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This is the extraordinary story of the author’s experience with spiritual realms beyond our everyday physical world. Following a routine operation in 1993, the author awoke with a heightened awareness, and began to receive Transmissions from ‘off-planet’ sources for a period of more than three years. The information she received was of an elevated nature that has become increasingly relevant, and has direct and important implications for our times. 

As the Transmissions had said she would, she also began to experience over the course of almost the next 20 years, past life recall, dreams and visions which slowly unfold to reveal her own identity. Along the way, these reveal startling information regarding our Galactic origins and connections to Spiritual Realms. 

The reader is taken on a thought provoking journey through many visions, dreams and visitations, together with past lives as an Egyptian ‘Seer’, a Roman Soldier, and others, that help shape her understanding of who she really is, and what she has come to do in this lifetime. 

This book is at once breathtaking in its scope, beautiful in its images, at times frightening, but ultimately uplifting in its message, and will resonate with those who have had similar unusual experiences. The purpose of the book is to help awaken those who still ‘slumber’ and to help them to discover who they really are.

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ISBN: 978-1-921919-30-5 
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 195
Genre: Non Fiction




Author: Sasha Gabelish
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2012
Language: English



 Sasha Gabelish, as a first time author, is an intuitive, a spiritual channeller, and also a personal guidance and healing facilitator, with a strong interest in Numerology and Astrology. She has delivered a number of talks and presentations on these topics over the years. She lives with her husband, Ron, in Perth, Western Australia.

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Do you remember?


…when you had a ‘devil may care’ attitude to life? When you knew that ‘wholeness’ stemmed from an awareness of the necessity to push out the boundaries of your life? To take chances? No, not at all! For you had a knowingness, an innate understanding of how life really works…how it ‘spirals’ into even greater understanding.

So why would one create self-imposed boundaries of one’s own doing? Why should one become content with a comfortable world of familiar patterns only to risk the annihilation of that vision of contentedness? The error here…? Remaining static!

There are few people on the planet who truly understand the extent of what a human heart, interconnected to its spiritual core, can achieve in harmony with Universal Principles. Most especially when the world is groaning under the weight of the most dense fear we have ever seen… manifesting as discontent, violence, chaos, war, famine, diseases, natural disasters, and…the agony of separation from the Source itself.

Where is the open heart which understands that it is neither a whim nor a gamble to throw one’s lot into the fray…? The one who truly knows that to allow his spiritual essence to rise up and show direction, to be filled with the meaning of his life, to give him the ultimate joy and fulfilment a life can yield – there is no gamble or risk in this! This is the joy of connecting to a Force far more powerful than just the self. It is not possible to fail under these circumstances – no fear can exist in this space – so why do we entertain fear so well…knowing what we know?

Are we afraid of dying under terms that are not our own? Yet, have we ever had a say in this? We have died many times before. Some deaths were not noble, but there were certainly many that were.

In this lifetime, however, there is something different, something that was not there before – a cause far greater than anything we ever fought for previously…



An elderly fisherman, without nationality, religion or political persuasion, indeed with no motive of control or coercion whatsoever… but someone with a mission to mend and heal, pacify and unify, and with the sole intention of triggering our consciousness so as to assist us to ‘remember who we truly are’…has cast out his line in the hope that there will be those who have the insight and courage to set aside their mundane lives, and allow themselves to be slowly drawn into a new, brave world where their individual and collective talents and gifts will mean so much to so many… and for those who were not able to respond.

Good fishing, Old One, for you have snared one… possibly three.



I found it difficult to decide on a true starting point for this, my story. What you will read in the next few pages could be described as a definite starting point of sorts, but equally it could have started at the beginning of creation on this planet, during any one of my remembered past lives, or indeed outside the time continuum itself where I have greater memory – let’s call it the future.

All of the events described in these pages are true – they happened to me. The story of me in this life is true, and the visions are true. I never forget my visions; in fact, I have been made to remember them. The very early 1990s (and 1993 in particular) began an incredible time for me, and people close to me. This story has woven itself in and around my life for almost 20 years, and has continued to reveal itself in my dreams, visions and past life memories. I have never been allowed to forget the details.

In November 1993 I began to receive downloads of information, which were channelled ‘transmissions’. It was not a name I gave them, but that term was given during the course of the writings. Later, this copious flow would be just too much to record by hand, so I began to type the transmissions. Coming awake suddenly and getting up in the early hours of the morning to write (and later type) continued almost daily for over three years.

Beyond that time though, other things took priority in my life – new work, new hobbies and ongoing family commitments. The information I had received and the messages they spoke of had mostly remained in the background, reluctantly set aside due to the pressures of everyday life – but re-surfacing in other ways at the most unexpected of times. However, late 2009 saw the return of the strong signal to write again. I now feel compelled to fulfil an ‘obligation’ taken long ago, and share with people the information which came to me under the most unusual of circumstances.

In writing this book I had to determine what channelled information to include and what to leave out. Some of the information was personal, or identifies specific people, or is for another time altogether. I have included the transmissions in italics to distinguish them from my words.

I have not dated most of the transmissions in the text as it is clear to me that the information is not necessarily linear in terms of our time. Some writing appears to refer to future scenarios where the outcomes are not necessarily predictive, whereas some transmissions are quite time-specific and refer to events current at the time of receiving them. I have not made any specific time references to events as they may unfold, as I believe our future is constantly changed by our current actions, and is not set.

I have included these transmissions along with my own interweaving dreams, visions and vivid past life memories, as these are an integral part of the story. Whilst some of the transmissions appear specific to me, I have included these because of the broader messages they contain. I have written the book in such a way so as to give the reader a sense of the sequence of events, and to how the story unfolded.

As well as working with the transmissions and the recall of my past lives when preparing this book, I realised something else was trying to emerge from the far recesses of my consciousness – a voice that was trying to be heard above the everydayness of living which was asking me to dissolve my thoughts about what my life was, or had been, to this point. It was though I was being drawn towards an edge of some kind – not sanity (but at times one could easily think so), but to go past a threshold beyond which I had never been in this lifetime – or at least not consciously.

This book is a result of all of these experiences, and I invite you now to come on a most extraordinary journey with me – a journey which begins with my ‘electrocution’ operation…



  PART 1



I think it was about six weeks or so prior to the operation that I visited my GP. I had not been feeling particularly well, nothing major, just out of sorts. We had been living in Perth (Western Australia) for many years and had recently moved to the coastal town of Mandurah, about an hour’s drive south. I had not made the acquaintance of any of the local doctors, but I wasn’t too concerned about driving back into the old district to attend this appointment. In fact, I enjoyed the drive. It was valuable ‘me’ time.

I explained to my doctor that I had not been feeling well, and I was expecting her to suggest some blood tests to check for possible iron deficiency, or such like. After checking my blood pressure and asking a few routine questions, she suggested that I visit a general surgeon she knew. She mentioned that he would be able to assist me with reducing some of my tummy bulge – the legacy of having four children. I have to say that this idea did not really appeal to me. It had only been two years before that I’d undergone one of the major female operations – the recuperation from that being more than seven weeks. Although that operation was necessary, it had been very disruptive to the family – especially for my husband Ron, as two of our children were still quite young.

She encouraged me to visit this surgeon where he would explain what he could do for me. Perhaps she thought that self-image was my overriding problem? I began to feel embarrassed about presenting at her rooms with so few discernable symptoms – for surely there were people in the waiting room with far more pressing concerns than mine – but she handed me the referral to the surgeon, and I left.

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