In this delightful little book lies the secret to creating a better life. Within these pages you’ll discover a charming, inspiring tale of desire and achievement, guaranteed to capture your imagination and open your mind to thought-provoking insights. 

Benny feels life is a constant struggle, with many troubles weighing heavily upon his mind. While he dreams of a better life, success remains elusive. To accomplish all he desires, Benny realises he must create significant change in his world. Mustering his courage, he begins by setting out on an intriguing journey of personal growth and discovery. 

Join Benny as he embarks on a character-building adventure that ultimately allows him to open the door to an abundance of opportunity. Drawing on newfound strength and hope, the journey teaches Benny the simple secrets needed to create change, obtain greater success and enjoy unlimited happiness. 

If you apply the straightforward steps and everyday actions presented in this clever little parable, you too will be able to craft the life you truly desire and deserve.  



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ISBN: 978-1-921919-05-3 
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 97
Genre: Fiction/Children - secondary school age.

Includes colour illustrations

Cover design: Clive Dalkins

Original artwork: Erica Cowdell



Author: Dane Carlos
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2012
Language: English


Author Bio 

Dane Carlos BSc. BHSc. is a Melbourne-based author who, through the power of the pen, aspires to help others appreciate and enjoy the rich fabric of life. 

Dane’s background includes studying and working in the fields of applied science, pre-hospital emergency medicine and information technology.  Such a diverse career has been a privilege for the author, providing the opportunity to experience a wide variety of people, places, challenges and changes. 

Over the years, Dane has accumulated fundamental ‘lessons learned’ from her personal journey. These lessons have been carefully woven into this little book for the benefit of readers from all walks of life. 

Dane believes a happy, successful and profoundly fulfilling life is within the reach of each and every person who chooses to embrace it.



ne day, in recent times, a young man sat in the morning sunshine speaking with his elderly grandfather.

“You look troubled, Benny,” the old man said.

“Yes,” Benny replied. “There was a time long ago when life seemed reasonably good. I was content with my lot and made the most of each and every day. But now, things are different. Much time has passed and my world isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. I’ve grown profoundly unhappy and I know deep down nothing is going to change unless I admit life is no longer the rich and rewarding experience it once was.”

Benny sighed, “Grandfather, forgive me if I sound as though I’m complaining; I’m just trying to be honest and realistic. I’m caught in the throws of life and it’s overwhelming. I’m constantly busy, constantly stressed, rushing from here to there. When I pause for the briefest of moments, I find myself asking, ‘Is this all there is?’

“Grandfather, the question has become all-consuming. I must find a way to craft a better life. Time is quickly passing and if I don’t create change, one day I’ll awaken with regret heavy in my heart.”

His grandfather listened patiently while Benny gathered his thoughts. “I realise with all my soul, I desire so much more. I desperately want to live a more comfortable and enjoyable life, but instead I wonder if I’m destined to be miserable forever and I don’t deserve to be happy.”

Benny frowned at the old man then said despondently, “I’m sorry for spilling my troubles onto you like this.”

Benny’s grandfather looked thoughtful for a moment before he spoke.

“One thing I know to be true,” the old man finally replied. “You deserve to be happy. You deserve the very best, son. You deserve to experience the rich fabric of life in every aspect of your world, and you never need to settle for less.

“The ability to create change lies within ourselves, Benny.” The old man nodded slowly. “You may not realise it now, but your mind is an extremely powerful tool. If you learn to harness the power of the mind, the power already within, then I promise you, you’ll be able to craft a new life and find happiness in your heart. Once you find happiness, you’ll discover a new kind of freedom that allows you to see the way to create change in every aspect of your life. It’s entirely within your ability to completely transform the way you live and achieve whatever you desire.”

Benny’s grandfather leaned towards the young man and said with a more serious tone, “Listen carefully, Benny. I firmly believe everyone is capable of creating significant change and attracting everything they desire into their lives, and you, my young friend, are no exception.”

Benny listened intently as his grandfather spoke deliberately, placing great emphasis on his words.

“There’s a simple secret that, without fail, you must adhere to. The secret is this; to create change and start living the life you’ve always desired, you must first be in the right mindset.”

