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The Zzuf Planimals

The Zzuf Planimals are a group of planimals who originate from a ring of tiny planets closely surrounding planet Earth’s exterior domain. The three sister planets are called Zzuf, Ferno and Frost and are the habitats of the three sub-species of the Zzuf Planimals, individually knows as the Fuzz Folks, the Fuzz Fernos and the Fuzz Frosts. 

Planimals are rapid-growing living organisms, that unite the plant and animal kingdoms into one class; they are fanciful beings hosting both plant and animal characteristics. The Zzuf Planimals are the ones with the most colourful and strongest personalities.  

The Zzuf Planimals is a unique and adventurous tale. Planet Zzuf is viewed and heard in 4D perspectives, and its inhabitants, the Fuzz Folks, are the most intelligent and advanced planimals in existence. As well as their brilliance and excellence, they show great enthusiasm in sharing helpful ideas with the children on Earth by visiting them in their dreams. This is an exciting, inspiring and humorous journey, bending and warping through time and space, with visits back and forth to each planet, including intervals of spiraling back down to Earth to the colourful home of the Paiges. 

The Zzuf Planimals is a New Age fiction adventure combining a compilation of facts and myths. A whole world of love, laughter, hope, forgiveness and giving things a go, and has been turned and twisted to discourage hatred, fear, anger, betrayal, greed and abuse.

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 306
Genre: New Age Fiction - Children


Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2014
Language: English





Born in 1975, Ashika Power Ram was among the third generation of Indians born in Fiji. With her mother, father and younger sister she migrated to Australia when she was just 18 months old. After a few years another two members of her family were born; another sister and a brother to complete the family unit. They all remain living in Australia as it was rapidly accepted, cherished and loved as their home. 

Throughout her school years, from primary school to Year 12 VCE, Ashika dreamt of being a published author and an artist, as she loved to read as well as write her own short stories and draw pictures. She always believed in following her dreams and was constantly on a mission to make them come true. She will always be a true believer in positive thinking and never gives up on hopes, dreams and wishes. 

During her early working years, which consisted of customer service, factory work, accounts, reception and admin work, Ashika studied for and earned a Diploma in Business Management and also studied Palmistry and Spirituality. She has participated in many local art shows in the past to display her natural talent and love of her artwork. 

Now a loving and devoted wife and mother, Ashika is currently enjoying working as a Spiritual Medium at a local New Age Centre. She conducts one-on-one readings consisting of Palmistry and Tarot Card reading by channelling the assistance of Spiritual Guidance. Ashika also conducts her own workshops, teaching about the Tarot Cards and Palmistry. 

Ashika is so grateful for her spiritual expansion and wishes to continue on with her spiritual readings, as well as further her natural gifts and talents by reaching out to others through her writing and illustrations. 

Ashika is also the author of Positive Thoughts, a book of inspirational quotes published by Zeus Publications in 2014.



Dear Ashika

It has been a privilege attending your Tarot workshop. Through your guidance I have learnt to read the cards using my intuition and calling upon my spirit guides and higher source. You have opened up a new world for me.

Thank you.

Diane Farrelly 


Ashika has been a real inspiration to me. She has motivated me to work with my Tarot thoroughly. She presented the Tarot course with lots of knowledge and made it fun, enjoyable and encouraging. I learnt new things about myself and about the Tarot in this course. Thank you, Ashika.

Sadhana Awasthi


For years I have wanted to learn to read the Tarot Cards and after completing a ten-week workshop, I can now do it. It has been an amazing, informative experience. I now know how to use my intuition and spiritual guides to interpret the cards’ messages. Ashika made her step-by-step course an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge and guidance have been an invaluable learning tool for me. I plan on learning more about the cards and becoming as accurate and decisive at reading them as my teacher, Ashika.

Thank you.

Karen Kent 




To my wonderful son, Tyson Power.

Always believe in yourself and keep on smiling!

I love you so much! 





An eternal thank you and love to God and my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides from above. I am so grateful for your unconditional love and your extra special guidance and assistance in all my work. 

I would also like to dearly thank my family and closest friends for all your love and cheerful support. I love you all! 

A special world of thanks to Zeus Publications; this book would not have been possible without you and I sincerely thank you all with all my heart. Thank you to my wonderful editor, Zoe, for taking great pride and care in editing my work. 

