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A Spiritual Handbook for the Modern Era is a handbook for life.  It provides spiritual sustenance and guidance for anyone searching for meaning or requiring assistance in times of trouble or confusion.

It explores life stages and common difficulties that may arise at these times and offers discernment on coping with such diverse areas as bullying, pregnancy termination, depression and ageing.

The book is an invaluable tool for those in need of psychological or spiritual nurturing.

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ISBN:   978-1-921919-82-4
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 105
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Author: Kate Rouse
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2013
Language: English

About the author


Kate Rouse grew up in Albury and on a small farm with her three younger sisters at Table Top. Horses have been a huge part of her life.

After completing a BA and Dip Ed at the University of New England, Armidale, Kate worked at Mt Buffalo and Mt Hotham in various roles and travelled extensively throughout the world for 12 years, interspersed with teaching English in Japan and casual teaching in New South Wales.

Over the past 12 years Kate has worked as a teacher, Aboriginal education worker, youth worker, pool manager, factory hand and receptionist. She has travelled in Australia, completed Certificate IV in Community Welfare, a Diploma of Counselling and Fine Arts certificates.

Kate has experienced life broadly, felt life deeply and studied spirituality from an early age. She lives with her partner, Shayne and they share their lives with Teuco, a talkative blue parrot, Whispit, a very wise cat and seven beautiful horses.  


This is a little book offering insight to living a spiritually-aware life towards growth of the soul and greater happiness and peace for humanity and our beautiful planet.




God is in me

Around me

In you

Around you

In everything, around everything

God connects

Creates meaning

My temple is in the desert

My church is on the mountain

My synagogue is by the river bank

My mosque touches the ocean

In Nature I find God

In Stillness, Simplicity

And my love pours forth

Connecting me, feeling I am in God and God is in me

Oneness, available to all humanity – ready to be united in the love of one God who does not discriminate.

Chapter One

For Children and their Parents



Find your talents and foster them but within realistic limits so that you enjoy them—that it does not become a painful struggle and destroy the outflow of your gift’s bounty. 


Foster your child’s talents but within her desires otherwise great potential may be harmed. It is your child’s journey, not yours, but you pave the way providing opportunity for talents to flourish.   

Creativity connects you to God. You can be creative through writing, artwork, play, sport, cooking, exploring, experimenting, building, music, dance, drama or gardening. Creativity leads to great peace and happiness.  


Try to think of others. Whatever you say or do to another human has an effect. Put yourself in the position of the other person and imagine how he would feel as a result of your words or actions. With otherness in mind and greater awareness the world would become a more loving and caring place. Have this same regard for all animals and nature — to care for all of God’s Earth and her creatures.  

Bullying is a growing and terribly destructive problem. With greater awareness of otherness this could be minimised. Parents, please encourage your children to think of the results of their words and actions and imagine themselves in the place of others. 

To the victim of bullying,

The bully’s ego is causing destructive behaviour. Remember you are loved, special and important, a shining star. Remove yourself from the situation and seek help from friends, teachers, parents, school counsellors. Don’t suffer alone. 

If this happens through the internet or phone let others know and action needs to be taken immediately. Don’t let the bully destroy you. You are the strong one. Seek help, surround yourself in love and light will overcome this darkness.  


Maintain vigilance over your child’s emotional wellbeing. If you notice a change, talk to him and then maybe his teacher, school counsellor or principal. If bullying is occurring prompt action needs to be taken.


Vigilance is required regarding internet and mobile phone use. Speak with your child and be a part of social networking. Communication and awareness will help greatly in this area. 

To the bully,

You need to think of otherness. Put yourself in your victim’s shoes. Seek help from a counsellor and you too may move forward in your life. 

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