Benny seemed surprised at the simplicity of his grandfather’s carefully crafted words. “The secret to happiness is really so straightforward?” he asked rather thoughtfully. He wondered if mindset had caused his discontentedness and lack of fulfilment in recent times.

“To create change, Benny, you must be personally empowered and feel good about yourself. Before you can lead the life you desire, you must feel at ease otherwise you won’t have enough personal power to obtain the things you wish for. It’s very important to feel good and be happy.”

Benny’s grandfather continued, “Happiness is a mindset. How you view the world, how you interpret and respond to situations affects the outcome of all your endeavours, so you can see why the right mindset is so important. You must strive to find inner joy, to create a foundation in your life that allows you to be astute and courageous. Happiness will give you a solid base to stand upon while you create change, chase dreams and explore the boundaries of your world. When you achieve inner peace and harmony, you’ll begin to find your treasure in all its many forms. A joyful life will allow you to experience the abundance that surrounds us, offering you the power to see opportunity abound.”

Benny looked doubtful. “How do I find happiness and fulfilment when I have so many worries, I’m always busy, and I simply feel exhausted?”

“It’s time for you to go on a journey of self-discovery,” his grandfather replied with reassurance and a hint of excitement. “The journey will inspire feelings of confidence and optimism. Before long, you’ll begin to grow wise and strong. You’ll learn to embrace greatly empowering emotions within, and you’ll begin to attract many things you desire into your world. At first, these things may be very small. But you’ll soon see, day-by-day, life gradually begins to change.” The old man grinned knowingly at Benny. “You must trust me when I tell you this.”

“The process will be slow but highly rewarding. You’ll find the journey helps you to think clearly, allowing you to take control of your life and create change when you decide to, and where you decide to. Remember, the power to create change is already inside you, Benny. You simply need to learn how to harness it. Ultimately, embarking on this journey will bring you peace, love and joy. I promise you.”

Benny hugged and thanked his grandfather, and the pair waved goodbye. As he walked through the garden and onto the stony path that weaved into the forest, Benny thought about what his grandfather had said. He wasn’t quite sure what the old man meant about going on a journey of self-discovery, but he liked the idea of growing wise and strong and being able to think more clearly, and he could certainly use a little newfound optimism. ‘After all,’ he thought, ‘I have nothing to lose.’


As he meandered through the forest, Benny tried to remember the last time he felt really happy. He didn’t particularly enjoy thinking about characteristics like happiness and fulfilment. Every time he looked within or questioned the way he lived his life, he felt tired and disappointed with himself. As his thoughts drifted, as usual, he began thinking about the many problems in his world, and he began to feel quite sullen.

Suddenly, Benny tripped on a tree root and toppled down a bank, landing clumsily in a large pool of mud. For a moment, he wasn’t quite sure what had happened. As he tried to orientate himself and clear mud from his eyes, he heard laughing.

“Haw, haw, haw, haw!” cheerful chuckling sang out across the peaceful forest floor. Benny looked up to see a brightly-coloured parrot perched upon a branch of a tree that had fallen nearby.

“Good morning, stranger. What on earth are you doing sitting in the mud?” the parrot asked cheekily.

Benny clambered to his feet and introduced himself.

“I’m on a journey of self-discovery,” he said. “I’m hoping to grow wise and strong and welcome happiness into my heart so I’m able to create change in many aspects of my life. I haven’t made a very good start!” Benny did his best to wipe the mud away from his face.

“You fell down the bank,” the parrot chirped a little more seriously, “because you failed to see the path ahead. You were so distracted and deep in thought, you weren’t watching where you were going. Am I right?” The parrot grinned at Benny who shrugged his shoulders.

“If you want to see the path ahead, you must make a small change to the way you think.” The parrot fluttered her colourful wings as Benny listened with interest. “First, you must un-clutter your mind and, second, you must take control of your thoughts. When you’re in touch with your environment and you notice what’s around you, you’ll develop a keen awareness of everything happening in your world. You simply need to practice clearing your mind. Instead of daydreaming, take a good look around and listen intently to your surroundings. Engage your senses. Be conscious in the present moment.”

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