Thank you to Diane Farrelly, Sadhana Awasthi and Karen Kent for your beautiful and meaningful testimonials. It was a pleasure being your teacher and I am so grateful for your devotion and dedication to my workshops. 

Many thanks also to the following websites which were very useful during my research: 

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Speed of the Milky Way in Space – Hypertextbook



Facts About the Milky Way – Universe Today



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Strange But True




Go on, blow one, Britt!” Billy exclaims as he hands his little sister a fairy flower. Celebrity takes a step back and hesitates a little as she gazes at her brother in excitement.“You do another one first, Billy!” she remarks, jumping up and down with her tiny hands tightly clenched together. Billy plucks another two dandelions out of the ground and hands one to Celebrity.

“Alright, we’ll do this one together! Ready?”

“Okay, on the count of three!” Celebrity shrieks in felicity as she holds on to her own dandelion.

“One, two, three… Blow!” shouts Billy. They both blow the dandelions and frantically watch all the fluffy, white seeds fly high up into the sky. Some don’t float so high and float back to the ground. Celebrity laughs and dances as they all drift and softly land on and all around her. Whereas the others which are higher up are carrying on further away…

“Look, Billy! Where are those ones going?” she asks, pointing, as a big gush of wind grows upon them and briskly carries the other seeds over their back fence and beyond…



… In what is known to be an imaginary place, it does not always mean that life there does not exist…

Rufous is my name, I am one of the Elders here on Planet Zzuf. I am here to confirm the existence of The Planimals and the formally unknown planets on which we live. Welcome to the introduction of our magical and mystical world in the Fourth Dimension! Zzuf is in fact a neighbouring planet to Earth. We are on the southern region, the side that is closer to the sun.

We’re not at all too far from Earth. In comparison to Earth our planet is only tiny, that is one of the reasons why no one on Earth has spotted us. Thanks to our great advancement in technology we have unlimited ability to look into our whole universe by the use of our most powerful telescopes, which aid us to see in virtual reality and also in four-dimensional perspectives. So we can virtually see life on Earth as well as on other planets and beyond. Now it is time for you to jump on board and I will take you on a journey you will never forget!




Planet Zzuf - An Introduction

To The Fuzz Fields 


Our world is basically invisible from your world, but we are here and we have been here for thousands of years. We are the Fourth Dimension, the other dimension, an invisible attachment to Earth… We are the ‘Other Time and Space’! We are the Zzuf Planimals; part-plant and part-animal.

We have great passion to invent new things. Our proudest invention is our ‘Magic Dust’; we call it MD. This MD has allowed us to make the impossible become possible. More on our MD later!

We are classified as aliens to you humans… Being one of the three different sub-species in our genus, I can assure you that we’re not the scary, ugly ones! We are the Fuzz Folks. We are colourful and happy, as opposed to our arched rivals, the two other sub-species, The Fuzz Fernos and The Fuzz Frosts. They’re the frightful, rude and nasty kind, the villains! More about them later on!

The capacity and depth of our knowledge accommodate the most advanced and highest intelligence ever known to any living being! We make good use of common sense and use our brain’s entire hemisphere, instead of just a fraction of it. Because of our elevated intelligence, we have the ability to live and breathe in four-dimensional perspectives. We can see and hear in 4D if we choose to. For example, if we look at a cube and switch to four-dimensional vision, we can see the inner and outer and all six sides of the solid object, all in one vision, from one perspective. We do have X-ray vision, magnified hearing and also ESP – Extra Sensory Perception! Your planet Earth, and all other planets for that matter, have so many different dimensions, weaving in and out of one another. But all this is hidden to the eyes and ears of humans, because of space and time you are only limited to seeing three-dimensions. We however, have the ability to bend our space, time and sound, therefore, we can opt to see and hear in four-dimensional perspectives; a very common trait for most alien species and all other advanced galactic beings! When we convert to 4D sound and vision, which is what we do very often, we can see and hear in great depth. In fact, there’s so much definition that words alone cannot describe the effect. To you, my voice will sound as though it’s echoing and that there’s four different voices speaking simultaneously, with clarity, even though the voices are all of different tones and frequencies intertwining with one another!

