child said, ‘But their teachings were only about truth and love – how can that be misconstrued?’

‘Yes, and seen through your eyes and understanding, you would wonder that, but I have been explaining to you that there was a time for these people when they could not see it that way.’

The wise one was quiet again as he remembered the story he had related to the boy just a short time ago. The boy had asked for his version of the enlightened one they called Jesus. He had loved the beginning of the narrative and enjoyed hearing of the child’s birth and his childhood. Then of the adult, who began to teach of love, to remind the people of who they really were, and of their parental Home.

Those people who heard the messages understood, and it changed their lives; they began to reconnect with their higher-selves. Once more the Earth people had a chance to create a home in the image of the one they had reincarnated from. To bring the light and love from above and spread it throughout the planet they now inhabited.

However, when power and greed get in the way, and the masses outnumber you, the intent and the direction can go awry.

There were many years during which the teachings and messages were spread in their true form, but then came a time when a new leader, wanting to have more ultimate power in the Earth sense, decided to manipulate the understanding so it would be for his benefit only, and not for the benefit of the people.

A book was written many many years after the death of the teacher Jesus and it was based on stories that had been passed down through the generations. Some of it was accurate, some hearsay, and much was what the controlling person decided that he wanted the people to hear. Love played a small role as this was now replaced by fear. The people were told that this ‘god’ was only forgiving if you obeyed the rules that now had suddenly appeared, laid down by a group of people who made them up to suit.

Wars became the way that supposedly this god wanted. The message was given that this god wanted his people to crusade and fight to the end and kill all the unbelievers, so that only the believers could inhabit the Earth and only those people would return to their heavenly home. Forgiven, I suppose, for killing all the other people.

Puzzlement was the child’s reaction to this information. ‘How would people come to that conclusion if they were aware of the true teachings?’

Yes, even a child has more understanding. Through the innocent eyes of love it does not compute.

It wasn’t only the rules of killing that were implemented. The man-made rules became even more destructive to the ordinary lives of the people. These often had no connection to the original teachings. It was decided that anyone who was to enter the now newly formed religion as a leader was to be celibate. Unfortunately, as with all rules, they were often broken. The leaders would have their own partners hidden away and the children would be born with issues they would have to overcome. The other horrible side of this directive was that children placed in the care of this religious order would often be molested, and again have issues to overcome. This was a very dark side of the religion, which on the surface was teaching love and understanding.

Prior to the new directives, women had been held in high regard for their ability to produce and birth children, along with their understanding of the art of healing with the herbs that had been provided for this on the Earth planet.

The religious male leaders, the so-called followers of god and love, desired ultimate control and did not want to have the masses being supported from any other direction, especially women. They had now decided that women were to be punished as Eve should have been, for getting them banished from the Garden of Eden or Paradise, as they liked to preach it. Women with the ability to have children were now degraded. Their punishment was to be isolated when in childbirth and if for any reason their baby was not birthing easily, then the rule was to let the mother die and save the baby. Fear then overtook the birthing process and what until then had been a celebration of life became a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, this outlook continued until the time of the shift, and the babies born in the so-called Christian regions of the world suffered unnecessary mental anguish with the trauma they undertook to be born.

Towards the end, a dawning began as women drew on their basic memories, and slowly birth was beginning to be understood as the beautiful experience it was meant to be. This was essential in order to allow the highly developed souls, which were needed to be born in those later years, to arrive in calmness and peace, in order to begin their journey undamaged.

These little ones had offered to return once more to the Earth to help raise the energy and love on this planet. They needed their energy to be whole and not fragmented from the beginning with fear, trauma and drugs.

The church’s hold on the masses was beginning to wane and now women were no longer being degraded as the followers of Satan. Soon these children began to arrive surrounded with love and peace and having a beautiful birth experience, in which to begin the difficult journey they had offered to do.

Maybe it could have succeeded.

Then there was the episode of the dark side of healing. To gain more control it was decreed that all healing was to be taken from the hands of the women. These healers were now downgraded and called ugly names such as ‘witches’ and if it suited the elders of the time, they were then executed in the most vile way, such as burning and drowning. Millions of women all over the known Christian world were killed in order to create fear amongst the masses, and for the church to have more control over the people.

Many years were to pass before, once more, women came forward to again use their natural healing instincts both in the allopathic and medical areas. More often than not, it was again the same souls that had been tortured so badly before in the past, who had once more returned in order to continue their healing arts. Often they had to rid themselves of the prior traumatic death memory, which even in the modern safe world they now occupied caused blockades for them. Thankfully due to the understanding of the up-to-date world and its advancements in some areas, they were able to do this and of course heal their own souls in the procedure.

The birthing and healing were condemned by the church for many ages in the Christian worlds. However, it should be noted that in other countries and areas outside the church’s control, women were still held in high regard for their attributes in these areas.

The difficulty they faced, of course, was that the memory of their true Home had been erased from their minds as they returned to the planet Earth. They had requested this because they understood that for the experiences they needed to have, in order for their souls’ growth, they had to have the emotional issues present themselves in their crude form.

Slowly the women rediscovered their healing powers and their knowledge from within, and began to cure illnesses previously thought impossible through the known methods of the day. The Goddesses were returning and maybe that could have succeeded in holding the Earth’s energy in place.

‘Why did that not succeed?’ said the small boy.

The wise one smiled as he remembered that this child had the ability to read his thoughts and that the spoken word was only another avenue.

‘I think time might have made it possible but there were too many other areas to be addressed which were not being addressed. It maybe could have maintained its momentum into enlightenment if there had been more time available.’

There had been a breakdown in the power lineage at one stage. From another direction, a man who was king had decided that the rules and regulations of the church at that time were too restrictive for the lifestyle he wanted to follow. After all wasn’t he a king, and didn’t that carry a role of power? His ultimatum to the church leaders of the time for a bending of the rules to suit him was met with a negative response, and so rather than change his ways or accept the ruling, he decided to create another branch of Christianity with fewer restricting rules.

This decision then was responsible for many years of fighting and killing, as each section of the religion tried to dominate the other. It was even harder to understand when they both had the same basic beliefs from the teachings of Jesus, but each had imposed their own man-made rulings to suit their requirements of greed and power.

The final solution and enlightenment came about with the education of the masses. Educated people could think for themselves without the threats from the church elders of doom and damnation. The hold over uneducated people began to wane and now having the ability to think for themselves, they were able to put religion into a more appropriate standing. They had reached a time in evolution in which they could speak out and question any ruling without the fear of persecution. The church leaders now had a different role to play, the power game was losing its grip and a more appropriate role was being taken on by the church. It was now more in line with the original teachings of Jesus, which had been to show the world that love and peace are far better than anger, hatred and war.

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