This short collection of poetry is written with depth and meaning and explores a journey of pain, joy and triumph.  

From the poems ‘Broken Legs’, ‘Fight without Fear’ and ‘Borrowed Time’, to ‘Face of Grace’, ‘Marathon Runner’, ‘We are One’ and ‘The World’s Greatest Mum’, the compilation is a heartfelt and original read from start to finish.

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-06-8  
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:78
Genre: Poetry

Cover: Clive Dalkins


Author: Mandy Grace
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2010
Language: English



About the author 

The author was born in Melbourne and grew up with five brothers and sisters. Her brother Rick, a good writer, was inspiring as they were growing up. The author began writing at the age of thirteen to escape the pain she was feeling at the time.

She worked as a personal trainer then for SCOPE as a disability support worker. After many failed relationships and lots of anguish, she gave her husband a chance and moved to country Victoria to be with him. They have been married for five years and have two precious boys … with another baby on the way.


Bleeding Intuition



You knock me out

I get up

You stab me

My bleeding heart

I get up again

You steal my future

I grab my intuition and stand up to you

I get up

You rape me

Broken bones scattered in the day, bruised bodies lie in the way

Put your ear to the wall, you can hear the sound of innocence crying in the night


I’m left robbed of my innocence

You take the sense,

Blood-drenched years, daggered little heart

Soul flies freedom is run dry

You take the good and trusting part of me


Feeling naked of any justice

You take my feelings and soul

You stick them in a blender

Add some misery

You drink it

The grin on your face

So happy with what you’ve done to me

Standing, defenceless

I cry


Why did this happen to me?

You messed up my thoughts

Feeling the end is getting near

Again you bash me and I bleed

From every part of my bruised body

You take my identity

You take my freedom

You take my normal thinking patterns

I lay on the ground

I can’t move

You try to grab my hope

You reach for my faith

I beg you not to take it

You snatch it from me

Looking at you I can’t understand


You take out my brain

Mess it up and leave me with nothing

Take my childhood

Will be scarred forever

Pleading for mercy

You continue to hit me

Laying in the moment

Laying in my own blood

What do I do?

Do I play a victim forever?

Do I sit here and feel sorry for myself

Or do I get up and fight for my life?

Stars see clear

Truth I will hear

I pray something will save me

You took everything from me

But you forgot one thing

My saviour


I get up

Wipe the blood from my face


I hit you

Feeling stronger

Control in tune


Faith is on the line

You bleed and I take back my innocence

I grab my faith and hope

With each second I get stronger

I grow in size

Everything is coming back

I know who I am

I’m confident

I have lots of self esteem

I’m still growing

Like a flower

God tells me it’s going to be okay

I punch you again

Each punch is like fifty punches


My inner power runs through my veins

Stronger and bigger than you have ever been


I give you all the pain and misery

The confused days

The sleepless nights

The anxious moments

The days in a bubble

The long days of depression


Are all yours now

They are mine no more

Battle scars will clear


Putting a bandaid on my intuition

I bandage my heart

My broken soul is in plaster

My innocence is in a coma

I still have my smile, it serves me well

I punch you and you die

Taking everything you stole from me

Searching my veins for fear

Can’t find it in me

I laugh as you return to hell

I’m the last person standing

I replace my normal thinking patterns in my head


Ready to take anything else on

I continue down my path

Path of destiny

Walking along

I pray

My Father hears me

I thank Him

And I move on

He sends me my healed intuition and innocence

I take it

Walking along

Find all I need at no cost.

I am no longer lost

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