The Fuzz Fields is the name of the village in which we reside. As you can imagine, it’s a whole world of its own and nothing compares to it. We have an abundance of colourful vegetation and lush, green grass. This is where all the magic happens…

…Zzuf orbits alongside Earth. We do not have our own orbiting path. We share your solar system. This means we share your sun, moon and stars as we are in the same galaxy. Our days and nights are shorter though, because Zzuf is so small in comparison. We spin on our axis at a much faster speed and we are tilted at an angle of 50 degrees, whereas Earth’s obliquity is at 23 degrees. Due to our position we have only six hours in a day, so one Earth day equates to four days on Zzuf. This means that we have 1460 days in one Zzuf year! But, time itself is of no real significance to how we live on our planet. The climate on Zzuf is perfect every day! It does rain at times when needed, but it’s never too hot or too cold. There are no such things as storms or any other natural disasters. Zzuf accommodates a constant, fresh breeze that generally gives us the right consistency of oxygen to breath. There is more gravity on our planet because it spins so fast and as a result of this we tend to hover a little above the ground instead of walking.

Although we could walk if we wanted to, but it would be more like a soft bounce as our law of gravity is very different to yours! You believe that what goes up must come down and everything has a gravitational pull to the ground, etc. Well that law does not apply here; we don’t really have a law like that to follow, simply because we have no need to just stay on the ground. Our gravity is all around, it’s in the air! Therefore, we have more gravity than any other planet in existence! Due to our lower oxygen levels, we have no such things as fires as a flame will not survive on Zzuf.

Zzuf is full of magical encounters and surprising moments, as we often discover and invent something new in our mobile labs. We love to recycle and are very environmentally friendly.

With the help of our PLBs (Phosphorous Luminous Bugs), who are responsible for the processing of the MD, we are able to create almost anything and everything we need to enjoy a happy and comfortable lifestyle. We even have the ability to clone our PLBs. More on them later…

We all know, however, that not everything or everyone is always perfect anywhere in this universe.

Even we make our own mistakes and there are in fact, believe it or not, some things we cannot do. There is one particular thing of great importance that we are currently unable to do and that is to ‘reproduce’. We cannot create or clone more Fuzz Folks, not even with our MD. The reason for this is that we do not carry the reproductive organs to reproduce new lives. For this, we do rely on help from another source and this comes from your planet Earth. As yet we cannot physically leave Zzuf; we will not survive on a planet that spins as slow as Earth due to the significant difference in oxygen qualities and capacities. But we still have our ways to be in contact with Earth and that is through the dreams of the little children who are fast asleep! We do this by travelling in our 4D simulator, through time and space! It takes us on ‘Virtual Reality’ tours to anywhere we choose so we don’t actually even leave our planet! If we did physically leave Zzuf we would have no re-entry access. Our planet’s super atmosphere acts like a protective shield and rejects anything trying to enter Zzuf, except for our special seeds and that is all that can enter at this stage… More on our Simulator later…

We have an abundance of everything else we need in the Fuzz Fields because we have worked, and still do work, amazingly to build our own village. We have our own great community where we all help and encourage each other – yes we are happy folk and love a little humour too!

The materials we have invented and created with our MD for all machinery, appliances and transport is very lightweight. Everything is solar powered by the sun’s energy and the magnetic air pressure we have here. Everything that requires the use of any form of power is controlled by ‘solar air power’. Therefore, we rely a lot on the sun’s energy for the usage of all these products. We also have a lot of ‘solar wind’ in our air. This solar wind carries streams of electrons and protons emitted by the sun. This also contributes to the sophisticated performance of all our vehicles. All our housing and buildings have mobility, meaning they are not structurally built to the ground; they too hover and are able to stay in position. They have dome-shaped roofs and the bases come to a point, kind of like a cone. Our buildings have a slight give, thanks to our magnetic and gravitational pulls that simultaneously work together. All our buildings are made of a product we call ‘Claydough’. It is produced from soft, clay rocks; these are special, containing magnetic-phosphorous substances and compounds, only found in abundance on Zzuf. We crush these soft rocks into fine powder, mix it with MD and just add water to the right consistency for whatever it is we need to make. Our solar panels are extracted from special glass rocks which are found on the surface of the clay rocks in a grid-like form, kind of like a puzzle. We just break them off and they are already in the shape, form and size that we need for these solar panels. Once extracted, the glass hardens to an unbreakable, black, glossy disk and instantly has the ability to absorb the sun’s rays and convert the heat and light into useable energy. All we have to do with the panels is just let them warm up by the sun to keep the solar energy in them to enable them to power all our vehicles and appliances.

