RAR BUDDIES - What a bloody laugh.


For the past four decades the author has been involved in the many facets of the Royal Australian Regiment’s activities. Over the many years of contact with these serving and ex-service soldiers, he has heard many funny and unusual stories.

 With the magnificent support of the members of RAR Buddies he has compiled an extensive collection of these and now presents many of them for your reading pleasure in this book.

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 308
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins & Bob Meehan

Author: Bob Meehan
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2013
Language: English




My name is Robert (Bob) J Meehan and in 1969 I was required to register for National Service and then served most of my two years’ compulsory military service as an Infantryman within 12 Platoon, Delta Company of the 4th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (4 RAR). During my time in the Army I was posted to 1st  Recruit Training Battalion (1 RTB) Kapooka, NSW, 3rd Training Battalion (3 TB) Singleton, NSW, Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Swanbourne, WA, 4th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (4 RAR) Townsville, QLD and 1 ATF Nui Dat, South Vietnam and 10 Task Force HQ Holsworthy, NSW. I was discharged in late 1971.  

For the past four decades I have been involved in the many facets of the Royal Australian Regiment activities. Over the many years during contacts with these serving and ex-service soldiers, I have heard many funny and unusual stories. With the magnificent support of the members of RAR Buddies, I have compiled an extensive collection of these and now present many of them for your reading pleasure in this book. 

I have written three other books about my involvement with fellow Vietnam Veterans and other members of the Australian Military Forces. They are:-

Many a Long Road Travelled – The Meaning Of Duty First

Together Then, Together Again – Veterans Sharing Their Knowledge

In Support of Fellow Veterans – Veterans Supporting Veterans

 This book is the fourth in the series. I hope you enjoy reading it and have a “bloody good laugh”.


The formation of RAR Buddies


 A few years back Dave Ashworth had an idea, which was to use social networking to keep in contact with people he had served with during his time in the military. He found Facebook ideal for this purpose.

In setting up RAR Buddies to keep in contact with old mates, he initially added about a dozen, mostly 2/4 RAR mates, with the one rule – that only past and present soldiers from the Royal Australian Regiment could gain membership. Some bright spark then added a member from 1 RAR, and then like moths to the flame, word of mouth went out and numbers began to swell membership to this exclusive site. Eventually RAR Buddies had a very large membership from every battalion, past and present of the regiment.

On Saturday, 1st January 2011, Dave Ashworth started the RAR Buddies Facebook Group. The original members were Michael Aplin, Dave Ashworth, David Boulton, John Boyd, Scott Bradshaw, Ian Brady, Bambi Campbell, Michael Carroll, Kim Challands, Rob Douma, Johnny Hoaru, Martin Horneman, Steve King, Steve Moore and Brian Smith – The First Fifteen.

Initially posts were about what each other had been doing. With the addition of serving soldiers came the slanging of inter-battalion rivalry. With this taking hold, the site served as a place that allowed former members to stay in the know with current military affairs. The posts were like what blokes discuss at the mess or in a pub; some became a little more risqué, slightly politically incorrect, borderline racist and began pushing limits. As a result, some guidelines and rules had to be set in place. After a few teething problems, most understood and accepted the parameters set down. Others, who did not agree, left the site. Profane language is permitted; in fact the greeting of new members is usually ‘Get Fucked’ – a term of endearment. Membership numbers have swelled, but there is an ebb and flow at times. RAR Buddies is administrated by a small number of its members.

RAR Buddies has become a place for members to engage in robust debates, storytelling, sharing jokes, exchanging ideas, swapping photographs, but most of all it has given members the support network that we all need. Members’ welfare is paramount.

One of the teething problems was that RAR Buddies’ Facebook site attracted the attention of the media, which publicised a negative view of the site.


The man who outed the RAR Buddies


Date: 1st March 2012


Dr Ben Wadham, the Flinders University academic, who outed a sexist and racist RAR Buddies’ Facebook page on The 7.30 Report last night, has been threatened with retribution by other members.

The page is being used to share posts which are highly derogatory to women.

"If you had a nice, soft, warm pit f*** buddy in the shape of a woman, you could have got rid of that stress," one post read.

"The RAAF gets the best-looking ones, the Navy gets second dibs and the Army – as usual –- gets what's left,” read another.

The 7.30 Report is due to go to air tonight with a follow-up story, saying their unnamed whistleblower had been vilified on the site – which is still fully operational – today.

The ABC has yet to identify Dr Wadham, a former soldier, as the source for their original report.

Some members have said online that when they track the whistleblower down, they intend to "get him".

Threats dried up after another member reportedly posted that people should be careful as the page is now being "watched".

The ABC blew Dr Wadham's cover by featuring images of a letter he had written to the Defence Minister in the original broadcast which was then uploaded to its website.

While he was not named, there are clear references to Flinders University, its school of education and the whistleblower's previous military service.

When contacted by Fairfax late this afternoon, Dr Wadham confirmed he had been the source for the RAR Buddies story.

He has queried Defence Department claims that a succession of letters he had written to the Chief of Defence Force, the Defence Department Secretary and the Minister, drawing attention to the RAR Buddies site, had been appropriately dealt with.

He had also written to the Broderick Review and the DLA Piper inquiry.

"I just got a thank-you letter," he said.

Although Dr Wadham was interviewed on Wednesday's The 7.30 Report in his capacity as an analyst interested in the relationship between civil society and the military, his role as the principal informant was not disclosed.

Army boss Lieutenant General David Morrison, meanwhile, has said he will personally carpet serving soldiers proved to be members of RAR Buddies to spell out the error of their ways.

While such action would have to work its way up through the chain of command, a visibly angry General Morrison made his feelings very plain at a breakfast to celebrate the Army's 111th birthday this morning.

"I am certainly going to try and find the people who are doing this and spend some time with them to tell them –- and show them – why they are wrong” he said.

Posts on the Facebook page RAR Buddies, which is closed to non-members, refer to Moslems as "ragheads", say Australia has no room for immigrants ("f*** off, we're full) and describe all women as "filthy, lying whores".


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