There is a concept of GOD that will unite the world and bring Peace and Love to All... but only if we are willing to accept it. It is a personal and global choice. It is up to us to make it happen.

“Ron Johnston has boldly shared his heart and soul in this personal journal-like account of his own spiritual awakening. He has challenged us all to bravely establish our own spiritual identity by taking us on a fascinating adventure, leading to his spiritual coming of age and a conclusion that has the potential to rock this world to its spiritual foundations.  

“I too have felt like I didn’t belong for most of my life. A type of loner, I suspect. Now I know why!! Thank you for that. Now I feel normal and whole. All my life I have wondered over and over again why ‘they’ don’t get it. Why they don’t understand, because it’s so easy!! Of course now I understand but back then I didn’t. Why can’t we all be equal and live in peace? Why is that so hard? I believe now more than ever that this is not only possible, but is a natural progression in the earth’s enlightenment.” .... Katharine Giovanni - Katharine is the author of the acclaimed spiritual book, ‘God, is that you?’  

“I don’t believe that my quest for freedom is unique. There is a burning desire for freedom inside all of us. Our soul has been on this quest for eons. It has re-entered time and again the painful Earth drama, in the hope that through this process, it would stop pretending and instead awaken to its true identity as an integral part of the Oneness of All Things.  

“The spiritual quest to get back ‘home’ wafted over our lives like ocean mist in the morning sunlight. And just as a beautiful day is promised in the shimmering colours of a sunrise, then so too is our deliverance into a reality where Love is all there is.”........Ronald James Johnston

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ISBN:  978-1-921240-73-7
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 208
Genre:  Non Fiction


Author: Ronald James Johnston
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2007
Language: English



This book is not for is actually for me. I love reading it. It has helped me immensely as I struggled to understand the world in which I live. Yes, I wrote these words for myself as I sought INNER GUIDANCE in my own life. However as you will see, through this process I actually wrote about a lot more than this.

This book is in effect a journal of my own spiritual awakening, and I’d like to share it with you, and at the same time, share some of my life with you. I am nobody special really...just an ordinary man, and as I have shown here, anyone can write as I have written. No special skills are required, so why not write your own book designed especially for you!

Would you like to try? Then find a quiet place. It could be in a room, in a garden or in a park near you, and write a letter to the Wisest and most Loving Being you can think of. Sit still and become the Wise One that you truly are, and give to yourself all the loving support you need, in the language you most easily understand.

The process of seeking Inner Guidance that has been displayed in this book is open to anyone, young or old. All it takes is a little faith in the process and a little courage to get started. If you do, then a whole New Reality may be revealed to you, just as it was for me.

The present world in which we live is very challenging. Many people are suffering, even dying, because those who assume authority over us are presenting us with misconceptions about GOD and about LIFE. We have been thoroughly indoctrinated into believing in a reality that effectively stifles our true expression as Beings of Love.

The leaders of government, religion, the media and especially those in big business, who have their controlling fingers in all these pies, do not want this reality to change because they think they have too much to lose. And yet, it is in the releasing of this reality, and in embracing our ultimate freedom, that we have so much to gain.

We are not without our own power, however. We can release our fears to embrace only Love, refute those who assume authority over us and so begin to seek and even demand a new reality instead, where there is Love, Peace and Abundance for all.

Yes the Grandeur of Life, with all its colour and beauty and variety, should be a most joyful experience for everyone, and if this is not happening for you, then perhaps you need to change something about yourself. If what you are doing is not bringing you any great joy in life, then do something else.

All personal change is positive as it contributes in some way to the spiritual evolution of our planet.

It won’t be easy, of course. However, you are never really alone in this can have all the help you require, whenever you ask for it. This is what I hope I have demonstrated in this book. It was written purely from my inner guidance. Whether you believe it or not, you too can touch the same source of inspiration as I did. If you would like to try, then it is very easy! Anyone can do it!

I hope this book sets you free to embrace all that LIFE has to offer. And in return, perhaps you will then embrace your own creative power to offer up to LIFE, all that you have to make this world a peace-loving and joyful reality for all.

So where is the joy for you? Where is the love for you? Have you really thought about it?

If you honestly seek your own Inner Guidance...

It will show the way!



1.                SOUL GROUP

Hey, God, are you there, I’d like to talk to you about something. It seems to me that we have a very strong attraction for certain people, which is very difficult to resist. I know of this as perhaps a past-life connection but I also feel that the soul may be applying its influence or its desires here. Is this so?

The Soul gets what it wants...eventually. It seeks to experience many different feelings though, and so you may well feel you have been misled into some drama, but in fact it was the Soul’s plan all along. People interact the way they do for many reasons...the most powerful of which is TO SATISFY THE SOUL. The Soul’s intentions can override the mind and the heart. Your heartfelt desires are a great source of drama for the Soul...its only source in fact.

The Soul wants to experience being many different aspects of God or creation, and relationships, where people are thrust together, cause the friction between what one would like to experience and what one is prepared to do to experience it. Friction in the heart...a yearning for love from deep in the soul...or even love that is misplaced, may be just what the Soul has ordered in its quest to establish its identity. You see, this is where you learn to know YOURSELF, and where you decide who you really want to be.

Okay...the soul is the captain of my life, it pulls the strings so to speak, but I may at least for a short time resist my Soul’s yearnings, but eventually I must capitulate, or that it...capitulate or die?

You die when your Soul has no need of the life experience any has achieved or experienced what it came to BE...but you may of course feel a living death when the friction becomes unbearable and you want to die but can’t...the Soul won’t let sends help to keep you alive a little bit longer.

It seems that for two people to embrace any sort of relationship, then the two Souls involved must be in cohorts!

Yes, but what if it was really only One Soul, an OVERSOUL, but with many parts of in a SOUL GROUP. Then the OVERSOUL is the true captain of a ship of people, on their joint journey to everlasting life, where reincarnation is no longer required.

I have reminded me...Souls evolve together as a group because of a master plan for all participants. The Oversoul is the true provider for the evolution of various parts of itself. These parts then, join eventually, do they?

In a sense yes, when the Earthly experience is complete, then it is so. A powerful resonance draws like Souls together, to create an even more powerful creative force...imbued (by this time) with love for each other. For all of creation, a creative force so directed by the joint mind rapidly expands its awareness and influence to create for itself a reality system that is outside of the reincarnation process...beyond the Earthly third dimensional reality and into fourth dimensional understanding. And there they reside to consider what they may create next, for the joy of creation will overflow at this time. Creator Gods feel the joy of creation like a child creating sand castles on the beach...but these may be real castles and real kingdoms of life where love abounds, for they will demand nothing less, and accept only joyful abundance. This is the Resurrection, to be reborn after the fall, where the Soul group returns to its Godhood...its Godliness...and its home. This will be your experience soon.

I have another question. When I communicate with God in this way, am I really only communicating with my Oversoul?

You communicate with all parts of Myself automatically. My consciousness is not divided; my awareness is whole. It is YOUR awareness which feels separate to you, but believe me when I say, all communication is known by Me…now and forever. I operate through all levels of spiritual awareness and your intentions are known by all parts of Myself. So speak with me as a creative force now (for this is what I really am).

Consider me as a Creative Force in your life now. I am Energy to be manipulated into fine works of creation. You are an paint me from the palette of a thousand colours, a rhapsody of a million different sounds and a heart of a billion smiles. Create me in a way that will surprise even myself…(joyfulness, playfulness, Love in son, your yearnings are true to me), so create, create, Will is your will, remember, so choose your glorious Destiny as you would have it be.


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