I will now briefly explain how our hover buggy works. Pressurised air is inserted in and compacted into the air tanks of the buggies. The air is pumped nice and tight into these air tanks which have solar panels on them. They are then left in the sun’s rays to heat up the air; this also intensifies the air pressure. There are simple control panels on board each buggy to start, accelerate, brake and to quad-steer left, right, up and down, or we can simply control the buggies and other crafts via ESP, the power of our minds relaying instructions to control the crafts. The control panels release the valves which control the air flow, which in turn controls speeds of up to 5000 kilometres per Earth hour. We have many service stops on Zzuf to refill the air pressure into our buggies, kind of like your petroleum stations on Earth. We have strictly chosen not to use any harmful fuels, synthetic oils, or any other performance-enhancing chemicals; they are poison! That is the exact reason why Zzuf is pollution free and the air is so crisp and clean. All our vehicles hover about two metres above the ground’s surface. As well as buggies we have sky-trains, sky-trucks and air planes, all of which are solar air powered, lightweight and have the ability to hover a little higher than our buggies. All vehicles are equipped with magnetic devices, which means they are all surrounded by a negative magnetic energy force, creating an invisible, protective shield about a metre in diameter around each vehicle. This shield causes necessary friction among all vehicles and restricts and prevents them from travelling within a metre from each other no matter what speed they’re travelling at. This friction is just like when you get two magnets and try to connect the two negative (or two positive) poles together. They will avoid contact; they will not connect. But they will connect if you face a negative side with a positive. Yes, opposites attract, that theory works here too, but we have used it to our advantage for all high-speed vehicles to ensure that there are no nasty accidents.

Us Folks are known as imaginary beings simply because no one, except for some children on Earth, believes that we exist… We are real… We are grateful that these children believe, otherwise we just would not be here right now. We possess the most sophisticated technology ever known to any kind of being and that technology is simply the ‘power of mind’. As you, we generally see things, or view things in 3-D but, unlike you, we have the ability to convert our vision into 4D when needed.

We do not accommodate, nor do we rely on the use of computers, simply because we no longer have the need for them! Our general knowledge and technology is way beyond computers. We have already been there and way past that computer era now! We have discovered that the highest powers of our knowledge and physical abilities are through the advancement of our own mental telepathy or ESP, as mentioned earlier. As ESP is very common amongst many alien species, we mostly opt not to use any other methods of communication except for general speech and the unlimited powers of our minds. As yet humans on Earth do not and probably will never carry this ability, unless you master the usage of the capacity of your brain’s entire hemisphere, like we do!

So, therefore, we are somewhat limited as to how we communicate with you. Hence our choice of inventing our four-dimensional ability to enter children’s dreams on Earth! We endeavour to pass on only good messages of encouragement to them and that’s all. But unfortunately, some of them forget all about the dreams when they wake up!

So why are we so concerned about Planet Earth? Well first of all, we can see that Earth’s ozone layer is decreasing. It has been for quite a while and will still keep depleting if nothing is done about it. Vegetation is also decreasing and there are people in parts of your world dying because they haven’t got sufficient food and nutrition. No fresh water as Earth is becoming poisoned. All this is due to natural and man-made disasters and also climate change and the changing ways of Earth.

We can clearly see that there are far too many toxins, harsh chemicals and fuels being used and misused, a lot of contamination and diseases spreading from illnesses and infections. We observe the ones who try to preserve the goodness for their environment and also the ones who don’t have a care in the world. We see that there are not enough new trees being planted to replace all the ones that are being chopped down. Yes there are many things on Earth that have been brought to our undivided attention and it causes a lot of concern. There is no equilibrium there – it’s either too much of this or too little of that! And, there are some beautiful places of untouched turf, which are full of nature and its goodness, it’s just those areas have been neglected that are in need of your undivided attention, before it’s too late… We have to be concerned about the wellbeing of life on Earth… We watch and we wonder and this is how we conduct all our research to make our own world a better place and to also teach you and other life forms out there how to do the same in your own worlds too…

For Earth is where we Fuzz Folks evolved from. Our lives begin on Earth from those magical seeds you have growing in the wild, in the grass, amongst the weeds. Although we have lush green grass and bountiful valleys of vegetation, we are missing the one important species of vegetation…

Weeds! Yes, Weeds… Those dandelions of yours. We have tried to grow our own dandelions but all our missions have failed. Zzuf does not grow weeds and we need those seeds to keep our species in existence! 


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